Forbidden Divine Paradox #16 -


The Bad NEWS - The Good NEWS


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The headline is only finger pointing to decide for you how to save your life in the coming God’s Wrath. Many Christians pay extra money to the prophecy summit clubs foretelling Bible events from corrupted denominational dogmas. Worse, those on stage are ignorant in true science being still confused like Pontius Pilate who said, “What is Truth?” All walk away from controversy not waiting for the answer to understand what is happening. But Pilate’s conscience was bothered, so he ordered a wooden plate with “King of the Jews” inscribed in three languages” echoed through history. It signified that everyone was guilty in Jesus’ execution caused by the religious High Court that forced Roman politics to violate existing laws. The Torah Hebrew Alphabet Number System exposed the meaning of (3) languages: Hebrew-religion, Greek-science & philosophy, Roman-law & politics, thus all crucified the author of Life, the foundation of civilization. We are all guilty of his murder. Not much has changed. Still the same mirror image 2000 years later: our atheistic world society would crucify Christ again indifferent to truth, including most Christian churches being guilty of the same crime. Just look around and connect the dots linked to natural physical laws perverted to absolute evil. I will now show the evidence in a hundred YouTube videos collected by many witnesses winning their case in any Court of Law.  

Observing true science based on the laws of the universe, Truth is now revealed by young inspired people to demonstrate that Newton’s Law linked to a cause will effect the total collapse of the New World Order. It will put prophecy theologians to shame holding on to denominational lies, thus being judged on a higher level ignoring the signs Yeshua outlined in the Gospels. The TV prophecy club still does not care to investigate a big Jonah-FISH on the Web to confirm the Jonah-II messages pointing to free electricity-hydrogen energy meant to benefit seven billion people. Why is it still denied in church and suppressed by corrupted atheistic world governments, now pointed out on many YouTube videos?

However, the ELOHIM-Creator this time used a scientist-inventor to warn a New World Oder indoctrinated in unscientific lies to the next generation. Ask why accumulated knowledge in global universities is still suppressed for 100 years? A story repeated to my grandkids when the Genii-spirit of truth is out of the bottle will never return. Surrounded with daily lies and deception, every TV outlet was bought by NYC Illuminati bankers to control knowledge not allowed to be investigated in order to make everybody ignorant, brain-dead to reality. But God in his mercy created a modern web and appointed credible scientists urged to warn once more of a coming God’s Wrath. This generation should have learned from history that the Apocalypse-pangs recorded by Angle scribes writing the Gospels under a penname like Matthew or Paul, forecasted the good NEWS, the birthing of God’s Kingdom one Earth. Why did worldwide Christian pastors ignore true science for (10) years hanging on to distorted Bible-prophecy with denominational lies and deception? But truth is now shown by an emerging YouTube video technology designed for the skeptics that the foretold Apocalypse can be dated. It also gives the reason why ELOHIM must intervene in the affairs of Mankind to save his creation once more from total destruction.  

Follow my finger pointing to everyone’s premature death-date. It has been predicted, embedded in the Torah-Bible now proven with science, as theologians cannot be trusted since they no longer teach Truth. YouTube videos reveal the massive Grand Deception and Lies to make obvious what the governing ruling elite have suppressed and not allowed in teaching traditional science for hundreds of years to subdue nations worldwide. The NYC banker psychopath establishment printed money believing that the Christian culture will be globally destroyed. They control education from kindergarten to university trying to brainwash mindless peons worldwide to become pliable, totally political correct conforming to One World Order.

Obeying Satan is counter to God’s Plan for Mankind. Watch YouTube. Some illegal individuals are better educated and made many videos to show technology of totally cheap green perpetually free “energy” extracted from nature. After a hundred concealed years, it is time to exchange dirty Oil, which poisons globally the environment, being enforced by psychopathic world bankers to have absolute control over 7 billion people.

The 1990 Hubble fake space telescope aired recently again. A repeated NOVA (6-20-16) TV production did not show any new painted galaxies clouds for 25 years, nor prove to be a real photograph of the earth or moon.* Many other science lies have consequences for an ignorant society linked to massive death now floating on many oceans beaches accompanied with gigantic life extinction. Honeybees and thousand subspecies have disappeared, worse Vegetable Seeds no longer germinate as the criminal Monsanto-Cartel cashed out and left town. The prophesied world conflict is now replicated to local death carnage levels disintegrating a global atheistic society caused by psychopath NYC Illuminati bankers to gain absolute power to destroy this planet.  But God surveying his creation and watching greed leading to absolute Evil must cut out the evil cancer society when His plan for mankind is ransacked and plundered with excess bloodshed and perverted justice, resulting in massive extinctions collapsing the environment unable to feed the next generation of kids. The result is repeated explaining why God’s Wrath is so necessary to continue mankind’s survival as recorded in His Bible, thus He proclaimed, “I will come back and start my kingdom on earth to give mankind a Sabbath rest” - for all paid vacation. Much science is linked to prophecy and dated in my Babushka egg books and pearls to widen forbidden knowledge horizons, if you survive the divine judgment date of 1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016). My advice, ask Yeshua to forgive your sins to make sure to live forever.

 * Stanford Graduate Finds Out Hubble Doesn't Exist (June 14-16) -