Forbidden Divine Paradox #6 -


Suppressed in Christian Churches


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Theologians cannot be trusted to date Bible prophecy because they are not well educated in science. In the past 500 years Christian denominations together with thousand pagan religions appeared, all clamoring to be number One next to God somewhere in heaven or nirvana. Their faith is not based on divine scripture but focused on making money and gaining prestige to control comatose sheep with deceptive promises mixed with their mortal opinion. Only to achieve to satisfy power exploited a spiritual need embedded in every child.  

What is not taught in church, only perhaps fractured, can be reassembled in one Babushka Pearlette as a smaller concept egg. This new generation has grown up void of old-fashioned science knowledge suppressed globally in universities and governments. Everyone is forced to be subservient to psychopath NYC Illuminati bankers printing fiat money to control the global New World Order. Being Satan’s closest ally, they planned the systematic destruction of this planet for a hundred years causing every war advanced with high technology determined to stop the ELOHIM from succeeding in what is revealed in his Torah-Bible book.

This generation prefers headlines, this in short may explain God’s Plan for Mankind.

  1. A mystery is, Satan-Lucifer was created forever, why did he rebel in 4488 BC [JC]?
  2. God removed fallen angels to outer darkness, thus His government became vacant.
  3. The replacement became mortals to inoculate everyone to become immune to evil.
  4. It required a Kosmos new law “Death” introduced being self-inflicted by the Creator.
  5. Only on the Daleth dimension an invisible God became visible in Yeshua-Jesus to die.
  6. After a Kosmos transgression was atoned, ELOHIM introduced a Jod resurrection.
  7. It restored a vacant Kosmos government pre-resurrecting some mortals to Sainthood.
  8. A Saint position was earned experiencing suffering lessons identified with Jesus Christ.
  9. Only appointed Saints are trained to govern a future new earth-heaven Jod dimension.
  10. Gross Evil is always judged like Sodom and Gomorrah or Noah’s Flood 2288 BC.
  11. The first Atlantis Civilization was destroyed by an asteroid on 5 February 2287 BC-[JC].
  12. An asteroid will strike again after 1 Tishri 5777 to terminate the 21st Century Civilization.
  13. A thousand year Kingdom on Earth will introduce a Sabbath rest of prosperity.
  14. It will obsolete Money replaced with new wealth to restore a destroyed environment. 
  15. When “Time” ends, the Book of Life will be opened to select those who pass the test.
  16. A Kosmos judgment for mortals will decide - Mercy unto Life or Mercy unto Death.
  17. Jod + Zayin (17) is a restored KOSMOS under a new administration no longer EVIL.    


Take my short headliner advice serious not preached in church, if you want to be invited to dine at the table with the Creator ELOHIM. Why not investigate what is global suppressed by evil deranged psychopath NYC Bankers helped by Christian theologians. They perverted worldwide Truth in most churches & universities. It is the last chance to be informed before the free Web is shut down. Thus check out the prophesied God’s Wrath, which is the next global event dated after 1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016) and save your Life.