Seven Thunders Micro-Eggs #4 -


Four Death Angels - The Second Woe in Revelation 9:3-13


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By this time, half of the worldwide population will be dead. Revelation prophesied that the black horse rider ushered in a collapsing food supply screwed up by global GMO causing 25% of a world population to perish accompanied with demon possession now even seen on the local MEDIA. Now daily reduced by millions will greatly perplex New World Order politicians only to repeat what was once experienced in Noah’s time when a population of billions perished. This will be fulfilled in Three Woe stages. (Rev. 9:12) Jesus said it will be the worst time never to be repeated again ending with the 7th Trumpet. (Rev. 11.15)

Let that permeate your mind, worldwide Evil manipulation by Satan controlling psychopath public leaders has ended. Only a sinful nature embedded in mortals since Adam will continue but is controlled by watchful eyes of the appointed Saints well qualified and acquainted from sufferings. Every resurrected mortal has an embedded immunization gene transferred to the New Heaven-New Earth Jod dimension inoculated with a first-class dose of Good and Evil.

In the last war in heaven Satan got thrown out appearing on the Daleth dimension to end the last war on earth. An angel from the Heh dimension is invisible like a spirit but to become visible he must use the same path that Yeshua-Jesus did as mentioned in the Gospels. Only the Daleth dimension (in this Time and this world) has mortality, introduced in the Garden of Adam and Eve based on a new Kosmos Law, which is the only option to end eternal life originally given to every angel and human. The next sign is when an angry Satan is cast to earth. He will have all his demons on his side to plague mankind who have the Beast sign embedded in their bodies (Rev. 13:16) together with a huge 200 million demon possessed population committing heinous crimes never experienced before.

Thus mortals can watch Satan appearing in a human body, and I am sure is the most influential global politician causing utter amazement every TV gone wild around the clock. Knowing that God allowed a very limited time will open the gates of technology to destroy all of mankind summed up in Pearl #233 to prove that he is more powerful as the Creator.

Therefore, investigating demons that by nature were created on higher entropy level could transfer to a lower Daleth domain dimension like the two thermodynamic laws mirror imaged in physics. Thus, creatures on a superior angelic level from the other side can only be removed by stronger angels from the top of the creation scale. Thus, Death Angels (5) were created for a special purpose to execute demons and one third of mankind, eliminated without mercy because of intense global evil rebellion against the Creator. (Rev. 9:15)

Again, it matched a previous math formula: 1+4=5. One Death Angel was kept busy. He is mentioned throughout the Torah-Bible, killing people in ancient Egypt and destroying the last Pharaoh dynasty and selecting every firstborn human and animal, (Ex. 1:5). Later he is mentioned killing 180,000 soldiers in front of Jerusalem. (2 Kings 19:35) A similar selection is referenced in the Gospels (Matt. 24:40) - one is taken (killed) the other left alone. Theologians believing corrupted dogmas think they are privileged raptured, bypassing God’s Wrath. They will be big surprised not being appointed to meet Yeshua in the sky, but killed. 

The last mass execution is prophesied once more around surrounding Jerusalem, which is gigantic after 1 May 2017. It requires four specialized Death Angels to terminate totally the Islamic Moslem Satan religion including 2/3 or 4 Million of Israel. (Zech. 13:8) Jesus sealed His last crucial final warning; take it very seriously. (Rev. 22:11) The remnant of Israel will collect millions bodies for seven months extended to the oldest map in your Bible between two rivers Euphrates – Nile promised to Abraham in an unconditional covenant. The gathered corpses will be piled up into a huge memorial pyramid as a witness of God’s Wrath for future generations.

Thus, if you survived thus far, hold on to what was promised by Yeshua and do not worry. The portal of death is just a door to enter like a butterfly emerging into the Jod dimension to live forever. Make sure your sins are forgiven! The Seven Thunders will end with the seventh Trumpet dated 10 April 2017-Passover 5777.