Seven Thunders Micro-Eggs #3 -


The Purpose of EVIL –
a Mystery Linked to Satan and Demons
Why do they come to earth?
The First Woe, Revelation 9:1-12



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Most theologians claim, “No one knows the time.” They should consider Noah’s schedule. He gave warning to his civilization, and then the animals arrived to go into his boat. In our time, an inventor-scientist Jonah-II published Apocalypse warnings with a schedule and left the global town square. The apocalypse is foretold similar by Yeshua (Matt. 25-26) as most events have arrived, which is like the door in Noah’s boat closing and is shut by God from the outside, thus got saved. But this time we have more people lined up, so the Creator will use his spaceship (1800 miles across) known in history as the Star of Bethlehem. It is identified as the Golden City bride described in (Rev. 21:9-27).

Many will not survive the Second Woe linked to the collapse of the global economy, as psychopath NYC bankers are determined to control the world population as described in Bible prophecy explained by true science. When the worldwide food supply collapses (First Woe-black horse) with riots everywhere, the New World Order will establish a global Peace-Party uniting all religion (Chrislam) under one absolute government ruled by an Antichrist dictatorship. To control a starving population, food is offered only in a special Wall-Mart store to enforce a microchip embedded in a forehead or right hand to separate those who are against world peace. Thus, many undesirables and Christians, who know what the Beast system is, will be rounded up in detention camps.(Rev.13:1-17) It will be the final test with a last warning, as Yeshua 40 days later will arrive in His Bethlehem Star spaceship in the sky and wake up the Saints surviving God’s Wrath. They are chosen for a divine Kingdom on Earth dated after Pesach 5777 (10 April 2017).

To explain the Seven Thunders, Satan is the key actor (page 101) Babushka egg #1- God’s Plan for Mankind linked to when Yeshua met with Satan to announce his mission. Satan was greatly puzzled having watched every move Jesus made since his birth. (Matt. 4:1-11) Still wondering why his boss would appear shrouded in a Daleth dimension mortality, which is a paradox. But he never missed an opportunity to find out, even to bargain away his job ruling the world then offered to Jesus in exchange to be co-equal to a deity as planned for the future Saints. (Pearl #888)

Revelation describes the End time with a last war in heaven, which is the Heh dimension to end Satan’s dominion ruling the earth (Rev. 12:7-12). He is physically cast out to appear temporarily in our planet. Because he is so extremely dangerous with the highest IQ, he is only allowed a very short time. Being very angry, he will try to totally mess up the world’s political system and destroy this earth with hi-technology summed up by this scientist-inventor in Pearl #233. Because he has free will, he will then decide to morph into the lower Daleth dimension subject to its own laws. Thus, only then can he be put into the underworld prison to his ultimate end after his final assignment. He too will be cast into a fiery imploding universe, all fulfilled in a big bang. Leftovers from the previous administration will be transferred to a New Heaven and New Earth-Jod dimension.

Thus, Satan will be thrown to earth with his demons included, as the underworld doors will be opened (the Second Woe) by the Fifth Angel serving before the White Throne. (Rev. 9:1-11) Angels are designed to live forever; however, they have an option available only in the Daleth dimension to “die” in a mortal body – a better choice than to live forever in Hell. That was illustrated by Yeshua confronting 2000 demons. Read the story in (Mark 5:1-20). That special option is offered only on earth summed up: Mercy unto Life or Mercy unto Death. It was introduced on the cross by Yeshua-Jesus-the Son of Elohim everyone has heard about. Worldwide the Second Woe mystery Thunder NEWS will go ballistic when 200 millions demons literally possess people to commit heinous, unexplainable crimes, killing at random as many possible victims with local weapons obtained in their neighborhood. Like ISIS, a family culture relationship has been totally collapsed to butcher without any consciousness a father, mother or children, or vice versa. Demon possession is a great paradox that cannot be explained in science. It is not understood because universities teach atheistic deception. The Bible describes that those possessed will seek death, but only the Four Death Angels can kill a demon victim, which is the Second Woe - the next Thunder.