Apocalypse Prophesied:
The First Babushka Book – Who?


Apocalypse Prophesied, From Eden to New Jerusalem: God's Plan for Humanity traces the “Who” in Biblical history, as well as some of the "Why.” It is short-hand version, a mini-Bible telling the story of God’s 7,000-year plan for humanity never preached in church.

Individual human beings are like atoms that form molecules designed with intelligence to express purpose in their existence. We intuitively look beyond complex DNA structures to become unique persons occupying the top of the creation pyramid. The Bible provides spiritual insights, laws of healthy behavior and relationships that apply to every family of mankind, but it focuses on a very important special group of believing persons called the Saints. To explain it from a dual rail perspective took over 1,000 Bible verses copied and discussed by this German-born American lacking writing skills, but God used my inability and converted it into an opportunity for those who never understood the spiritually encoded Bible.

Apocalypse Prophesied has some hidden benefits. Large populations on earth are oppressed and persecuted. They are often forbidden to examine the Bible under threat of death, or perhaps of losing a job, if discovered to be reading a forbidden book. However through my books, the Bible can now be accessed discreetly on the Internet. In this manner, one can read an outline of God’s plan for humanity. It is like a shorthand guide to Bible knowledge that saves time with reduced risk.

Neither did I forget my fellow scientists. I really want to encourage them to reconsider reading the Bible, though it is generally considered by professional academics to be a strange book that promotes unbelievable and unusual ideas and concepts. Having worked many years in advanced research science, I eventually discovered that I had been misled by our modern education system, which suppresses any knowledge perceived to be in conflict with their evolution religion. I am so glad to be liberated from such close mindedness. I no longer worry about running into danger of the ever watchful eyes of establishment science’s inquisition. They have forgotten that truth can never be found in an oppressive, closed society.

My condensed narration explains some fundamentals of the Bible by focusing on the main ideas - like three groups of people:

  1. The Saints are destined to be raised to eternal life at the First Resurrection, which occurs at Jesus’ Second Coming after the Apocalypse. Being a Christian and going to church every Sunday does not automatically guarantee one that he or she will belong to the Saints. God appoints that special group. He has set them aside for a special purpose. If you are familiar with the 10 virgins’ story, remember that Jesus identified 5 virgins who did not make it into the wedding feast due to a lack of oil. Even a well-liked pastor/clergy or rabbi paid by a religious establishment does not automatically qualify to be a Saint in the next life, the heavenly Jod dimension. Reading the second Babushka book will reveal false dogmas preached by pastors in many churches not very popular for some theologians who got upset to find out that pages of Revelation where mixed up upsetting a cherished pet dogma of the left-behind-series no longer making sense.
  2. The second and third group of mortals including many popes, bishops and preachers even Hitler and Stalin will be standing together before the “White Throne” at the end of the Daleth dimension to be separated and divided into two groups like Jesus mentioned in his mountain dissertation sheep from goats at the Second Resurrection for all mankind. The cuckoo clock 7000 Hebrew year diagram generated will give you graphic illustration of the time dimension decoded from ancient bronze-gold clocks and goes into more detail with many side-tables to teach new combined concepts rarely heard in church.

What I call ‘monorail’ Christian theologians are educated in rigid and obsolete interpretations inherited from the past centuries. Apocalypse Prophesied provides a well-rounded viewpoint of God’s plan for all peoples. It provides rational answers to some of life’s big questions:

The past and future is described from the dual-rail perspective of science and the Bible with some surprising and wonderfully gracious insights. Even hell is explained in a rational, cause-and-effect, purposeful and just way that differs significantly from the traditionally incomplete and seemingly unfair perspectives of monorail theology.

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