Forbidden Divine Paradox #18 -


Apocalypse 2008-2015 - Typhoon Black Hole


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Most theologians are quick to judge when the Apocalypse is dated will select a Bible verse out of context that a prophet was stoned when his prophecy did not happen. (Luke 13:34) Usually pastors are not educated in science, thus they have limited understanding made worse by denominationally suppressed truth. Over the cross of Jesus was a wooden plate in three languages indicating who crucified the author of our Life and all life on earth (Pearlette #16). Thus, every religion on earth is destined to perish and that includes you, if you call yourself a Christian. You may not be the bride of Jesus defined in the 10 virgins story. The Gospels described many more concepts, and we are told watch events to better identify the signs with science.

The first Law of the Kosmos stated that every mortal that sins must die! But God’s Plan for Mankind was continually amended by various covenants for an expanding population. Throughout history the Bible was taught from a faulty perspective in most churches, thus creating denominational dogmas invented by Satan to distort Truth. Satan sold the same story to Islam that eternal Life is received by intense religious exertion to replace Grace, which can “earn” heaven. Both religions murdered and antagonized their neighbors for thousands of years violating the Ten Commandments. If you are offended as a Christian, please compare if we adhere to the 2nd Commandment from Jesus’ mouth (Matt. 22:39) and 4th (Exodus 20:8) embedded in stone. Perhaps your church ignored it and teaches how to become a disciple of Jesus’ right hand side or left hand? To prove my assertion, please check if your pastor has sent a shipping container overseas to collect food and clothing for the starving Christians refugee Middle East camps mentioned in Matt. 25:37. Read the whole chapter.  Like an echo, you will be separately raptured in verse 46, which I am sure, is not preached in church. Why is the Apocalypse silenced in church? You should watch free YouTube videos confirming Yeshua’s revelation with the tools of science. 

The Creator ELOHIM is not silent but watching his creation. Thus, he appointed a Jonah-II to warn the New World Order civilization about the coming of God’s Wrath. The warning again came with a big FISH to impress the governing elite to control a global atheistic society that God means business and will not allow His earth to be destroyed when mankind becomes absolutely Evil again. Theologians believing dogma lies pervert God’s Word rather than using it to warn mankind on the way to totally destroying this planet. Therefore a German scientist-inventor was drafted to date the events prophesied in the Torah-Bible and used true science methods so that even children can understand God’s Judgment.  The Bible recorded many historic examples when mankind became absolutely evil were first warned and removed on a certain historic date from this planet.

To explain the apocalypse to my grandkids, I illustrated it like an international train in Europe going through several countries. On every seat you will find a printed schedule and dated in different time zones interconnecting cities. But the train is operated by an engineer, who is like a pilot, the only one who can change the travel schedule like when crossing bridges over the Rhine River slows down, then goes faster, but it will arrive at the end-station exactly on schedule. Most apocalypse schedule events will not be shown on local TV owned by the psychopath NYC illuminati bankers not to disturb worldwide a comatose public ignoring what Jesus said. 

A Babushka egg schedule is like a black hole of a typhoon calculated from historic events from a science resembling when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. That history is similar to Yeshua-Jesus projections in the Gospels. Investigating prophecy revealed by a science Angel (Rev. 10) linked to the 7 Thunders when a scroll sweet turned to sour matching food around the world will collapse on the next station. An unforgiving nature following Kosmos Laws will terminate each GMO patent seed number as missing reproduction intelligence genes disappear. Newton’s law is now verified when Seeds no longer germinate, thus mankind will starve to Death - 2 billions are prophesied by the First Horse-rider in Revelation.

The Bible in Rev. 9 linked the Second Woe that Hell is emptied with a key, as 200 million Satan demon angels will arrive on earth. They will possess those who have the mark of Beast on their hand and forehead belonging to the privileged class will become criminal deadly terrorists in their neighborhood causing the collapse Western Civilization. It will end with (4) Four Death Angels to kill a third of the population paranormal possessed, demon crazy people linked to the Heh-dimension. Thus, the entire Kosmos Heh and Daleth dimensions will then be purged from all EVIL with the Third Woe. Again, an asteroid is appointed to repeat the judgment event that terminated the Atlantis Civilization. But this time more will survive because the Creator Yeshua is coming back to start his Kingdom and select some of mankind.  On his left hand, he will reject the Satan goats, but the sheep on his right hand are destined for a New Divine World Order scheduled after 1 Tishri 5777 (October 2016).