Forbidden Divine Paradox #17 -


The Hubble Telescope is a Big Lie


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My latest “new discovery” is that the Hubble Telescope is totally nonexistent, which makes an old fox scientist being misled, too. I copied some NASA artist renderings of galaxies that looked authentic and used some paintings in my Babushka concept egg #9 describing Free Energy sent to Obama and asked why it was suppressed for hundred years. The whole world has been deceived by fake science. Fortunately, the YouTube-Genii exposing reality will never return into the bottle. Thus, global deceptions are now short lived as graphic technology has reached its peak, outsmarting even Satan who is delighted to confuse the Bible-elect saints from recognizing Truth.  

Understanding physics, only a highflying airplane outfitted with a telescope can make better pictures over the distorting gas atmosphere. But big bodies floating around the earth is against physics, but makes nice fairy tales for uneducated peons believing anything, like little kids no longer educated in true, old-fashioned science. Learning about Disneyland, graphic expertise fuelled by obscene NASA grants is now fun for my grandkids watching YouTube videos. 

My Babushka egg book #9 stated the earth is a flat Berliner donut, which helped a flat earth theory to create a third viewpoint. A totally different New Atom Theory (BB #6) is now confirmed, which gives the reason why CERN is no longer around putting all 32 Particle Tables in the toilet. My grandkid found out more fairy tales exposed on YouTube. But lucky me, before the invention of web videos, I postulated a new theory that all atoms have a magnetic polarity like a little magnet. That explains what gravity is just another name for the same animal better understood if you are educated in old-fashioned physics. Kids like to play with magnets to find out why they stick or repel fun to play with, but science still do not know what magnetism is how is it fueled with infinite ∞-energy seen many lights in space?

Hence, anything put together with atoms is magnetized like satellites made from elements, so it must be balanced with gas jets, or it will either plunge to the magnetic earth or go into space to be attracted by a bigger magnet never to ever return according to physics. Instead you find big NOVA-NASA magnetic constructions of a fantastic manmade space station floating around the earth. It is only a fairy tale for kids, as some adults still educated in old-fashioned physics like Kelvin cold and the Van Allen Belt perhaps throw in a little of deadly radiation in space will never match our mortality. Only lead (Pb) is a good protection insulator against radiation needed for big camping satellites. TV shows of massive equipment, food for months, electricity, air, water, and TV to watching kiddy stuff on earth, the whole enchilada or a trip to the moon and return back is only a big Lie for stupid kids. 

The NOVA graphic video department is meant for demented minds employed by psychopathic NYC bankers hiding out in the secret Illuminati skyscraper club that want to rule the whole world with absolute power in a New World Oder. To achieve that goal they believe that the mankind-Mind must be globally brainwashed, as invented by Hitler.

The proof is seen in history daily on TV watching terrorists outfitted with dynamite randomly killing hundreds people. Every city is frightened by planned disturbance to be ready to accept Marshall Law to absolute rule a New World Order.  But the Creator ELOHIM is on the other side of the equation and has a Plan for Mankind. If interested, you can still read some Babushka eggs forbidden in church and suppressed by governments can widen a forbidden knowledge horizon to find out what the NYC bankers wanted to suppress. The Bible-Torah is still a better source of information to learn about science and prophecy described in many Pearls and Pearlettes. I added Energy for Dummies that may still have some errors copied from conventional science but YouTube linked to the Torah-Bible will reveal Truth. The Plan for Mankind is concluded in God’s Wrath to end Evil as Satan the biggest NEWS is thrown out of the Kosmos and bound in Hell and his demons are executed forever by the four Death Angels (Rev. 9) no longer will plague mankind ending together with the 21st Century Civilization to start over again dated after 1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016).

Stanford Graduate Finds Out Hubble Doesn't Exist (June 14-16)