Pearl #266 -

Flat-Earth Assumptions in Science and Religion

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Is the Earth flat as postulated on the Web?

Many wild YouTube videos postulate that the earth is a flat disk, which could stimulate investigation to discover truth. Some concepts are only published on the web, like Babushka egg Pearls, explaining suppressed science not allowed in global universities. Regardless examining forbidden science will validate my science-Bible pearls and could settle many opinions whether a flat earth theory is truth or not. The material and spiritual dimensions exist in parallel and could open the portals of the real South Pole and might even explain a paradox mentioned here, too. We need to keep open minds to explore Truth and test the common biases but hopefully not based on counterfeit fake science.

Exploring the merit of that unconventional hotly debated theory I would like to propose a “Third Concept” of a Babushka egg Earth-Ball-Flat-Earth-#3 theory to combine both paradoxes of being a flat disk or round ball. Why not something in-between similar to a Berliner jelly donut. Or better yet just an absolute huge gigantic earth planet covered by ice explained next.

To widen a true science horizon I attempted to explain Reflections on Global Warming a free Babushka egg book #5 and show on the last (page 52) some pictures of immense stars like Arcturus, Betelgeuse and Antares. They are a billion times bigger than the sun that boggles our imagination. We should get our minds on overdrive to think it could be the size of our planet earth?

Imaging an ice covered planet like Jupiter but has a huge ice-free flat hole in the middle. The size is like an enormous lake with some islands in the center to simulate our earth oceans kept ice-free by a sun circling around similar to the flat earth theory thus surrounded by an ice-border. The sun is the nucleus energy source to heat up the ocean and is fuelled by infinite energy explained in Babushka egg book #9 - The Ultimate Energy Engine, sent for evaluation to President Obama (11/11/11). Instead they investigated a renegade 84-year old scientist being visited by the IRS and the State-Department living only on S.S. with no income. Millions of bureaucrats will enforce only a single energy source OIL or dirty COAL controlled by evil psychopath NYC bankers not caring if Life on earth becomes extinct which is the only planet in the universe. Why ignore the warning from Jonah-II? Pearl #270

To prove a new theory that light is not constant, therefore will bent in a different media like water. I am not sure any­more that what seems to be a tiny globe is truly so in reality. Do not be surprised when light was measured recently in NEC Research Institute Princeton University to be 300 times faster which makes the sun smaller and closer helping the flat earth theory. A faster speed of light will change gravity now linked to a Platinum Standard Kilogram, too. Pearl #125 -Why the IPK Changed Weight? Like a chain reaction (6) World Gold Standard IPK sisters became obese and heavier too, not explained by fake science still waiting for another deception.

It is a good illustration and is only a matter of perspective since we are all mortals, but unfortunately some have turkey brain being brainwashed by global atheistic universities in fake science. But all have in common that nobody has seen our earth we live on from outer space. Even the fake deception space station from NASA will never show a picture with the camera just turned around 180° or cannot produce information data of the Hubble-Telescope another big lie, does not exist surprising turkeys on the ranch being fed by psychopath NYC bankers printing money grants to keep quite.

To further widen a knowledge horizon still forbidden in global universities the effect of faster speed of light which caused free electricity. It now exposed in another bigger lie that only OIL is available for mankind. Every other energy source thus is denied like free electricity invented 100 years ago by Nicola Tesla. Plus another energy source by a German scholar von Hoffmann splitting water into hydrogen gas, only allowed in military rocket to destroy worldwide billion people. All is linked to obscene grants from psychopath NYC Illuminati bankers printing fiat money who decided too many people live on earth and only the political correct privileged Elite should live as the rest genetic inferior mankind needs to be eliminated by high-tech developed by the industrial military complex.

However when Evil developed to be “absolute” it is against God’s Plan for Mankind. Watch the creator ELOHIM what he will do next year similar mirror imaged in a turkey ranch approaching a holiday in America. It will repeat a divine Sodom and Gomorrah Wrath once more, reflected like turkeys being killed without an escape. Check it out in Babushka eggs still avoided by Prophecy Summits theologians enriched by mindless turkeys and do not like free information ruining a Christian church business.

They Are Hiding GOD With The Greatest Lie EVER!

