Seven Thunders Micro-Eggs #1 -


Why a forbidden GMO-Transgenetic science technology is copied from the Atlantis Civilization (2288 BC) incurring again God’s Wrath?

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The last stage of The Kosmos curtain is raised for the final documented events of the Apocalypse after 1 Tishri 5777 (Oct. 2016). It starts with a powerful angel outfitted with a rainbow over his head. John in Revelation was not educated in hi-tech science, thus told to hide the Seven Thunder events until the End time. It can now be confirmed in suppressed science forbidden by the establishment but now exposed and demonstrated on many YouTube videos. Anyone not brainwashed and still able to think in logic can analyze the current worldwide political events not shown on your local TV but can search the web and align it with the Torah Bible linked to physics mirror-imaged in metaphysics will understand the Seventh Trumpet to finalize the Mystery of God recorded in Revelation 10.

Every international institution has rejected Yeshua-Jesus against a thousand facts presented in true science and history. The psychopath NYC bankers suppressed science for the last 100 years using printed money to implement absolute Evil to destroy all Life on this earth. Every government was compelled put in artificial debt like a hangman’s rope. They instigated and paid both side of every world war, sowed unrest and revolution to destabilize nations with billions murdered. Historically, when psychopaths become powerful, Satan puts them under his absolute control. The Creator is now forced to correct a society through God’s Wrath like when the cancer attacks the body’s vital organs, will die. But mankind never learns historic lessons like Sodom and Gomorrah or Noah’s time (2288 BC). When a civilization ignores the Bible principles, it results in a grand deception of lies, thus you should learn fast how you can be saved from coming disaster. Perhaps read some Babushka eggs repeating history running out of time ending our civilization. 

A Satan controlled New World Oder will soon collapse with the global food supply failure as GMO patent seeds will no longer germinate. This was prophesied that 25% of the population worldwide will perish repeating Kosmos laws. When an unforgiving nature is assaulted, it results in the extinction of the food supply. This is the natural result when DNA gene intelligence is corrupted. Evil technology is made worse now even assaulting the trans-human gene pool purposed for total extinction thus reaching the point of absolute Evil. It is like when atheistic evil scientist’s mixing genes will become a wild bull in a china store leaving utter destruction.

Thus, food supplies will collapse worldwide in a gigantic breakdown caused by the Monsanto Cartel enforcing their GMO technology paying off government bureaucrats and judges. After raiding the Seed Bank on an isolated Norwegian Island they sold out just in time, as everybody is ignorant. Check it out and buy Vegetable Seeds. They no longer germinate or sprout not possible to have seeds the next time around thus became extinct. The global shortage of Food already started, as riots are not recorded on your local TV. Soon you will see panic in your neighborhood facing empty shelves, a sign that the global population will perish when an unforgiving nature is grossly violated. 

Insecticides are genetically embedded inside cell DNA and labeled “Organic” will permanently accumulate the poison in your body getting hundred crazy diseases to shorten your life assured. All is made for obscene profits controlled by a patent number sticker on every fruit or vegetable to enrich lawyers and judges linked to the most corrupt FDA evil to the core. But nature does not care if mortals became Evil, as nature was programmed by the Creator to last thousands of years. If violated, it will follow a higher order explained in Babushka egg #4, GMO Exposed to be better educated.

In a collapsing economy many nations will look for a scapegoat and so assault Jerusalem again closely watched by the Creator now greatly angered by half human-half animal genetically modified with transgenic technology. That is the sign for another God’s Wrath which mankind experienced before and should have learned the lesson never to violate Kosmos laws. Your imminent death is now certain; therefore, make sure that your soul is resurrected on the other side. Do not believe the lies and deception and but trust Yeshua-Jesus who called out for 2000 years, “Anyone calling on my name will be saved.” No special knowledge is required only need a commitment showing the intent of your heart. Experience the transformation, as Satan does not want you to know how to live forever.