Forbidden Divine Paradox #8 -


Another Forbidden Divine Paradox - A Veil Partitioned


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Mushroom cloud Our modern oriented computer technology is racing at 300 times faster than light speed, as measured recently in Princeton laboratories, but it is limited to watching an atomic explosion fuelled by an invisible ∞ energy source still veiled and not recognized by the establishment. The reason many scientists are baffled when seeing a bigger energy exchange fuelling billions of galaxies with the lights “ON”, is the much greater Kosmos energy exchange photographed in 700,000 pictures by NASA.

Why is it still forbidden in global universities blinded to physics in a paradox, not understanding the Time Dimension recorded in Genesis 1:1, the first page of the creation report of the Torah? Understanding that dimension could date the death of the 21st Century Civilization matching Torah-Bible prophecy. Why is God’s Wrath ignored by NASA astrophysicists and even by perplexed, comatose theologians not educated in science? 

The answer could be a global problem as recent TV polls postulate that the attention span of this generation is eight (8) seconds, which is the speed of neurons in your brain controlling intelligence of your and my MIND. 

Thus, why not take a little more time to widen knowledge horizons and listen to an old retired inventor and scientist who was sent by ELOHIM to function as a second Jonah-II by writing Babushka eggs to collect revealed knowledge concepts in a small bites easier to understand. Newly discovered hi-tech facts expand to fit the next egg, and if linked to the Torah–Bible, the one notch bigger egg of Bible prophecy still veiled to theologians and atheistic universities worldwide because they censored Truth, exchanged for lies and deception.

All are influenced by evolution cult religions that will short circuit a Mind to believe in fairy tales and ignore history lessons purposefully not learned, just to avoid truth. Eventually they become brain dead, the condition wanted by psychopath NYC bankers paying huge grants into universities’ and politicians’ offshore bank accounts.

The Jerusalem Temple curtain/veil was split historically and thus will be repeated. So widen your knowledge horizons if you have the capability of reading just few verses in 2 Cor. 3:12-18 to open the veil of God’s Wrath, the biggest energy exchange.

Babushka DollsPerhaps you can become a billionaire in the meantime, as Theories of Free Energy for Dummies was invented 100 years ago. A prolific inventor being oriented toward the metaphysics is pointing to many science facts collected in Babushka eggs, thus watch the greatest released energy from a coming asteroid Dactyl, still veiled for the public. But hurry, soon the web will disappear. Jonah-II sent a warning to 100 international Embassies you can read about it in Pearl #270 ,and appetizer Pearls  #235 and #165.