The countdown of “THAT DAY” has started.
It was detailed 70 times by four (4) prophets and Daniel’s scrolls
linked to John's book known as:

The Revelation of Yeshua-Jesus the Coming King of Kings


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To clear up the desk for my last pearl, I would like to highlight a parting concept never preached in church. Going back and once more to identify why the Elohim purposed mortals in the first place and put them in an incubator on the edge of the Milky Way.

My warnings projected that the apocalypse birth pangs ended at the 2015 Winter Solstice, but that date was quiet in world events, like the Tetra Moons in September. It is like the calm of a typhoon eye black hole.

This means that the Jonah-II Warnings are over, and I am now retired like the prophet in Nineveh to wait and see what Elohim has decided. Will he keep his schedule on track for 1 Tishri 5777 (2016).

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Seven years ago this Jonah-II was sent into the global town square dating the Apocalypse birth pangs to give warning - Time is Up! A free web is our last opportunity being warned with true science matching prophecy how our politicized New World Order will end.

Jonah-II has tried to warn by sending books and letters to numerous universities and embassies, especially to Christian TV pastors, to no avail. Many YouTube witnesses tell the same story and cannot be silenced. Also many theologians wondered why a Stock Market casino was so quite linked Tetra Blood Moon prophecy. But instead a worldwide GMO food technology crashed affecting every mortal as nature cannot be violated.

Please follow the trail to investigate current events of the greatest EVIL now implemented to destroy all of Mankind and Life on earth not found in the Kosmos universe. It was concealed by the NYC Illuminati bankers conspired to gain Absolute Power with fiat money controlling the global Media. It can be proven by any court of law attested by (5) five witnesses linked to science and expanding a Bible inquiry? 

This is Jonah-II’s last message. He has retired and closed down his WARNINGS. This scientist-inventor dated future events and started with the seven Apocalypse birth bangs attempting to decipher Revelation prophecy investigating mankind’s history in global museums linked to ancient clocks and five calendars still used to day. He never claimed to be a prophet but just was sent as a science-messenger to warn our hi-tech 21st Century Civilization dovetailing to a central date 25 July 2015. It passed quietly without a TV media noise - just like the Tetra Blood Moon signs in the sky disappointing many theologians. But many foretold events happened worldwide on earth not allowed by the NYC bankers, which own globally every MEDIA outlet, thus they always suppress Truth.

What happened 25 July 2015? Check what ELOHIM announced 40 years ago by another messenger in NYC, David Wilkerson, who founded the biggest church and was thrown out by his own congregation when he foretold the future. Compare that with today: Jonah-II now retired. We shall all see what ELOHIM will do in 2016…

[Note: The actual letter sent out featured two pages of images and brief comments preceding this web text that do not display well in html. You can read it all online or download it by clicking here.]

David Wilkerson - 1973 - PROPHECIES - The End Times

David Wilkerson's Last Message To USA & The World On The End Times.
God's Warnings Before Judgment

Why-How & When:  

      1. A “One World Order” now controls all Mankind

      2. GMO Technology is causing global Food Extinction

      3. Free green ENERGY is totally disallowed worldwide

      4. True Science and History internationally suppressed

      5. Bible prophecy linked to science dated God’s Wrath

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Mankind is on a path of total destruction, which has greatly infuriated the Creator ELOHIM, who will come back to clean up his earth and throw out the evil tenants demolishing his house. For thousands of years He made provision for mankind to choose Life, guaranteed seasons to grow food and gave many warnings that Nature cannot ever be violated. A free Web extended instant access to knowledge linked to historic facts. Why is Truth denied when those believing otherwise will now perish?    

Ignoring true science and persisting in false Christian dogmas will cause Satan to gloat, “I won.” But check the other side of the equation as the Creator ELOHIM will arrive in time to save mankind once more caring for his creation filled with Life to follow his divine plan.

Yeshua-Jesus accurately dated his return in Scripture, which should be checked out with the latest technology to match his projected Bible prediction. “In one generation I will come back as King of kings.” Much confusion remains because science is grossly censored globally in universities. So many science facts are suppressed, which only proves that our 21st Century Civilization is reverting back to the ignorant Dark Ages! In spite of massive computers, dating the Apocalypse is forbidden by incompetent confused Christians not accepting that (5) five calendars globally exist. Why not combine them into one suitable calendar applied to science? That could date prophecy to remove the many Bible deceptions and evolution religion lies enforced by NYC Illuminati bankers to keep you badly informed.

