Seven Thunders Micro-Eggs #6 -


The Dactyl Asteroid - GOD’S WRATH (Rev. 6:14, 16:18)


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As a retired inventor-scientist, every time I talk to a younger person I am surprised at the ignorance of this present generation. They are poorly educated in the basic fundamentals of physics I learned as a kid in a German public school (8th grade, 1946). It’s like visiting a turkey ranch to observe the social behavior of noisy commotion. Just throw the latest telephone gismo into the turkey crowd and watch the reaction. Could they read and understand books anymore? I tried it out and asked, “Why is true science is still suppressed in universities?” Just mention “perpetual motion” and watch the patent department’s reaction. Is it no wonder why atheistic PhD turkey-brains never evolved beyond the monkey level? They do not know they will be slaughtered together by robots on a Hebrew holiday.

An evolution religion converted to counterfeit science is still favored publicly. YouTube videos show many teenagers joyful driving around using free energy, proudly showing newly discovered electricity totally free, as demonstrated hundred years ago by Nicola Tesla in 1920 in a parking lot. He demonstrated an 8 ft. long, brightly lit wireless light-tube, as witnessed by the New York Governor and his political cronies, who were rewarded by NYC bankers to suppress it in order to gain absolute worldwide control. Interested to be a millionaire? Click Energy for Dummies #1, or if you want to widen Bible knowledge listen to Pastor Ray Stedman from 1972 and compare it to 2016.

To get a full rounded science horizon linked to prophecy, read the 14 free Babushka egg concept books exposing many paradoxes including the 40 days Seven Thunders mystery, which will sum up the final apocalypse events, not understood by theologians, still kept as a mystery. But be serious. Our days are numbered. Just in case, why not get right with our Creator who went to a lot of trouble to save us from irrefutable hell, but wanted us to know, if we are honest.  It is a test for those not educated and do not believe the science stories found in nature. Why do they overlay the truths of his Torah-Bible book?

Like the caterpillar story, only a very few still around all are destined for the cocoon and believe it is possible to become a butterfly. But you should know that on the other side Satan is waiting and collecting dead butterflies pinned up as trophies to be exhibited in his evolution science museums. Being educated in a superior trustworthy Bible, I believe that my savior Yeshua-Jesus has proven his love to die for me on a cross and paid a Kosmos violation that condemned me to eternal death. We have a choice, or you can believe the many deception and lies, which should be contrasted with truth in the Torah-Bible as expanded to the metaphysical domain.  My last Pearls show what will happen. It takes a little time but worth the investment. It’s your life; no one can decide for you.

Check it out why seven billion people are so special that no one has the same thumbprint or eye pattern to open a locked door, or your bank account. God used the same technology but looks at your mind, which was designed one notch higher. He logically can evaluate the intent, which would tip the balance on the last day. That will decide Mercy onto Life or Mercy onto Death. Get smart and be informed when Eternal Life is offered, just google the headline to expand your Mind. You no longer need theologians to confuse you and will discover the Seven Veils that come with a lot of noise like the Seven Thunders in parallel sounding off the warning Seven Trumpets that broke the Seven Seals with thunderstorm lightening intense fast to experience God’s Wrath recorded only in Bible history.  

Jesus said that the Apocalypse will be like Noah’s time where billion populations perished in one day which was warned in our time by another Jonah-II appointed to write 14 Babushka Book to correct fake science biased in many unscientific lies to cause gigantic global deception. It is reminiscent of ancient time during the Atlantis civilization once more an ELOHIM has warned when truths was suppressed to terminate genetically all Life on earth again thus causing massive extinction which has consequences, check free Babushka eggs. A world population will perish again with an asteroid shaking the earth once more which is changing a calendar again with wobbles duplicated from ancient times. To widen a knowledge horizon beyond a Solstice 2015 now corrected a faulty Hebrew calendar dating the final Judgment hour of Seven Thunder in Jerusalem linked to God’s Wrath confirmed  with many witnesses not acceptable in Prophecy Summits,  Pesach 5777 (10 April 2017).