Forbidden Divine Paradox #3 -


The Return of Yeshua is Dated!


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Yeshua-Jesus will return to earth after Passover 5777 (14 April 2017). The date was determined by matching historic science with the Torah-Bible code [Time-Times-½Time]. Three Bible references [Daniel 12:7, 7:25 and  Revelation 12:14]  have unveiled a prophecy code system to remind us that three witnesses or more are needed in any Court of Law to have a winning case.

But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed,
and hidden that will not be known. (Luke 2:2)

The Apocalypse birth pangs can be linked to true science attached to (5) five global calendars: Julian, Gregorian, Aztec, and many ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums. It can be united to a (7) seven-based Hebrew calendar associated to an Alphabet Number System structure recorded in the Genesis Torah-Bible creation report. Dating prophecy is not allowed in Christian churches for centuries being confused by false dogmas. Hopeful the sound of music in this Pearl #777 will wake up some Christians sleeping in church. Bible prophecy is impossible to understand due to a veil covering all nations for the last 2000 years. But watch out now dated!

And he will destroy in this mountain [Jerusalem] the face of the covering that covered all peoples, and the veil that is spread over all nations. (Isaiah 25:7)

Watching a fire marshal screaming, “Wake up!” only to hear returned from the window; “Shut up and let us sleep”. Using common sense, surely will burn with the house. When someone later asks the Lord, “Why was I not raptured? Why did I not know anything about your wrath warning coming so soon repeated in church many times, is it a lie? “No one knows the time”

God the ELOHIM will reply, “I have appointed thousands of science witnesses in the global town square to give warnings of the greatest threat of LIFE extinction caused by a New World Oder on the free Web. For years published unusual theological-science books with hundreds of Babushka egg Pearls. Jonah-II sent 50,000 E-mails to pastors, letters to 100 Embassies and 250 global universities. All ignored the warning of God’s Wrath rejecting science facts. They did not care about its spiritual implications or opened the Prophecy Veil in spite of hundreds of YouTube video witnesses freely available to widen knowledge horizons. What is your excuse?”

I think the Lord was challenged by this mortal friend and appointed a scientist-inventor to be a second Jonah-II to expose confused Bible prophecy. Lately He woke me up at midnight from deep sleep started to review on my computer what is the missing DOT?  Half an hour later stuck my finger in the Bible for reassurance and saw Ezekiel 6:8 underlined in yellow. That technique works for me. Thinking about Daniel’s Torah-Bible reference he was really troubled too. He wondered too what was revealed to him made no sense. Later he got the answer being delayed 21 days caused by Satan. The messenger from the Throne had to get help from Michael the highest army general of the Heh dimension to deal with that trouble. In my case it took three hours waking up when I challenged my King, he always hears my prayers being born to royalty.

It resulted in my last Pearl #777 a Jewish holiday Passover 5777 (14 April 2017) to a DOT which matched perfectly a chosen people overlay going to the Promised Land as their Egyptian economy, a mirror image of our world, was totally destroyed. Their last meal eaten was with bitter herbs to remind them of their unbelief of God’s deliverance which frustrated Moses greatly.

In spite of all the terrible events now seen daily on TV, the world remains a teeter totter equation as the Day of the Lord is mentioned 70 x ON THAT DAY between the beginnings and endings of the Hebrew year 5777, but which day? The center pivot of the teeter-totter balance is fixed in math by the Daniel-John prophecies being balanced to an exact one “day”. It can be proven by a math equation with a billion probabilities, if you are a skeptic.  Read some Babushka eggs to find your answer in the Torah-Bible not preached in church.