But unsolved mysteries not yet explained still remain in science. How were ancient Bible stories recorded so perfectly detailed, verbatim without a tape-recorder? And second, how is it possible to date prophecies denied by many Christians? Why not read some portion from the ancient Bible but linked to science to be better informed. It is the only book in the world describing the history with detailed information for mortal mankind.

To prove that the Bible is divinely inspired, it forecast 40% of its history written in advance. It describes mankind’s solution to being in rebellion to Kosmos Laws, which could now be authenticated on the free web or use knowledge collected on Google. Fulfilling prophecy will continue, unfailingly predestined to the very end. To date God’s Wrath with science linked to the Bible, it must conform to Newton’s law with explained cause. Worldwide we see our civilization collapsing in chaos on TV as prophesied in the Bible. That confirms why God the Creator is so angry to wipe out this generation, which has become totally evil, as explained next.

1) A ”One World Order” now controls all mankind

The biggest cause of evil was started by a small group of Illuminati NYC banking establishment that created a global fiat dollar currency in 1913, purposed to create a New World Order to unite most nations of the world to govern and rule human affairs with absolute power. To achieve supremacy, they purchased most global media outlets’ deciding what is allowed in science. They also removed Bibles from every class and courtroom. They are afraid of mankind’s oldest history book when it is linked to true suppressed science.

God’s Wrath birth contractions begin at the Winter Solstice 2015
and continue to 21 September 2017
God's Kingdom on Earth after : Solstice 2017->

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To counter truth, they favored an unscientific evolution religion based on deceptive stupid lies and hated Christians, Jews and anyone trusting in the Torah-Bible who could expose their grand deception. Thus, they used printed fiat money as a power tool to internationally destroy true Christian faith to achieve absolute control.

If you are not blind, watch YouTube videos still on a free web that show how they have caused horrible wars, conflict, massive unrest, and destruction. They annihilated many cultures killing millions and creating enormous numbers of refugees. Many prophesied Bible Warnings are confirmed and pointed out by many renegade scientists.    

The NYC bankers succeeded in destroying a Christian-based American Constitution, which was envied around the world and provided untold benefits never experienced in mankind’s 6000-year history. Christianity was systematically dismantled and replaced with atheistic evolution religion toggled to socialism. Now finance Islamic terrorism having signed a covenant in Hell with Satan as their leader.  

We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have an agreement… for we have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood we have taken shelter; therefore thus says the Lord YHVH (God)… (Isaiah 28:15)  

Global WarmingTo rule this New World Order hatched by Satan, they needed to silence and deny that the universe is regulated by superior intelligence (God). To them, the universe can only be defined by unscientific theories. They believe that the existence of “nature” was only an accident, thus God does not exist. Accordingly, the Illuminati NYC bankers succeeded to brainwash and enforce their brand of atheistic belief system worldwide to control their New World Order. Using a fiat currency, they control every institution, dictatorship, university, foundation, multi-military complex corporation, enslave nations - all corrupted with lucrative grants-bailouts in a gigantic grand deception.

The world population has been conditioned to trust only high technology, though it is obvious that nature has embedded a complex intelligence system controlling a multifaceted environment. However, so far nothing was found in physics to prove God who designed nature. But when physical laws are directed by intelligence, it can be linked to a complex Mind, perhaps pointing to a metaphysics not allowed in universities. It contains useful information about a universal Kosmos Law that “nature” cannot be violated no matter what mankind does. Newton captured it in basic laws when he observed anything. Like when gravity moves something, it creates a reaction from a cause. That is forgotten in our modern universities, but it is exploited by corrupt politicians and NYC world bankers who want to unconditional absolute rule our world, thus investigate:

2) GMO Technology is causing global Food Extinction

Dead FishNobody is aware that biggest peril for mankind is linked to the greatest criminal cartel Monsanto who introduced GMO internationally and permanently changed the world’s food chain now collapsing. Nature faithfully reproduced for thousands of years every food species, but if the original embedded DNA gene intelligence information is damaged will become extinct. It should be noted that when a natural system is violated there are consequences even my grandkid learned not having a PhD. Why are adults so ignorant about what they eat? They are not bothered when paying extra money for food labeled with gene patent number stickers on every fruit or vegetable. Many greedy lawyers check food stores to see if fees were paid to the international criminal Monsanto cartel - now in big time trouble, too. This is not obvious as every media outlet is owned thus controlled by bankers.

Many YouTube videos confirm global food extinction changed by GMO Technology. Why is Life collapsing on earth? Watch red tides of millions of critters dead, washed up on many beaches, including thousands of tunas, every conceivable species of fish, and hundreds of whales that perished. Why is worldwide the environment totally poisoned causing these massive death events now Life collapsing?

