Forbidden Divine Paradox #2 -

Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial IntelligenceEarly this morning I looked out into my little garden through a big glass door.  I no longer see any deer, raccoons, or foes; all have vanished. The wild doves or hummingbirds disappeared, too. Even a rat family I was watching every day is gone without a trace - similar to the insects. Pearl #270

I could not sleep. My troubled heart asks the Lord, “Why are Babushka eggs so old fashioned and invisible on the Web to give warning and dating the Apocalypse? TV preachers, like the German Reinhardt Bonnke, talk to millions, Ravi Zacharias, PhD is invited to global universities and meeting many key UN-Arab governments. I have seen some unusual healings creating a big crowd; the list is long. Usually I get an answer by sticking my finger at random in the Bible. Today I picked what Yeshua-Jesus said in Mark 13:1-37.

The body of Christ resembles a mortal body and operates visibly and invisibly - all created with purpose. Each has a different function and is important. Thus, Babushka concept eggs are used only in a Court of Law as witnesses to argue from a science perspective towards the day when everyone’s life will be balanced before the highest Throne, judgment decided for eternal Life.

What Jesus said in Mark 13 (thirteen in Hebrew means Judgment) has and is now happening worldwide on the TV. Recently, I saw advertised on Japan NEWS that they have artificial intelligence perfected in a robot that is equal to a human brain! When linked to Mark 13:14, it was translated desolating sacrilege being setup in a place it should not have been. A paradox again, is intelligence divine, or can it be manufactured?

Jesus compared and said it will be worse for us than when Noah’s Flood destroyed the earth and never to happen again since creation. The prophesied artificial desolation will be set up next to a president-dictator-supreme judge, and we will be asked what to do. We were created in the image of God to do good, but instead we have decided to do evil, paid for with fiat money man created, as the “good” needs the Lord’s input. Tomorrow a computer robot will decide “NUKE THEM” and that will verify Jesus’ prophecy “never to happen again.” It is impossible to watch the outcome. Why secure your invitation to receive Eternal Life? Just read the forbidden Babushka egg pearls to show the way.