Exploring again the merit of that unconventional theory, a telescope will show how infinite energy is crystallizing from the universe first into shapeless outlines like dust highlighted by light. When an atom-mass becomes denser, it affects the polarization of magnetic atoms that stick together, when in motion in a Time dimension will produce gravity. Thus infinite energy is the driver like analyzed in the Hourglass galaxy with Fraunhofer spectral lines. Collecting more magnetized atoms on the way eventually will resemble a wheel like the Milky Way shaped to fat disk. It is quite possible that our earth is not a shaped ball. To get a better understanding still suppressed in atheistic Universities a new atom theory published years ago as CERN was destroyed in the first test which is a kept secret from the government to continue a brotherhood being privileged employed with obscene salaries and bonuses linked to retirement in offshore bank accounts. It is a joke as the NYC bankers will change the currency of countries already started with a number of fractured European Union getting devaluated into bankruptcy with fiat world currency and hiding in computers an astronomical debt. Only computer artificial intelligence could capture it with fiat numbers another deception for brainwashed turkeys on the global ranch. Opinions come and go, why not propose a round flat Jelly Berliner Donut without the hole or expand a mind with a gigantic ice-earth planet which could be flat postulated by a conventional mind the size of a scaled ant? But could be mirror imaged in a proposed new atom theory with the same laws of physic. (Babushka egg #6 - A Donut Atom Nuclear Story)

Like each egg is a different size, but the inside has embedded a mystery not yet discovered in universities, which is Life demonstrated later like a chicken if the egg is not smashed like atoms in CERN would discover truth. Alleged some PhDs discovered in a Nebelkammer 32 fake particles which made obscene money printing million books imposed in every global school. Thus, we have thrown out in the gutter the oldest book on earth not understanding the metaphysic science embedded in the Torah-Bible. The divine laws from the creator ELOHIM where recorded by angels serving before the Throne in heaven (Heh-dimension). Being authorized to support mortal writers only known by (40) pennames not to scare people receiving celestial truth. Or explain to me how extraterrestrial details were verbatim transferred like a tape-recorder. Who was present to write to preserve for us when Satan had a business meeting with the creator in heaven told in the Job story and who was present in the Satan encounter with Jesus forty days alone in the desert mountain to be tempted by Satan? Distorting Gods Word fabricated many global religions to spread his lies converted to fake science like evolution theories.

Our telescopes identified stars showing a zodiac linked to ancient stories reflected in many ancient bronze-gold clocks only collecting dust exhibited in global museums. One is super famous a 2400 yrs. old Antikythera bronze clock with 32 gears (3) dials, fished out from the ocean in an Anthem museum? Now encoded by an instrument-maker from Germany postulating and figured out why gravity changed embedded in ancient calendars still suppressed by the secular establishment. Looking at historic artifacts if you want to have more fun in science should be applied to a flat earth theory would create more excitement on YouTube with the lights ON affecting our mind to dust off ancient clocks and stone monuments only speculated in atheistic universities willfully suppressing history now collected in free Babushka book #3 Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries. Why is it censored and not allowed in universities believing exclusively in evolution religion fake science to keep students unemployed trapped.

Applying true science is not static, as mortals have a Mind expanding and forever want to have knowledge in either good or evil which was the choice of our grandparents we are stuck with. But God created an alternate Plan for Man­kind as some of their children want to go back and chose the fruit of Eternal Life. That is now possible offered by Yeshua-Jesus the Christ. This possibility is explained in recent Babushka eggs collected many mysteries and paradoxes not preached in church making money selling bible stories for profit. Instead follow the trail that all mortals must be inoculated with a good dose of evil that works like an immune system for a later resurrected life, to be immune to evil and snuff it out in the bud. Only those persons will be resurrected to eternal life that have passed the test of fogginess of their sin-trespasses which must be converted by Yeshua to a protective immune system defined in the Gospels now inoculated against a future evil like a Satan rebellion will never happen again. That is not preached in church.

Evaluating a flat Earth theory must conform to physics and especially must match the Bible revealed creation description to be authentic, which makes it an interesting paradox. Someone on the web hypothesized that our earth is basically a domed flat disk encircled by the South Pole shaped as an ice-rimmed edge. It is not in conflict with the smaller sun moving in space on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy as explained in a new atom theory Babushka Eggs #6 and #9. Reading them would help you better understand that bible paradox. Just analyzing space observations we can trust, it seems that the Milky Way galaxy is a good model of what the universe looks like. But should not overlook and forget that the divine Bible is like a compass, which is the linkage of different science to widen a knowledge horizon like a bigger Babushka egg.