Have we all become comatose, in-sensitized to ignore the result when nature is violated? Many more examples exist. Mankind is in danger to become extinct, too. We will not survive. Pay attention to the evil atheists totally destroying our planet. They keep poisoning the environment, causing massive extinction, plants, animals, destroying many coral fish nurseries – all caused by corrupt NYC bankers?

GMO TrioYouTube videos  show huge food fights in empty markets around the world as GMO technology is collapsing leading to massive food shortages. Why are thousands of cattle suddenly dead in South America with a GMO patent sticker on their ears, and hundreds of dead elk in American Parks photographed from helicopters. In Iowa 35 million hens had to be destroyed blaming Bird-flue another lie.

In India hundreds of farmers committed suicide as GMO rice harvest collapsed and even poisoned their farm animals. Recently (11/2015), the crab season in San Francisco was forbidden due to algae poison. Once again TV is lying showing the crab and Franken-salmon three times bigger is proving again GMO enlarged species gene-transfer, which is forbidden in the Bible for good reason if you want to survive.

Have the masses totally become stupid not to notice that every market only sells GMO changed food? Check the unnatural red fat in beef – cross-gene polluted perhaps with elephant-crocodile genes to make the bull bigger having a patent number sticker on the ear? If you are over 60 years old, you know the difference in how real beef tasted. Is GMO the reason why thousands of cattle recently died in South America? Ask any Jewish grandmother why chickens no longer taste chicken and are bigger? Why is the world so compliant, dim-witted to allow international cartels to control every government to destroy worldwide our food genetics without checking the result with nature?    

The greatest crime was committed against mankind when globally GMO was silently introduced in total secrecy. We should by now have learned the causes and effects of nature laws, notice exploding diseases perplexing many doctors.  Explained for my grandkid when the front desk policeman is spliced out protecting the cell makeup an unforgiving nature will enforce deadly consequences causing massive extinction. Like if a foreign enemy gene finds an unprotected open cell door, will always mess-up the embedded intelligence, thus nature cannot survive those species activated natural entropy laws. Check the natural outdoor world, which has various predators like lions or sharks eating genetically damaged animals they can catch being slower or impaired. The genetic imperfection became food; otherwise their offspring would reproduce a damaged gene pool and thus cause that species to become extinct. I wonder how a divine Mind planned for life to last thousands of years. Why mess it up so terrible evil?   

Deformed BabyA comatose world population does not know what happened in secret, hidden laboratories, thus, if God does not exist, will cease to exist violating nature according to physics. Over the past 40 years, the abortion mills murdered 50 million babies legally in America and sold their body-parts for obscene profits ignored by the government making money under the table. Violating reproduction laws got the attention of the Creator big time when this global crime got worse. Internationally, many hidden laboratories purchased human baby body removed specialized genes mixed with animal genes in horrible Trans-human aberrations. Watch YouTube videos where you can see half pig-human-frog bizarre mutations. If you want to get shocked Google image horrible babies born with half-human-animal features.  

All of creation is screaming in pain to the Creator like the frog species complaining why “Evil” is transferred from a human species into our body prevented to be a normal frog. Around the world trillions of living specialized entities crying in a shattering uproar being systemic poisoned throughout nature groaning and waiting for redemption with nature crying, “Why not leave us alone? We, too, have rights purposed by the Creator?” Only humans treat each other merciless evil to the core. If you want to be big time shocked, read Pearl #268 informed by the latest NEWS when a two-foot thick steel door was opened protecting millions original SEEDS collected in an abandoned Svalbard Island. The UN stored for a future generation food seeds buried deep in an underground mineshaft vault. It was recently ransacked by Monsanto cartel now in big GMO trouble.  

Seen on the NEWS (10-18-15), why was the ice bunker so soon violated since it was closed 2008 in an isolated island? Why has it been breached and opened again? The seeds were needed by Monsanto's cartels with the blessing of the FDA. Corporate evil desperately needed original SEEDS again; no longer globally germinate to restart GMO. The NEWS only exposed the theft, but if linked to science projection could explain why the cartel is going bankrupt, and thus when seeds no longer sprout by damaged gene intelligence. Do your own test and buy locally seeds for your garden no longer grows. It is proving that nature cannot be violated why continue to produce expensive criminal patents. Enforcing a broad spectrum of GMO Seeds eventually will collapse a gene cell structure permanently damaged nature causing massive extinction.  

