Forbidden Divine Paradox #21 -


The Dual Mystery of the Hebrew Letter Taw

(Part #1 - Satan, Part #2 - Mankind)


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The Torah-Bible has embedded countless paradoxes not yet discovered except for those inclined to dabble in true science to have fun. Unusual Bible ideas upset theologians, who typically howl with the wolf pack shouting, “Heresy!” Thus, shut the door to expand a mind. The human mind is a marvelous innovation because it is replicated from the infinite Creator MIND who revealed one notch higher “Let us make mankind in our image” the possibility to exceed the status of angels.

The story of Adam and Eve could be expanded by using a reverse a narrative supported by five Bible verse witnesses. The Torah-Bible includes much of the history of mankind and even describes events from the metaphysical side. Analyzing the Hebrew Alphabet Number System of 22 letters, the first letter of the Torah is Beth reflecting duality; the last letter Taw ends in a cross showing the direction of the duality. The horizontal bar is the Daleth dimension; the vertical is a Heh dimension. 

But the last book in Revelation revealed a new rebalanced Kosmos, a totally new Jod dimension (New Heaven and New Earth), which redirected the Taw crossover to a future circle expressed in math by “∞”  - two circles. That represents the temporal Time dimension, which started in 4488 BC and will end 7000 Hebrew cycle years later as measured by five historic calendars that intersect on 21 December 2012. The Torah was recorded by one of the seven angels who offered his service to enhance the history of mortals corrected to a divine level hidden under a penname like Moses or John. It revealed the metaphysic record of how God created the universe Heh dimension and earth Daleth dimension meant for mortals with two circles = ∞. The Bible ends with the last word - Saints pointing to a higher future eternal Kosmos Purpose.  

Let’s investigate first the vertical Taw bar to understand the ending of the Time Dimension linked to closing down God’s Plan for Mankind. With the words, in the beginning, I often wondered why the Kosmos experienced a great upset. Lucifer, the highest official, rebelled in 4488 BC-JC and put every angel in chaos. Each had to make a decision of whether to trust the Creator ELOHIM or depart believing a Lie. The mystery purpose paradox is why would the all-knowing Creator design an imperfect clock messing up the Kosmos? Let’s check his divine plan for a better understanding. 

A clockmaker will add special features to a cuckoo clock, thus God appointed Satan outwardly honored highly with splendor, but inwardly, he added a disposition feature meant to test the creation. “Are my angels happy, loyal or dissatisfied? Will they yield to the mistrust offered?” Angels were not designed like robots but have free will to choose. What was missing in the Kosmos could be learned from nature, so that a healthy inbuilt immunity would protect an infected body from deadly evil could be applied to a mellowed out universe packaged with diversified abundant Life.

The principle creating a Vielheit generates its own system of independence that had to be adjusted like a clock. It needed to be synchronized to other clocks like we do around the world. To balance a million angel societies not being cloned, each was created a uniquely designed individual meant to harmonize forever in an expanding Kosmos. Thus, the angels needed a test so they could be calibrated to each other like clocks and become a wholesome metaphysical society. Any unhappy angels deceived by Satan entered into conflict with the invisible unapproachable light mystery side of the Creator, the utter holiness part of God’s character. Never try to violate his divine Holiness.

However, the tests also revealed the depths of God’s hidden inner love for his creation and desire to have fellowship like a loving father with his children. Evaluated from science, we all can observe his nature revealed in a duality of Beth, the first letter in the Torah also meaning house to find the hidden significance of ELOHIM’s loving character. Thus, the invisible “GOD” became the “WORD” to express in his son Yeshua-Jesus to make visible a paradox Kosmos creation now revealed in the temporal Daleth dimension, which got the angels excited and shouting for joy. Having lived through a massive, upsetting rebellion, the loyal angels looked to the Creator to see how he would fix the mess, not knowing how the creation clock works. But Satan true to his nature to camouflage God’s holiness did not miss an opportunity to sabotage God’s Plan for Mankind to recalibrate the Kosmos clock. This created extreme jealousy in Satan because he would no longer be Number One. The unfolding drama of how the Creator achieved and adjusted his final plan to fine tune the Kosmos on a higher Jod-dimension level is only revealed in the Torah-Bible. Let’s analyze mankind to learn how each clock is recalibrated to synchronize the future Kosmos by adding an immune system in each being enabling him to recognize the root of an Evil apparition. This evil mystery is so deadly devastating, but also delightful, is still a great paradox.

