Seven Thunders Micro-Eggs #2 -


Two Witnesses from the Heh dimension, Enoch – Elijah
(Rev. 11:1-19)


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To report about the Seven Thunders, we keep looking for two powerful witnesses from heaven, previously known on earth that would make global headlines. They will contend against the Vatican Antichrist in the midst of a collapsing world system preparing for Armageddon, the last war. Revelation clocks in heaven must be adjusted to a six-month scale, which might date the return of Yeshua-Jesus from 1 Tishri 5777. Add the days of the Seven Thunders, like Noah’s Flood (150+40=190 days) and watch the sky dated 10 April 2017 as testified by five witnesses. If you survive God’s Wrath, you will see a huge spaceship of extraterrestrial angels. They will take over this earth with noisy seven thunders to get your attention so you will check divine prophecy. (Rev. 6:15-17) But the last 40 days of thunders from Rev. 10 should be compared to the rest of the Torah-Bible as mirror-imaged in physics and replicated in nature many times, which should challenge theological prophecy summit opinions messing up their Bible interpretations.

Since Constantine, the Teaching of Jesus was perverted and mixed with Satan’s religion. It reached the lowest point during the Middle Ages. The Bible throughout Europe was forbidden, only mentioned in Latin nobody understood. Worse, people were forced to pay for salvation not to end in an invented Fegefeuer painted in every cathedral window. However, God appointed special people to reform the Christian faith, to restore and clarify what was originally taught to the Seven Churches. (Rev. 1-3) The many denominations evolved when the Bible was translated in many languages exposing forgotten truth to widen divine revelation horizons now linked to the Seven Thunders mystery. It explains why the Thunder Angel has a rainbow over his head. When Jesus took three mortal witnesses and met two witnesses from heaven - Moses and Elijah (Luke 9:28), to get five witnesses to win a case in any court and convince skeptics that Yeshua was divine and came with a mission. But one question remains 2000 years later, “Who are really the Two Witnesses (Rev. 11:3-14) to testify to an atheistic world that God’s Wrath is on the horizon for the 21st Century Civilization to perish with only a very small remnant leftover?” (

I believe as a renegade Jonah-II Christian that only two historic people not having died - Enoch & Elijah, are my choice and not be a Kosmos exception, which is not possible to void Daleth dimension laws. Notice nothing on earth will be above Yeshua-Jesus in position to be united in death. (Rom. 6:5-6) Thus, if you were born mortal, you will only die later confirmed in scripture. It is still a mystery in every Christian church biased in denomination dogmas not understanding 1 Cor. 15:51-53. The words “…we shall not all sleep and …the last trumpet” do not mean you will not die voiding Kosmos laws. Notice every verse connected to a resurrection by definition must die. (1 Thes. 4:13-17) “…caught up who are alive” should read next “not proceed” again the main concept is a resurrection as a precursor to death. The Apostle Paul tried to explain a pre-First Resurrection mystery in the midst of massive persecution and death to encourage the Saints at Yeshua coming. Not sleeping to the final Great Resurrection some will be pre-resurrected at the time at hand. That mystery was converted to a fake rapture theory dogma that some will not die, but any scripture dealing with a resurrection as a main feature has a base to meet the Creator for a special purpose or assignment.

We are so brainwashed by theologians doing a lucrative rapture business that converts 1 Cor. 15:21’s meaning that some are exempt from dying. It stands to reason that when Adam and Even transgressed Kosmos Law, they became mortal and passed death genetically to their children, which will not allow an exception. Period! The outward sign of mortality is that the original light radiant from the body was turned OFF, thus we die as no longer energy is flowing, which is another discussion. Check again the Pearlette #14 to add knowledge, not heresy.

Being “alive and caught up” means it is the historic “time” of Yeshua-Jesus coming back in the sky to take over the management of this world. To imply that somebody will “not die” would void what the Creator said, “If you transgress-sin, ALL MUST die, or call him a liar? I do not think that the Apostle Paul would take that position but mistranslation is possibly proven by 500 denominations in the yellow pages of any telephone book. Prove me wrong. If you can find one scripture stating that a person will not die, and find me (5) witnesses. A resurrection designed for mortals is a two-stage principle not voided by puny mortals, as the cocoon is needed to become a butterfly, or a seed dies to become a tree. Show me why you should be an exception above the White Throne?

A death-resurrection was demonstrated by Yeshua, and so will mortals, no exception. Not believing the last message of the Two Witnesses will be rejecting Jesus Christ. They will be publicly executed in Jerusalem as the world political system will rejoice in celebration to signify: we don’t want visitors from space and still reject the Torah-Bible. Seven days later an asteroid will shake the earth and cause another axis wobble followed by God’s Wrath poured out like Sodom and Gomorrah to end the whole rotten schlimazel of evil gone rampant ending what has become a global stinking death cadaver disappearing in sinking quicksand. If you are not what-feels-good-brain-dead, or super righteous thus exempt, please read Isaiah 13:9-22 and Malachi 4:1-5.

This civilization will perish as prophesied by Yeshua-Jesus shortly to arrive and change this totally corrupt evil civilization to start His Kingdom on earth to give mankind a Sabbath rest now dated:  

10 April 2017- Passover 5777.