Skin MutationNature will always react when information is missing when it cannot reproduce the species 100%, thus activating embedded extinction destined by entropy laws in physics. Think with your Mind. If damaged just a little beyond repair, your body’s immune systems can no longer function either. When impaired, it soon dies as is well understood by those who are better educated. This is how GMO technology has caused severe food riots in many countries.

Ignored, it becomes a chain reaction causing cancer and deadly Salmonella to flourish, and worse, it obsoletes its inbuilt gene intelligence to “reproduce” vegetables. This problem was recently linked to global harvest failures that started in India with modified GMO rice, which bankrupted many farmers committing suicide. It was followed globally by corn, wheat and kitchen salad greens, onions, and spinach in California killing 18 people and making hundreds terribly sick. Of course, they blamed the Salmonellas outbreak on nearby cows to keep you comatose.

Three family-owned million dollar peanut factories in Texas were put out of business and blamed with thousand Salmonellas infections. The courts will not check the many GMO reasons and ignore complains paid off under the table. Globally many farmers are harassed by this evil foreign cartel right up to the Supreme Court to get relief without luck. Long is the list of forced Canadian farmer bankruptcies in soybeans and wheat. Why not start to read the WHY question over again to make it sink in your Mind that nature is not forgiving: it will obey entropy laws and does not care if mankind will starve, hasten getting sicker and die as a result.

Jonah-II gave many warnings five years ago and wrote Babushka egg concept book #4 - GMO Exposed  proving its projection now getting worse that started the food-chain shortage. It will speed up to collapse starving billions to perish prophesied in the Bible as Newton’s law is not obsolete. Watch next year. The Creator ELOHIM gave a warning in the sky of four Tetra Blood Moons never to be repeated, watch now ELOHIM is very angry pouring out his Wrath like Sodom and Gomorrah against a New World Order and deceitful lying Christians.

Do you really think that mankind will get away with absolute evil to trans-human-genetic modify God’s divine breath given to Adam, now split with animal genes screwing up divine Kosmos laws expressed in Genesis1:26 - Let us make man in our image -. Preposterous! Remember mankind’s Mind is linked to a divine creation. When destruction of all life is allowed by evil people, ELOHIM is greatly offended. Loving his creation, He will respond by saving mankind once more, repeating God’s Wrath correction to eliminate absolute evil, dated in science.  

3) Free green ENERGY is worldwide totally disallowed

Free EnergyThe source of the greatest science deception could be that many believe nature evolved from a “Nothing”, thus avoiding a higher authority like a divine Mind, who judges the world according to Newton’s law. Thus, intelligence will deteriorate and become destructively evil only to end in an absolute “Nothing” again as restricted by nature. Similarly, cutting the branch we sit on has consequences, too.

The Bible again makes is plain with common sense during the Creator’s first lesson to mankind. At the very beginning he introduced “good and evil” which is a choice. Knowing the difference prepares mankind for survival because nature is unforgiving. Why has this great truth been changed by an evil atheistic Supreme Court decision in this century converted and enforced into “relativism” to violate God’s Commandments  destroying globally Christianity. When Evil has worldwide grown absolute, will cause animal and food extinction terminating Life. But saving mankind is possible if God does exist.  

You can follow a still suppressed science trail written on the web four years ago in Babushka egg concept book #9 The Ultimate Free Energy, sent to president Obama. Many YouTube videos in the mean time have proven what is not allowed on your loc al TV owned and operated by NYC bankers. They have been told to suppress actual NEWS converted to lies to cause ignorance in science-Bible truth.

Do not wonder; it gets worse. The Creator is now outraged because mankind has crossed the line.  He is not only angry because the human DNA gene pool was abhorrently changed, but another great EVIL is allowed by every government paid off by NYC bankers. The evidence for science gone totally wrong is now shown by a billion dead fish washed up on our California beaches, having crossed the ocean from Japan’s nuclear meltdown. Globally many Embassies and universities received Babushka Pearl #244 describing a hi-tech fix to extract deadly radiation still bubbling forth from three nuclear meltdowns in Fukushima-Japan ignored by many governments and universities.

Worse why ignore that every nuclear power-station is leaking because iron is rusting cracking the pool storage cement with deadly outcome? They forgot to find a safe storage and do not care for their future grandchildren getting horrible cancer and deceases as millions will perish. It proves again that they are being paid under the table to do nothing. Dead fish indirectly explain why the air is so polluted in China impairing traffic caused by dirty coal and oil pollution. It is linked to why many governments still suppress American history and do not investigate or expose 701 old patents of nonpolluting, totally free energy invented by Nicola Tesla-Hoffman.  Why is free energy criminal censored worldwide in every university for 100 years.  