Part #2 – Mankind  
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My dream in Video #9 is to laugh about a coming time when there is no more revealed Bible knowledge linked to physics with a metaphysical perspective. Nature shows we are created for eternity, but on two-stage system. First is the restricted caterpillar life to die inside a cocoon to emerge as a butterfly meant for the other dimension. The cocoon is the equivalent of the prophesied Grand Resurrection for every mortal. The Daleth-Time dimension is temporal to test everybody who transgressed a divine order. Those who pass the test will receive Mercy onto Life becoming like a butterfly in the Jod dimension, those not passing the test belong to Satan and his demon angels, which have only one option left - to beg for Mercy unto Death, or live forever in outer darkness.

But Revelation declared a third option for people appointed as Saints. They are invited to fill the vacancies in the Kosmos government administration that were made when Satan and his demons rebelled, thus losing their jobs. The Saints are especially appointed to be the inner entourage of Yeshua-Jesus and rule the future Jod-dimension (New Heaven & New Earth). Only those born in a mini-resurrection will be educated one notch higher for this new Kosmos administration. The Saints will fill the many government job vacancies created when Satan and his demon-angels were thrown out.

However, many theologians lie a lot, thus perverting God’s Word with hundreds denominational dogmas sold to ignorant Christians in order to enrich themselves. It is similar to when Jesus visited the Temple and got angry at the merchants and money changers who dishonored the house of prayer only to make money. Free Babushka egg concept books and many pearls explain the Plan of Mankind never preached in church. It ends with the last word in Revelation – SAINTS, not understood since the Middle Ages. It was perverted into the rapture thesis for privileged Christians and sold to make money. It is not unlike what Martin Luther historically encountered in Germany, so that he nailed his questions on the door upsetting the common belief system. “So wie der Heller im Kasten klingt die Seele aus der Hölle springt.” That was sold in every American church. But if you are interested what a Saint really is, it just needs a little true science education while investigating the Bible. Why not check out Pearl #888?

As a scientist looking at nature and analyzing everything Jesus said, I still wondered how the Jod dimension will be so different. Nature mirror imaged the Kosmos, being filled with fiery angels - and later mankind, ending with Saints. Would he stop creating or continue to expand the Kosmos, as some are very curious investigating what is mostly forbidden in church. Previously, I was a prolific inventor with crazy ideas - some were useful and made money. Many got lost in the sand. Thus, let’s look in the metaphysical sky mirror imaged in physics, and focus on nature watching ants and bees.

Both are highly organized in tribes, some very large. They have a different body and show they are structured around a “queen” expressing procreation thousand times in many locations worldwide. These insect societies symbolize how the Kosmos could be expanded into the universe. Why are there a new earth and a new heaven (plural) programmed? Even the size of immense galaxies and stars seen in telescopes, as noted in my Babushka egg concept book #5 Reflections of Global Warming (page 53), pictures show gigantic stars Arcturus, Betelgeuse, and Antares. Being so huge, they could have planets filled with life, plants and animals duplicating the Garden of Eden story. Why not promote a Saint, designed to co-rule the Kosmos. He could be rewarded with a special planet meant to repeat the same purpose of Adam and Eve, but this time with an embedded immune system against evil. God’s Holiness will never be violated again. It is now guarded forever by loyal Saints, who suffered a lot and know the consequences of Evil. An embedded immune system will prevent deadly diseases akin to Evil guaranteeing that an expanding Kosmos is safe even for angels.

Watching Yeshua-Jesus demonstrate his resurrected body shows how the Jod dimension design works. Imagine a new universe multiplied a million times beyond our concepts, ruled by those who where elevated to Sainthood by appointment only. That privilege cannot be purchased - unlike the High Priest Caiaphas’ job, or theologians selling rapture Heller coins. A Saint must be appointed by the King of Kings, as demonstrated in the Ester story, or how were virgins selected to test their loyalty. (Mat. 25) Those who were invited suffered a lot, being denigrated and cruelly persecuted throughout history. Many were killed like the Apostles. Millions of Christians living in our modern civilization are now severely persecuted as some could be offered Sainthood to dine on the King’s table being privileged to receive a reward. Why not expand knowledge horizons by what is forbidden in every church? Check the web and start with Pearl #270 sent to 100 global embassies.