Forbidden Divine Paradox #11 -


Obsoleting Space Rockets with Energy for Dummies?


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Many students graduating from global prestigious universities will share one thing in common. Years after graduation they will realize that a hundred years ago the 8th grade kids passed the same test. To prove it to you let’s sit down at a round table and reason a little with logic, if you have any training in it. Let’s leave the unscientific atheistic evolution religion fairy tales at home because I do not want to waste my time on ridiculous, meaningless discussions on physics with someone brain dead, or prove me wrong.

Please forgive me; perhaps I am a little judgmental being a successful inventor who made many billionaires from my inventions. Check your laptop computer, searching for bigger data storage some possibly still have floppy disk drive memory, which was born from a big-mother imaging run by a two horse power motor. It was as big as a washing machine - only a forklift could move it. Its miniaturization made Apple Computer very successful.

A good test for higher knowledge is reading my Pearl #225 that could make you a millionaire right now. It exposes global universities use of faulty logic to suppress science facts that existed a hundred years ago. Just one example should highlight in theory and gain your understanding about how a modified Concord Jet could replace space rockets using principles from Dummies Lesson #1 linked to the UREE (Pearl #206 and Babushka Egg Concept Book #9 that I sent to Obama in 2011). It revealed how much is assumed by those who claim to know simple physics. Again I will use a list of points meant for high school kids to clarify some faulty theories that also accommodate those who have a PhD:

  1. A big problem with the Big Bang hypothesis relates to two thermodynamic entropy laws, which only goes downhill in nature. Why do they postulate energy from nothing going into space that needs intelligence to tell the force which direction to go? What came first - a precursor to explode, or one to implode - two possibilities?

  2. Now dead CERN previously claimed that smashing atoms could reveal a god-something to be found by searching a dense water-fog chamber (Nebelkammer). They hoped to find the ultimate energy in that? But my grandkid convinced me otherwise, seeing the lights ON in galaxies, which must be controlled by intelligence as a precursor to the Big Bang. Still taught in school, this approach is kind of stupid. When atoms are smashed, how could they see them? My grandkid likes to tell a fun story like putting a chicken egg on an anvil and smashing it with all your might with a sledgehammer: you will never hear, see or enjoy grandma’s chicken soup. Demonstrating simple science can be amusing.  
  3. It got worse. Looking through the dense fog, many PhDs saw this or that and guessed theories out of nothing. They published 32 particles hypothesized in the Particle Table all based on faith of a number of brain dead PhD. But were greatly rewarded for their imagination, which created a billion dollar industry getting big bonuses and grants from psychopath NYC bankers printing fiat money for hundred years. No kidding! You should seriously analyze it and compare the blackboard math scribbles, or find me someone impartial who understands it which recently obsoleted Dr. Einstein with faster light speed.

  4. YouTube videos have become great entertainment by showing the many lies and a deception still postulated fake science in global universities, but has become deadly serious, as Life on this planet is irreversible in danger to be terminated by psychopathic teachers perverting every culture in the world, will cause next generation kids to perish. 
  5. Free green electricity could have been enjoyed by 7 billion people. Why did they confiscate 700 Nicola Tesla patents and threatened is life? However more importantly, if you can read and apply Newton’s law, it projects that you and I will die next year as postulated by this old scientist reading the Torah-Bible forbidden by the governments. These old writings preserved for thousands of years warn us that God will again destroy this earth, if you are not brain dead like many theologians. Truth cannot be sold for 30 silver coins, thus proving the Prophet Daniel’s words that knowledge will increase after 1 Tishri 5777 (2016).