Forbidden Divine Paradox #5 -

Why American Christians will not be Raptured,
thus Perish


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Watching to see what is new on the Apocalypse Prophecy circuit, I noticed a big silence on YouTube after the Tetra Blood Moon event passed. Many theologians made big money selling bestseller books when the expectations were high scaring even the atheist politicians. It did not affect the Stock Market. Gambling resumed to keep the economy afloat with bonuses issued by psychopath NYC Illuminati bankers.  History books tell the story of the Titanic that some kept playing to the last game and put down all they had on the table motivated by a sinking boat. I see a parallel in watching TV.  

My Pearl #777, still forbidden in church, dated Yeshua-Jesus’ arrival to 11 April 2017, right on Passover. It overlaid the ancient Bible history of the Exodus that ended the agonizing slavery of the Hebrews anticipating an old dream to become a nation among others, thus fulfilling God’s Promise made to Abraham to multiply them like the sand on the beach. That can only happen when the eternal God shrouded in resurrected mortality comes back to earth to rule as King of Kings, now the next event. But first he must get rid of all the hoarded filth of an evil system with hundreds of false religions and Christian denominations accumulated for 4300 years suppressing Truth. Just watch some of hundreds videos on YouTube replacing a globally controlled mass media owned by psychopathic banking cartel fuelling greed with fiat money. It is causing the massive destructive extinction of all LIFE on this planet, the only one in a billion galaxies.

This scientist-inventor is in conflict with most theological assumptions, because they ignore science and guess about Revelation time measurements dating prophecy in a heaven Heh dimension. A Daniel prophecy was meant for a Daleth earth domain, both are in conflict to date, because the clocks in heaven are different from those on earth. It is proven in a 7-base Hebrew Alphabet Number System that lined up with various Daniel prophecy detailing earthly events now ended with five world calendars, but it needed to be adjusted to solstice earth-axis tilt wobbles not allowed in universities. Faced with a clock paradox why not correct a Hebrew calendar based on a solstice @ 21 December 2012 to connect recorded history with ancient museum clocks?

Many Christian churches send their theologian-pastors to prophecy summits to speculate about an Apocalypse, but dating is not allowed in spite of a hundred of science facts willfully ignored. Why is it still suppressed after being presented for 10 years by a scientist appointed to be Jonah-II announcing the last apocalypse birth pangs warning dated by Yeshua-Jesus? They should have warned Christians sleeping in church to wake-up and find out why the environment is collapsing to shortly end this psychopath One World Order.

Why were 14 researched Babushka science books censored? They have prevented a Bible-centered exposition never taught in church that better explains God's Plan for Mankind. It exposed deception and lies of denominational dogmas falsifying truth for centuries? Worse, why would a Christian Publisher defraud a Christian author who paid who paid $48,000 for books to be printed that dated the apocalypse and not told that they sat in a warehouse forgotten, never distributed in book stores?

Some of these 14 books were translated in Arabic, Spanish and German copying 500 Bible verses exceeding the limit as some culture do not allow the Bible. Did it threaten Prophecy Summits to make money when science facts exposed Bible mysteries not allowed in church? Perhaps they were annoyed when paradoxes were put on a common denominator to date God’s Wrath? Was it inconvenient and too dangerous for church business fearing revenue loss? It is not like a Titanic where many Christians onboard perished believing in dishonest advertised deception of an unsinkable assurance analogous to what is preached by theologians who have rejected Yeshua-Jesus sayings, thus branding him a liar. Why not be educated in true science?

Many laws of nature and major physics are forbidden in global universities why not teach true science in churches? Why not expose free green ENERGY invented a hundred years ago to benefit our seven billion population? Though suppressed, they are now demonstrated in thousand YouTube videos that should get the attention in church to widen knowledge horizons to believe the Bible. God’s Wrath is dated 5777 to save mankind to start His Kingdom on Earth.