Forbidden Divine Paradox #13 -


Who is right? Flat Earthers, NASA globalists,
or the Torah-Bible?


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In YouTube videos the biggest battle is raged over two conflicting worldviews. Each other pointing finger at each saying you are lying and postulating fairy tales. The flat earth opinion seems to tip the scale quoting 75 Bible verses, which got me in the same position when Peter was ask to walk on water to meet Jesus. But I had second thoughts looking at a big wave and started sinking. Desperate, I cried, “Help me Lord” and heard the answer, “Why have you so little faith?”

Watching the latest flat earth videos quoting the Bible persuaded me to scrap my Babushka egg concept books and throw out the baby with the water. But catching my second wind like Peter, in truth I kept walking back to the boat on water together against common sense. This can only be explained when Yeshua-Jesus walks with you being confused and surrounded by a metaphysical world where the temporal laws of physics are suspended to higher invisible reality laws. It is similar applying physics like a mirror will see a reflected image.  But if it is fuzzy or distorted like muddied water blame it on being born with very limited mortal mind. Why not read the new Donut Atom theory, Babushka Egg #6?

Electric Toroidal Flat Earth & the Prince of the Power of the Aether (10-18-16)

To teach us lessons Jesus said throw your net on the other side against common fishing sense. Bible history revealed the net was bursting with fish and needed outside help an oversupplied harvest, which is witnessed several times in the Gospels (Google it). Thus, we should use Bible principles to learn from what is invisible. Most will chose one of the two headline perceptions.

But please notice there exists another worldview tailored similar to babushka eggs invented by a Russian grandmother painting eggs perhaps used a kaleidoscope showing different color pattern. When turned you see a design never to be repeated. I compare it to diving for pearls in the Bible Ocean because I like to search and collect truth, not like theologians or atheists being blinded, many are brain-dead mostly interested only to make more money.

What you read here was always free to widen knowledge horizons to better understand the Torah-Bible and point out what was written by angels disguised as scribes to help God’s Word under a prophet or Gospel writer penname to correct it on a divine metaphysical level designed for a mortal mindset. Or explain to me how it was possible to describe in detail a complicated text found in caves when tape-recorders did not exist 4000 years ago. Or investigate Job. If the Gospels are turned like kaleidoscope will enjoy what was revealed like finding another precious pearl not for sale? That is a paradox again thus verified when the light is ON in your mind, you see more to understand why the ELOHIM offered Eternal Life.  

  1. The third worldview in Genesis 1:1 is describing an Ausdehnung separated by MEM which is not water dividing heaven and earth telling a different creation report of seven cycles.
  2. Notice first: when God the Creator ELOHIM speaks, He started with the Hebrew letter B-Beth, which is dual in application - “divide or split” ask the question why?
  3. It revealed that God’s Plan for Mankind starts first with the metaphysical (MEM) purposed and planned on infinite light to contain LIFE fuelling atoms coming from a metaphysic Kosmos source. Thus, understanding a universe with true science can only be made visibly if manifested in a Time Dimension (evening-morning) now placed in the middle of Beth. Thus will crystallize and split the known Kosmos in two dimensions: Heh-angel-heaven and Daleth dimension a mortal-incubator Petri dish linked to earth as elements is forming matter creating galaxies crystallizing like an earth much denser that appeared later. It is the same model (Genesis 1:1) but with a one notch higher metaphysic Ausdehnung expressed in the middle of a bridge, “Let us make mankind in our image.” On one side is an invisible God and on the other side, God became visible recognized by most mortals as Yeshua-Jesus shrouded in mortality reported in world history.
  4. The laws of the metaphysic operate on a higher realty reflected in the mirror of physics. It reveals if one is called to walk with Jesus on MEM, which is not water spread over the Ausdehnung, thus will survive the storm of God’s Wrath as the laws of physics are suspended. Be assured and do not forget like in any court of law presenting many witness to distinguish between truth and lies was attempted in 14 Babushka concept eggs linked to a third worldview. It exposed of how God’s Plan for Mankind works. If interested in water to drive your car,  read Pearls #266, 240, 218, 202.