Forbidden Divine Paradox #19 -


Breaking the Code of Seven Thunders in Revelation 10


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For 2000 years theologians wondered what the Seven Thunders represent. Now this German scientist has cracked the code. There are seven archangels serving the Creator ELOHIM, each one a specialized White Throne staff minister of a certain expertise. For example, one might dictate the divine portion of any revelation to mankind in the Torah-Bible. Information may be recorded visibly, disguised like a human scribe linked up to help to write the biblical text verbatim using a mortal penname. I believe this because, unlike a tape recorder, humans cannot remember every word said and because each letter has meaning and must match a five Heh dimensions system.

Although Moses was educated as a royal prince, he wrote the beginning of the divine records based on a memorized history from Adam that had been embedded in many songs remembered from grandparents or seven in-law sisters. But the text needed the math side embedded in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which is only possible for an angel as an eyewitness of what happened in the Garden of Adam & Eve. The transmission of God’s word is registered in a mortal mind either visibly at the physical gate or in the spirit invisibly on the metaphysical level. The angel in charge had to make sure that the prophets or gospel writers like Mathew would accurately add a specific divine portion text like a tape recorder, able to be translated in a thousand languages collected in a single book from a divine perspective. We are at the end time juncture where God’s Plan has been revealed in various Babushka egg concept books exposing the many Bible paradoxes never preached in any church, as pastors are poorly educated in science. Use the Web to enrich your mind about how to survive God’s Wrath planned before the earth was made.

There are seven Chief Angels performing various tasks. Angel #1 is linked to science ending in 7 Thunders. Another angel is in charge of the Bible records (Rev. 14:6), and Angel #7 is implementing Apocalypse events on earth to make sure all happens according to the schedule of the 7 Seals. All seven angels (Rev. 15:7) are involved in blowing 7 Trumpets to activate 7 Bowls and, now discovered, the 7 invisible Thunders to tell hi-tech details not understood by John. That angel has a round rainbow, identified with science, which is linked to the rainbow above the White Throne. (Rev. 4) That rainbow is the infinite energy source (Gen. 1:3) to fuel the Kosmos, as explained in the New Donut Atom Theory (Babushka Egg #5). CERN recently died never to recover.  If you are educated in physics, you can read about it in Pearlette #11 along with the obsoleted 32 Particle Table now fairy tales.

Worldwide, education was lowered to a Middle Ages level to make the masses pliable, brain-dead being washed in evolution lies to be politically correct to the New World Order and controlled by the satanic psychopath illuminati NYC bankers club. The proof is found when an unlimited energy source to light galaxies could be extracted as free electricity and free hydrogen with science inventions suppressed for a hundred years. It is now demonstrated on hundreds of YouTube videos. Anyone insisting in deceiving himself will not pass the White Throne test and die in his sin, thus being forced through the wide-open gate leading into the Lake of Fire to disappear in an imploding universe. Yeshua-Jesus promised a New Heaven and New- Earth to be reborn in a Jod-dimension as infinite energy is still around to continue Life again without Evil. Check out how we can get a free salvation gift offered embedded in the Plan for Mankind supervised by seven chief-angels. Early earth history is only recorded in the Torah-Bible. It describes a Kosmos messed up with much Evil due to Lucifer’s rebellion. (4488 BC). This rebellion will be concluded soon and only remembered as an immunity system embedded in those who passed the test to enjoy eternal Life in a restored Kosmos. The New Atom theory starts with infinite energy emerging from a rainbow above God’s Throne in (Revelation 4). Around it are (7) powerful secretaries where the Thunders Rainbow Angel is in charge of metaphysical science.

That thunder angel sealed the Seven Thunders in a scroll and asks to eat it, which tasted sweet but was bitter in the stomach. It is obviously linked to an unforgiving nature. When original sweet food is genetically changed by GMO process, the missing reproduction intelligence genes will make it become bitter to your digestive system fighting many diseases and virus infections. The proof is found in your neighborhood. If you buy seeds, they will no longer reproduce and germinate to grow food worldwide to supply seven billion people. In my town every week there was once a street bazaar of organic farmers selling vegetables direct. This June of 2016 half of the booth vendors disappeared! Every vegetable stand was missing. Why? The criminal Monsanto cartel last year forced open the steel door of the Svalbard seed bank storage and stole seeds meant for a future catastrophe to insure the continuation of mankind. I knew that they were in deep trouble with the Patent-department as the GMO seeds failed to germinate so they needed the original DNA to continue, as it was no longer available.

If you want to be educated, read Babushka book #4 - GMO Exposed linked to the 3rd Seal (Rev. 6:5), as I am not a scientist in that department. Newton’s law is now verified. Because seeds no longer germinate, 2-3 billion people will starve to Death as prophesied by the Black Horse rider. Read the ending of Rev. 10:11 and tell the story of how the divine word was propagated. Eating it is sweet to the taste, but it has consequences if misapplied and changed. Thus, it should be preached as a (7) GMO thunder warning. Recently, my research unified five calendars on 21 December 2012, which thus projects that God’s Wrath should come after 1 Tishri 5777 (October 2016).