Watch the consequence of Newton laws to explain why massive oil wells will be shut down to avoid paying fines like Volkswagen was caught polluting the air. A greater crime is covered up avoiding bigger fines: check the evidence of global oil-well leaks. To hide oil spills, the oil-cartel sprayed detergent from airplanes to make the oil invisible - not caring about nature will kill every fish and bottom critters deprived of Oxygen now floating like a red tide on many beaches. Or explain to me the YouTube videos showing foam on Australia’s beaches ten feet high and miles long. Worldwide an environment is collapsing of billions dead fish, massive animals and most insects disappearing like an unsinkable Titanic repeated with few survivors.

It gets worse, the US and UN environmental agency will not check the thousands oil-well control valves with infrared light to expose invisible methane gas (CH4) emission leaking 20 times more deadly as CO gas poisoning the air. Why did a thousand dead birds fall from the sky stopping traffic? A corrupt administration will not investigate a sacred cow owned by an oil-cartel paying off government officials.

Only insane or evil people will work in the nuclear industry being fooled with a fat LIE to sell absolute death as clean energy to an expanding population. The reality was to develop more A-bombs to control worldwide inferior nations and ignored the warning of nature that deadly radiation will be around for 100,000 years like Fukushima and Chernobyl and many nuclear power stations. Iron rusts, cement cracks, now leaking every storage facility. Do the math. Governments have forgotten where to stockpile safely the thousands of nuclear waste products waiting for a solution and do not care that 7 billion people want to live. Why suppress free clean and cheap Energy?

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - The Thorium

It will get more evil when world populations find out the biggest LIE of not allowing the superior, cheap free energy source found embedded in magnetic Gravity as revealed by Nicola Tesla. Why did the NYC bankers confiscate Tesla’s 700 patents and threatened his life to keep him silent to die in obscurity in a NYC hotel?   

Gravity MotorGetting worse, why was the German Hoffman’s invention discovery denied, too? It opened up the second greatest energy source embedded in the ocean denying the evidence. It is very simple. Water is split into clean nonpolluting hydrogen gas and reverts back to sweet water now salt free. To prove it, many bought a converter from the web driving their car with water. It gave mankind double benefits: the first is totally free electricity from the hydrogen gas burned with the same split up oxygen via generators useful for every existing power station. And the second added benefit produces absolutely clean drinking water needed everywhere with rivers being massively polluted. And the greatest benefit removes safely nuclear radiation.     

Converting free energy (7) seven billion people would greatly be blessed by using existing power station generators fueled with hydrogen gaining unpolluted free electricity with the double benefit of totally clean water. It will obsolete expensive desalinating facilities in areas of great drought like Israel or California, now showing many empty reservoirs. Converted ocean water is plenty around the world.

This free energy process will create many applications fueling dynamic global industry providing full employment in every country. It could eliminate the polluting coal industry. Offensive gasoline will be changed to clean hydrogen fuel useful for two billion people no longer have firewood to cook a meal. Airplanes and high-speed trains will run on free electricity to better serve seven billion populations. Better yet would stop Global Warming, prevent oceans from rising and flooding hundreds of islands in the tropical Pacific with millions of people no longer fearing higher tides. Fish will return in every river. It will reduce climate change and stop poisoning the environment, the air, rivers, etc. It will stop absolute evil fracking destroying the last productive farmland. Why not choose Life? Notice: I just described the next civilization God’s Kingdom Earth already waiting on the front door. Why not believe a forbidden Bible?

4) True Science and History internationally suppressed

It is really beyond my comprehension why anyone ignores the YouTube videos showing the massive numbers of dead fish, birds and many insects collected in Montreal Insect museum. Tons of sea-critters disappeared like pollinating honeybees cannot digest GMO poisoned nectar. Many animals are added to the extinction list. Worse Food-Seeds do not germinate being destroyed by GMO technology. Everywhere I look is deception like CERN postulate 32 smashed atom particles writing thousands of theories my grandkid is laughing better educated. He could tell any PhD take a chicken egg on top of a blacksmith ambos and hit it with the biggest sledgehammer with all your might. Result, the chicken egg is gone; perhaps on the wall of the Nebelkammer will never find out what a hen is full of free energy.