Collecting more magnetized atoms on the way, it eventually resembles a wheel like the Milky Way shaped to a disk. It is quite possible that our earth is not a shaped ball. Why not suggests a round flat Jelly Berliner Donut without the hole?

Our telescopes now use light frequencies beyond our eyes and thus will see more what it hidden. Also, light is not constant; therefore, it will be bent in a different media. I am not sure any­more that what seems to be a ball shape is truly so in reality.

Science is not static, as mortals have a Mind forever want to have knowledge in either good or evil which was the choice of our grandparents. That gets us in the Plan for Man­kind. Some people, instead being inoculated with a good dose of evil that works like an immune system for a later resurrected life, are wholly evil. Such persons will experience the Second Death as read the Bible.

The flat Earth theory still must conform to physics and especially must match the Bible creation description to be authentic, which makes it an interesting paradox. Someone on the web hypothesized that our earth is basically a domed flat disk encircled by the South Pole shaped as an ice-rimmed edge.

It is not in conflict with the sun moving in space on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy as explained in a new atom theory Babushka Eggs #6 and #9.

Reading them would help you better understand that paradox. Just assembling space observations we can trust, it seems that the Milky Way galaxy is a good model of what the universe looks like. But the Bible should be our compass, which is the linkage of different science like Babushka eggs fit inside another.

The Data Centric Universe

Some NASA department not corrupted yet created a graphic universe image that looks similar to a huge curved expanding disk when all the photographed galaxies were put together seen through telescopes. Correctly has shown that the Centric Universe has the earth in the very center, which is verified all along in the Torah-Bible. It is a fact that created big troubles for Galileo’s theories? There is a lot of empty space between formless matter linked to atoms. If shrunk in Kelvin cold could crystallize into an earth disk just like an atom with protons and electrons is mirror imaged in physics with a lot of empty space linked to a New Atom Theory Babushka Egg #6.

But more amazing is that mankind is the only living creature in this universe, as proven with what was photographed in space. For a different outlook of the Universe, think of an expanding, blown-up donut with the shape of our Milky Way galaxy on top. In this model the solar system perhaps is located on the outside edge of the Milky Way with the earth and planets trailing behind the sun in motion toward empty space.

Galaxy RangeIt seems our solar-earth system is positioned on the outside rim. On one side lies the nothingness of space with a moving sun leading into this nothingness; therefore we are blinded and cannot see the nothing-side but must look sideways or close to the horizon. When light goes through water, it is bent; therefore, our eye vision in space maybe distorted to a different appearance.

Thus our vision in space can only point to the energy hole. In a total perspective we are moving toward empty expanding space. My BB #3 describes an Aztec-calendar linked to a Genesis-calendar explained what mortals would see if the earth axis wobble has changed. The conventional solar system concept is now questioned in this interesting video.

TRUTH! The Earth does not revolve around the Sun

Infinite energy was demonstrated as going through the hole explained closer in a new free BB #6 Donut-Atom Theories linked to physics, well described in BB #9, Infinite Energy. I propose that when invisible infinite energy is concentrated, it will expand our Milky Way galaxy turning like a moving chain carousel demonstrating gravity. We can count three stages of expansions perhaps many more later, as the universe Daleth dimension started a creation first with a Time- dimension dating Satan's fall 4488 BC. We are now in the second Zayin stage (6000 earth years) ending with a sliver Apocalypse Chet-Age, as the next third stage Teth is Gods Kingdom on Earth transferred after 3018 AD to a New-heaven & New-earth promised a Jod dimension that obsoleted the Time Dimension. The bible Genesis translated in German Ausdehnung separated by a “above and below” perhaps could look like a round flat Berliner Jelly Donut having two sides without the hole.

Notice the Torah-bible or Jesus always names heaven-earth together: stated first in Genesis, then the Gospels and mentioned in Revelation, too. Heaven may not be somewhere far out beyond the sky. Why not logically think that the Heh dimension is on the other side of the theorized flat-earth, shaped like a Berliner donut?

