Forbidden Divine Paradox #12 -


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Hello Mike. How is your business selling to farmers a gismo magnetizing water gaining 30% more harvest? Magnation Water Technologies -

Your information that someone got $400,000 dollars start-up money to save 20% of his energy bill is still criminal. The global NYC banking establishment psychotic liars will only finance deception and not allow free energy.  The government stole 700 patents from Nicola Tesla. The global deception is over because hundreds of teenagers demonstrate their homemade contraptions on YouTube. One proudly shows a $200 car generator driving a motor giving free Electricity forever to turn the lights on for the whole house. Not being connected to the grid, they run all of the kitchen gadgets and an electric heater all without charge.

Why is this still not allowed in America? As long as the criminal oil cartel have a wire going to your house, they will keep sending you a bill every month, so they do not mind giving $400,000 start up money for an alleged 20% more efficient energy solution to hide their deception and lies.

As mentioned in Babushka eggs, solar energy is free but inefficient. It is as if a racehorse was hitched with an ox: together they will not go very fast. But when the slow, red frequency light is eliminated (slow ox) with a simple plastic filter to dim the sunlight and allow only the short and faster violet light go through, it produces more.  And if a cheap plastic Fresnel lens is put in front of each silicon disc, it will get even more electricity! The global NEWS will not air it being owned by the psychopath NYC bankers printing money to pay off politicians & CEOs with big bonuses to suppress 100-year old truth.

They ignore Babushka egg concept books. I recently sent two pages of Pearl #270 to 100 Embassies, 300 Universities, 100 TV preachers. Or have you read even one page, Electricity for Dummies #1, to understand how free electricity is converted. That could help your client farmer paying a $100,000 electricity bill every month.

Readers, why not get educated and duplicate these YouTube teenagers and grow a business making millions instead of struggling to make pennies? No kidding, watch some energy videos. 

PS: You bought a hydrogen converter on the Internet, but you also need a flow meter to indicate the right water-salt mixture. The converter can only be used as an assist to your present automobile. A car is designed to run on inefficient 25% oil-gasoline, which means the sparkplug timing must ignite before the piston is on the 12 o'clock position. But if you used rocket water-fuel of a larger octane, the sparkplug must be activated later for maximum power extraction. Thus, the microchip must be exchanged or bypassed, which is too difficult for most people.

The criminal establishment allowed the water-converter because only very few will buy the needed but missing flow meter. They will not reveal that rocket hydrogen-fuel could work in cars. They prohibit it for the automobile industry. Why restrict driving with water unless you are a criminal enslaving 7 billion people exchanged for bonuses every year?        I had fun watching video from a highland dessert in Peru where a few women laughing and said we all piss in one pot and use a contraption to extract hydrogen for cooking their meal, as firewood is not around. Why is it forbidden in high-tech America not laughing? Being absolute Evil will sell their soul to Mephisto, watch Goethe’s play Faust, a parallel repeated. Why not read Pearl #270, which just warns what ELOHIM will do after 1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016) to end our civilization.