Forbidden Divine Paradox #7 -


What Happened at CERN?


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Why are YouTube videos bathed in silence? Nothing is heard anymore about the irrational CERN project. The smog has now cleared from the last accident of the most expensive experiment in recent history that built a 17-mile atom beam gun to discover a god-particle. Why was it put up when “free energy” existed 100 years ago? It has become totally worthless for any further science experiments.

I am sure the establishment will tell Congress that they can fix it to keep thousands of their friends employed and to continue taking all paid expenses travel to luxuries spas to have science meetings to keep the money coming in from new tax appropriations to fund their obscene salaries and pensions. Being a scientist not believing in evolution religion fairy tales, I watched some of the hundreds of YouTube CERN videos with wild doomsday scenarios before the accident. Some worried that the world would go under caused by this biggest death machine ever built. My grandkid knows that if an egg with DNA intelligence (like CERN atoms) is smashed on the anvil with a sledgehammer, it will never become an energized chicken scrapped off the magnetized walls of the Nebelkammer.  Now having YouTube fun verifying what was published years ago in Babushka egg concept books.

CERN is NOW Permanently Shut Down Accidental EXPLOSION! (Nov. 28, 2015)

In my younger days in Silicon Valley, I always worked on advanced research teams for various scientific endeavors. I remember watching CERN using components I was involved with like experimental Klystron quartz windows to seal an ultra pure vacuum used on the Stanford Linear Accelerator SLAC. To make a klystron 10 x more efficient for a nuclear beam to pass through, pure Aluminum-Oxide ceramic was brazed together with oxygen-free copper parts. The biggest challenge was to make an insulator seal vacuum tight. The problem was that it needed an ultra pure high vacuum on the one side of the ceramic wall when a hot energy beam passed by. To boost more energy radiation and still contain a totally ultra pure vacuum environment, a team of scientists experimented with quartz-metal seal insulators of different atomic crystal pattern.

To achieve an extreme ultra vacuum, a reactive element material of a getter technology was deposited on the inside wall to bind floating atoms. Any loose atoms would be disastrous to any experiment. When the high-energy beam hits any floating atoms they become bullets that hit each other and slam into the walls with great force, dislodging more atoms, thus it will accelerate into an explosion similar to what happened recently to CERN’s Nebelkammer.

The CERN accelerator can never be repaired. Anyone educated in Klystron technology knows this for a fact. The big explosion produced permanent contamination that will make it impossible to achieve an ultra pure vacuum ever again, unless you are motivated for other fairy tale reasons. Even to propose constructing a 17-mile long atomic gun is totally idiotic and insane – for this reason and others, but it made a lot of money for friends and relatives. Worse it obsoleted the fiction Particle Table.  Money is more powerful, and so it will always replace truth linked to the true science learned as a technician and made to work in my many practical, useful inventions.   

Reflecting on how so much real science is no longer taught in universities and how history has been changed to be politically correct, I believe that, like Newton’s law, it will expose the insanity now on a fast track to destroy our planet, the only place where Life exists as proved after photographing 700,000 galaxies. Nobody wants to know the cause of why you can see a million dead fish floating in a red tide on global beaches on YouTube, or a thousands dead animals. Wildlife is disappearing fast: birds, honeybees and insects are no longer around. Even worse, seeds no longer germinate. The whole food chain is screwed up caused by the Monsanto cartel now for sale! Their poisoned environment is collapsing why not run and make the money, as the Germans are too stupid greedy.

They do not worry being connected to psychopath NYC Illuminati bankers printing fiat money and finally succeeded in making a New World Order of a world population become brain dead. Thus, logically you will see that Satan is winning. In few more months he will gloat and boast that he is more powerful than the Creator.  I wonder about the next event - the prophesied War in Heaven, when Satan will show up on earth with his demons to finish a rebellion he started in 4488 BC. In case you had not noticed, my Babushka concept eggs are a collection of science facts linked to the Torah-Bible not allowed in church and still forbidden in universities. If you are curious, not brain dead and to have fun, read Pearl #270 or Pearl #777 to expand your knowledge horizons.