Storm GodWhen free energy is denied to world populations, it creates the need to sell more oil to offset the decline. That will manipulate the global climate “causing” floods, freezing ice and draught by deflecting the jet stream with HAARP. It changed weather patterns and triggered global typhoons with massive Death suppressed by the UN Climate Summit bureaucrats. Globally, many demonstrations are hindered by brute force to rally against the madness of deforestation around the world only to accelerate the destruction of our earth creating hopelessness and despair for indignant populations. Please check out the other side of the equation when the owner-Creator comes back again saving mankind to continue, but He will also end all Evil in God’s Wrath. Hallelujah for those surviving.

Why is our atheistic society determined to snuff out all Life on this planet the only place in the universe of billion galaxies not finding Life, checked by Hubble-telescope and space cameras? How can a world system continue to be absolutely evil destroying Life? Why allow the evil NYC Illuminati banker’s to pay off and corrupt United Nations bureaucrats and global government officials and scientists controlled through bogus printed money putting everyone in debt.

Obscene grants to universities and bailouts to government officials together have permanently damaged Nature, which is not forgiving. Why cause all Life to end on this earth and chose absolute evil avoiding being a caretaker entrusted to mankind?  Stop and Think! This unique earth “is” the only places in the Universe where Life flourishes linked to God’s Plan for Mankind.  

Please notice on the bottom page a date 2008-2015, which is now concluded as the second Jonah has retired not being successful to give worldwide warnings linked to science what the ELOHIM has foretold. This computerized civilization got seven years warning on a free Web. Free Babushka eggs became 14 books to describe science concepts, some large and detailed some short expanded to (17x10) victory-Jod Pearls all having the same message collecting new discoveries blending it with the Torah-Bible. Many theologians lied by preaching false dogmas not changed since the Middle Ages. The same is found in universities all started by dedicated Christians but became atheistic.

Why is Truth and Nature now suppressed? To warn the world, God did not use theologians but appointed a German survivor from Hitler and Stalin to be another Jonah. He missed only once being Western educated dating God’s Wrath, using a faulty Hebrew calendar now corrected with a global Warning starting after winter solstice 2015. The Apocalypse birth bangs have been finally concluded by a Jonah-II proven with many science witnesses for a civilization to end again next year, when evil has grown to total absolute Evil. It will end a New World Order with Satan their leader being an angel-hybrid is bound in prison. Like the Titanic, the 21th Civilization will sink fast and suddenly the hole is too big with the food chain collapsing linked to nuclear bombs ending in an asteroid of total destruction Pearl #666.

God - the ELOHIM CREATOR must intervene in the affairs of mankind to stop EVIL with Satan prematurely rejoicing, “I won!” as explained in Pearl #233 describing his inventions. Satan hoped to nullify Bible prophecy to frantically prevent a foretold 1000 years of God’s Kingdom on Earth. Evil will end with an asteroid Dactyl the only possibility if you are educated in science matching 100% detailed Bible prophecy projection. Thus if you are interested to finally date God’s Wrath either listen what Yeshua-Jesus said, in one generation - I will come back. But dating the savior’s projection can be confirmed in science, which started me on a journey investigating ancient bronze-gold clocks in museums and figure it out how they work.  

Two Cuckoo Clocks

PragueGoing back into history discovered they match the Bible prophecy. It was great fun to encipher their code being an instrument maker from Germany, which became my third free Web-book Babushka egg Ancient Calendar Mysteries. That opened the door how five world calendars integrated with encoded museum clocks. Only a good clockmaker could align historic facts to convince a skeptic that Jonah-II could project a future date and be right 99.99%. Integrating special museum World Clocks and knowing how divine engineered gears work could evaluate a future time across five (5) calendars still used in our civilization. It will prove the date when Yeshua-Jesus who created Time, “I will come back in One Generation” to start the prophesied Kingdom on Earth counting from a UN resolution 29.November 1947.   

The Creator designed a Plan for Mankind like a Kosmos clock to implement a divine purpose, even added a cuckoo to end in an Apocalypse 12 o’clock when a civilization became EVIL again. When Life again is totally threatened once more similar what the Atlantis Civilization did in Noah’s time 2288 BC. Watch God.

First, he will send a warning again with a date like Nineveh. But showing on the web the enormous evidence of LIFE collapsing seeing massive deaths, suppressed on your local TV, became a gigantic problem. It caused God to send another Jonah who came with a big Fish too. But to get the attention is pointing to free ENERGY suppressed by the establishment. Once more it will confirm again why a worldwide Atlantis-Noah’s civilization was judged and perished on (5 February 2287 BC) to remove an evil high technology cancer for mankind. A Time-dimension is finalized yet again for the next Kosmos Plan cycle now God’s Kingdom on Earth to last 1000 years.  