When space is photographed with a standard telescope, you see thousands of galaxies not ball shaped. Why? In the Bible the under-the-world could be the Heh dimension, which could be linked to a Berliner donut shape turning like a conventional Galileo model, which gets crazier in future videos.

Berliner jelly DonutThis new third theory is not bad science if linked to the Bible to imagine that the earth could be shaped like a Berliner donut that could be expanded one notch higher. On one side of a bigger flat earth ending with a white (ice) periphery rim which is the South Pole. But the underside could be heaven - the angel world? In other words, if you cross the ice barrier, you could visit the second heaven mentioned in Genesis-Revelation, the other side. Remember, some angels ventured to cross over before Noah’s time, which is forbidden. Science confirms that the ice rim further outside is getting colder now exposed to Kelvin cold, which is a barrier to any mortal. A flat earth dome is created by the sun warming up molecules and atoms of the oceans expanding an air bubble held back by gravity to secure complex Life forms surrounded in Kelvin cold paradox. Thus a flat earth with an air dome would make sense to what we read in the Bible. I remember years ago in previous Babushka pearls and said that the Garden of Adam and Eve was covered by a Heh dimension dome insulated from the outside the Daleth dimension which is linked to reproduction and Death. Adam and Eve must have known the concept of Death as otherwise the loyalty test would make no sense that “if you eat the fruit, you will die.” (Babushka egg #1 - From Eden to Jerusalem)

Theologians scantily educated in science guessing all kinds of Bible misconceptions that mankind’s SIN caused Death do not understand nature that seeds or bacteria must die by the billions creating a fertilized soil and thousand different processes. Every seed must be buried and die to become a tree. All was created to a blueprint nothing was left out or forgotten to alarm the creator later to restore and balance again a Kosmos. Mankind was designed to be inoculated with a good dose of Evil to be immunized against evil on the second butterfly stage. It was planned that after the cocoon stage mankind will live in a restored Kosmos but must pass the test just like Adam and Eve body original was illuminated with light. But Sin turned off the light thus became mortal. Everybody who likes to live in God’s house accepting his rules must know what Good and Evil is to prevent another rebellion like Satan mutiny messed up a peaceful angel community. No repeat of that disaster will be allowed now immunized against Evil to live “forever”.

The Kelvin cold edge-South Pole of a flat earth was never investigated with hi-tech long-range airplanes. Why was it never attempted to bridge the ice South Pole? Why do I not find a single actual photograph on Google of the South Pole from space like seen on the North magnetic Pole tracked by French scientists measured for 25 years magnetic movements of 40 km/year? Why not compare a change on a South Pole map? A flat earth theory makes sense when authentic pictures do not exist or dating an exploration with the name of the scientists like it was done on the North Pole? The UN flag showing a South Pole would indicate that Satan still wants to rule heaven and earth perhaps now described in a donut planet?

Light and Shadows Prove the Flat Earth Part 1+2

The Bible stated that an advanced space technology on the End-time will again be repeated like the previous Atlantis civilization which was totally destroyed by an asteroid in 2288 BC, when some angels crossed over to cohabit with mankind. Revelation reveals (Rev. 9) that angelic demons again will be coming from the other side. But now all Evil is terminated and Satan put in prison awaiting execution. Still wondering of the possibility could the underworld be on earth perhaps the other South-pole sides linked to another Satan shake up war?

We live now in the Apocalypse Chet-Age when Evil became absolute, concentrated in lies to be political correct. The proof of a corrupted society is daily seen on TV as an example, like degraded Volkswagen executives all lied on a pollution test. They could have used Hydrogen still denying free energy available for 100 years invented by Hoffman, a German scientist too, splitting water. God gave this civi­lization now grown to a huge world population an abundant green non-polluting infinite energy source totally free of charge. How big is the ocean with the right salt concentration (4%) to make the reaction perfect. Being absolute evil will end in God’s Wrath.

