Forbidden Divine Paradox #1 -

A Tiny Body Organ


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Storm GodToday I stuck my finger at random in the Bible again to get an answer to what troubled my mind. I tried to decipher another paradox recorded in the Gospel of John 16:1-33. In verse 24 it states, “Ask and you will receive it.” Many times I have prayed and did not get what I wanted, which does not mean that God does not like me nor respond to my prayers.

Being a long time Christian, I learned what Yeshua-Jesus taught. He offered every individual Eternal Life represented in the “Body of Christ” from around the world throughout Ages. But I asked something big and waited for an answer to be balanced with my Christian faith and prove what the Bible has proclaimed.

While Billy Graham, Reinhardt Bonnke or Ravi Zacharias have spoken to millions, I wondered why Babushka eggs are not on the big board? The Lord used an analogy from science to help me understand. A human biological body has both external and internal organs. All work together for the common good. It raises the question for me, “What are Babushka eggs and Jonah-II in the body of Christ?” The above Bible reference shaped my opinion.

So I concluded, when corrupt Christian churches behave like global atheist politicians controlled by psychopath NYC Illuminati bankers, a Judgment of God’s Wrath will be repeated. They have been warned for seven years though it frustrated Jonah-II that nobody reacted. Theologians insist on deceptive Middle Age dogmas.

I then discovered why Babushka egg science concepts were ignored. A tiny organ may be most important for the whole body. For example, one filters life’s blood to separate what comes down the transmission pipe. Everything must pass the tiny gate of the gall bladder to break up harmful fat for digestion. It needs to be tiny, or it would do great damage to the body. Only a small amount of bile or gall is needed for the whole system, thus it invisibly does its job. If God had given me bigger exposure on TV, the consequences would have been a threat to the establishment preventing divine Truth.

Have a good day, and hopefully agreeably, with this paradox. I recommend that you read Pearls #269 and #276 to widen knowledge horizons.