A global New World Order being warned of his intent why, how and when he will activate judgment to remove absolute evil again to continue mankind as planned. Ancient clocks in museums could be helpful to date Bible prophecy mirror imaged in History. Consequently, let’s investigate and sum up 350 pages Babushka Egg #3 to describe what was suppressed for hundreds of years by global universities.

AntikytheraThey kept silent about the oldest calculator, the Antikythera Clock, pointing to a historic Bible story.  It is known to have 32 gears and three dials. Because it was made of bronze metal, it survived salt-water laying 2400 years on the bottom of ocean. Why has any atheistic university scientist not deciphered this clock linked to Julius Caesar changing a calendar? Investigating many stories linked to encipher Bible prophecy dates only assembled in Babushka science concept eggs highlighted with many witnesses’ facts to establish truth to win a case in any Court of Law for the skeptic believing in evolution religion converted to counterfeit science.

I will attempt to highlight only the main-feature universities will not allow which will confirm the Bible being silenced. Notice a conventional clock has two hands each going at different speed. Ancient clocks in museums measured the same with two dials to tell Time. But time is not constant depending what is defined, like in science an atom-clock measure time in Femtosecond, which is one millionth of a nanosecond 1015, or looking in the universe applying light years.

But mortals share a time clock matching calendars divided in to solstice, month, days, to second useful in the Olympics, or in a horse race, or go to work. Have you ever wondered why high on church tower in Prague is a clock with a small dial inside the big dial and added to a small and big hand? They are integrated in a mystery not yet deciphered by any person only encoded by a clock maker Jonah-II not believing in an unscientific evolution religion not making sense.

Let’s gain a wider vision how an important Apocalypse affecting mankind can be dated and analyzed with a broader knowledge horizon. Scientists never ask why many ancient clocks have two dials?  The fished out Antikythera clock is different showing two dials, but with four circles divided into 59 and 48 window section? The same question could be raised, “Why are there two hands on my cuckoo clock dovetailing each at different speed?”

Both clocks should be integrated to understand as an exponential continually declining earth axis unwinding like a snake coiled demonstrated on dial of the Antikythera clock in Athens. The other dial has four discrete circle-windows indicating (4) earth-axis wobbles. An earth axis tilt is the only way to measure time as the sun has no marker turning, too.

GlobalThe rotation of the earth will only indicate the exact day 2x12 divided hours measured by standard clocks calibrated in time zones. Perhaps we should use a different zero point not starting in Greenwich but better coordinated and choose Jerusalem to match historic Bible Zero-prophecy linked to true science, which could date the arrival of Yeshua-Jesus. Check it out to widen a knowledge horizon suppressed in global atheistic universities. Investigating first the two front dials of the Antikythera ancient clock, it works like a calculator measuring time linked to earth axis wobbles. The front two dials have four discrete circles and are divided in 59 right and 48 left window sections. One side of dial has four discrete separate circles but the other side is not sectioned but coiled like a snake in unbroken time duration widow sections. Basically, the four discrete circles translate four (4) earth-wobbles going backwards and forwards numbered in solstice around the sun totaled across 4300 years history.   

An earth-axis wobble was created by an asteroid during a Atlantis Civilization on (5 February 2287 BC-Julian) playing back the Planetary sky or calculated using a corrected 7000 year Hebrew-Bible calendar matching prophecy. It caused a familiar worldwide Noah’s Flood drastically changing a tropical environment proven in coal with many ancient artifacts collected in museums like mystery clocks. Check (14) fourteen Babushka concept Eggs explain it much better but many ancient artifacts can now be seen on Google for added witnesses. The last switched fifth wobble started during Moses time 1400 BC kept track by a coiled snake windows on the Antikythera dial slowing down to rest and stopped now dated 21 December 2012 calculated by Julius Caesar and NASA.

For another witness, Pearl #245 shows a graphic picture of the most ancient Tzolkin Clock, which has three dials just like the Antikythera clock. The large dial is the driver to function like the chain of a cuckoo clock linked to gravity as a force. It gives the energy to move the two smaller circles, which looks like a figure eight horizontally or an infinite ∞ math sign. When the right inside timing circle gets smaller the other outside circle side gets bigger the sum total not changed. That antique calendar has a total range (4488 BC-AD 3018). But was changed described in the [Genesis chapters 5 to 8] from 4004 BC to 2288 BC with an earth-axis wobble during Noah’s time creating a new calendar (Julian) now tracked by various cultures across the globe.