It gets better using Gravity another free energy source converted to free electricity invented by Nicola Tesla. Why have millions of people worldwide been killed over dirty Oil wars, which poisoned the earth environment collapsing into extinction of all Life forms? (Pearl #233)

However an atheistic world-system will experience the greatest Delusion when the oldest liar Satan appears for a short time on earth (Chet-Age) again prophesied in the Bible. The benefits of science caused our population greatly to expand but also are cursed denying the creator and once more become totally Evil incurring His Wrath. Pay attention in this video some Christian scientists arguing for truth but is clever manipulated and shanghaied by Satan’s religion converted flagrantly into a Grand Lie. The Bible prophesied that our mind is the last frontier to be conquered with a supreme delusion. Notice recently Pope Francis proclaimed he is the vicar (-anti-) Christ and visited America aimed to morph a political Islam Satan religion of Death with Western Christianized culture to establish world peace. But will end in gigantic conflict. When prophesied Truth is perverted into lies have consequences read my next Pearl #267. It will end next year in a major housecleaning of God’s Wrath prophesied 70x On That Day - Babushka egg #11.

Flat Earth | 21 Questions (July 16, 2016)

Don't Believe in the Flat Earth Theory?

There are many more observations overlays in the Bible and looking at the MEM-Ausdehnung (Gen. 1:2) linked to Babushka Eggs linked to an asteroid perhaps Ida-Dactyl, Pearl #261 will cause again an earth axis wobble but now in the direction of rotation of the day time cycles. The climate again will revert to be tropical like in Noah’s days thus will open up agriculture in Alaska and Siberia again producing adequate food grown in original soil. It will greatly benefit an expanding world population during God’s Kingdom on earth never experienced by mankind governed by a divine Administration.

The next sign in the sky will see a gigantic spaceship described in Rev. 21:9 like a golden City as the creator ELOHIM will travel around in style like an Air Force One. It was previously known as the Star of Bethlehem. I am sure has other visiting possibilities check (Ezekiel 1:4) for a quick taxi between galaxies in an expanding Kosmos.

Once God’s Plan for Mankind has been finalized all loyal angels and redeemed resurrected mortals will leave the place where EVIL ruled with Satan drenched in blood and sufferings to restart everyone who passed the test in a New-heaven and New-earth promised by Yeshua makes now more sense. Keep watching ending in Seven Thunders in Rev. 10 now decoded for a World Order to perish.

After Winter Solstice 2015 + 1.8 yrs. = 11 April 2017.

The paradox of a flat earth – global ball hypothesis is still suppressed in global universities and not discussed in Christian Prophecy Summits. Why not test out a “Third theory “option combining true biblical teaching described in Babushka egg Flat Earth Assumption in Science and Religion Pearl #266 (revised 8-28-16)

But if we investigate science with the Torah-Bible should first test the Spirit delineating Truth versa Deception. To establish Truth needs five witnesses in any global Court of Law. Thus if we teach new concepts linked to the Bible needs five Judgment witnesses to expose counterfeit Truth:

1) Ask your favored theologian or Christian church pastor do you use an IRS tax statute rule IRC Sect. 501(C) (3)? If the answer is YES, thus is a FAKE Christian. You cannot serve two masters.

2) Ask if the Apocalypse is SEVEN years? If YES, thus is an ignorant FAKE Christian not educated in science? Clocks in Heaven are different as on earth. Ask which calendar they used for their Bible Prophecy as science mixed five (5) calendars - Julius, Gregorian, Hebrew, Chinese, Aztec linked to many ancient bronze-gold clocks could they foresee the date of God’s Wrath?

3) Do you truly believe in a church dogma as advertised in the yellow telephone page of 500 Christian church-denominations claiming a special teaching of the Bible? If the Answer is yes, thus is a comatose FAKE Christians does not delineate original truth taught by Yeshua and the Apostles?

4) 4) Do you believe that Christians are raptured? If yes, this is a misled, FAKE Christian like Noah’s relatives: please notice, all perished ignoring God’s warnings. The Creator ELOHIM said to Adam and Eve, “Everyone who sins will die,” which is a Kosmos law. Why do theologians misconstrue the Bible and make God a liar by teaching some will not die, thus become a new species one notch higher to supersede the White Throne Judgment above Yeshua-Jesus who died?

5) Do you agree (No one knows the Time)? If yes, this is a badly informed, FAKE Christia,n consequently called Yeshua-Jesus a liar? Or tell me, “How were you appointed by the King of kings?” If Yeshua did not tell you his arrival, surely he is pointing out that you do not belong to the Saints. Quoting Scripture like Satan will not reveal truth.


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