Original the earth turned on a horizontal axis seven times in one solstice linked the Aztec stone clock exhibited in the outdoor museum in Mexico City. An asteroid hit 5.February 2287 BC (Julian) the earth, which caused an earth-axis wobble exponential getting narrower ending at 23.5° tilt now fixed at 21 December 2012.  It started first with a bigger tilt axis angle moving back and forth declining. The new wobble phenomena first confused the Aztec priesthood thus build (5) five and (7) seven Pyramids on top of each other still matching Enoch calendar cycles Pearl #224 no longer corresponding to new zodiac positions. After Noah the wobble where reduced to one residual wobble getting much extremely slower during Mosses time 1400 BC being a royal prince educated in ancient hieroglyphs became a pivotal leader and scientist forming a nation in antiquity. Later Julius Caesar 54 BC used Moses book information linked to a problem by his generals complaining which caused a correction of a Moses holiday schedule linked to moons cycles. It obsoleted 10 moon calendar cycle now changed to 12 moon cycles inserted July-August named by Julius-Augustus still slowing down the earth-axis exponential declining further to our time of 13 moons. The Gregorian calendar still must match the 13 moon /solstice cycles to make the Hebrew calendar scholars happy? Why not synchronize the five calendars we still use today now unified as published in a 7000 year Babushka Table proposal confirmed by Bible history to make everybody happy, theologian and re-educate a UN delegation in climate change?    

5) Bible prophecy linked to science dated God’s Wrath

We have investigated that Prophecy can be dated explained in science thus should check out what is postulated in Babushka eggs to find a way out how to survive the coming chaos collapse. To sum up God’s Plan for Mankind previously existing only fractured in a thousand theology books, but none where aligned with science. That created a one-sided perspective expressed in over 500 Christian denominations still collected in old-fashioned yellow telephone pages guessing what prophecy means. Why not investigate the Bible with true science?

On the other hand when science emerged from the Middle Ages, why are many students grossly misled into massive speculation and getting confused by unscientific opinions turning into atheistic fairytales? Both do not understand that any diverse culture has its own particularities, will only focus what is needed to survive to acquire wealth turned into a business all linked to the NYC Illuminati worlds bankers in the middle printing money used as a world currency. It will fuel prestige, granting power to politicians and dictators, lording over people covering up deception and lying not linked to bible Truth.  

Only pushing atheism defined by splitting the -A- from Theism. The word theism means “God” the originator of all creation. If God would not exist there would be no word to describe him.  That is the basis of any language expanded with words defining thousand mortals language expressed and can be summed up in John Gospel the center of time exposing truth.

In the beginning was the Word now became flesh.

For the first time, because of a free Web, can encipher the history of mankind, married with true science all embedded in the Bible, like a kaleidoscope? When turned will see historic events in new color perspective expose many ignored science facts highlighted to differ color pattern every time when reading Babushka egg books. Extracted pearls will amplify unknown concepts that make the prophecy journey more exciting and amazing now added with YouTube videos to widen a knowledge horizon.

Not everyone is scientifically inclined or interested what was divinely destine for mankind. But when most people die in God’s Wrath, somebody should have sounded the (7) trumpet Apocalypse warning now blown in Babushka eggs now added with seven YouTube videos too as a second witness. Clocks were meant to date time. The ancient bronze Antikythera clock revealed an exponential earth-axis wobble, but a German cuckoo clock has in addition a cuckoo mainly to point to the center of Time 12 o’clock to start a new cycle.

For the first time, because of a free Web, can decipher the history of mankind, married with true science all embedded in the Bible. Like a kaleidoscope, when turned you will see historic events in new color perspective expose. Many ignored science facts highlighted to differ color pattern every time when reading Babushka egg books. Extracted pearls amplify these unknown concepts to make the prophecy journey more exciting and amazing. I have now added some YouTube videos to widen knowledge horizons.

AsteroidGod’s Plan for Mankind is identical, and it will be noisy when God’s Wrath arrives to start mankind over again just like in Noah’s time (2288 BC). The Veil which covered over all the nations will be rent with a new covenant.

On this mountain he will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations; 8 he will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces; he will remove his people’s disgrace from all the earth. The Lord has spoken. 9 In that day they will say, “Surely this is our God; we trusted in him, and he saved us. This is the Lord, we trusted in him; let us rejoice and be glad in his salvation.” (Isaiah 25:7-9)

Watch the coming asteroid Dactyl just the right size exactly linked to science to confirm divine prophecy further explained in Pearls #259, 267, 268, 269, which are summed up:

God’s Kingdom on Earth – 1 Tishri 5777

Basel Jesus

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