Pearl #235 -

Sodom and Gomorrah Exposed


God’s Wrath prophesied on this website was projected from a science perspective overlaid with the ancient Torah-Bible. I often wondered why were 14 Christian books rejected by the American Church and every Christian book store would not touch the first two Babushka egg concept books translated in German, Spanish and Arabic and not allowed to be placed in their store. Worse, I paid a Christian book publisher $45,000 to print 10,000 books of the English version being shelved in a warehouse to disappear.

Not skilled but I kept writing being an inventor who had learned many science disciplines through the backdoor reading of many technological magazines sent to me as president of a high-tech company I founded, so I became absorbed in new discoveries made in science not taught in universities. Everything I read and studied was the first wave of new technology discoveries that started the phenomena of Silicon Valley.

I was constantly evaluating how to expand my own company with another invention while giving away many product ideas that made billionaires right and left being too busy figuring out another idea. But not being educated in business, I had to learn the hard way about how venture capital is dispensed. That lesson was linked to fighting grand theft of my inventions used to start another company in competition with me. So I had to learn to deal with lawyers and found out that judges could be paid off, another unknown territory where justice and business deals seemed to be perverted in the race to make money.  

Eventually I retired and planted a vineyard in the boonies, developing it to live my dream. Many accordion concerts and parties happened in an old barn with new wine barrels on the walls. It had been used previously for lambing 1000 sheep, but I cleaned it up and converted it into my residence. I got busy planting the surrounding 80 acres to a wine-tasting establishment and built a pond. I imported a transplanted orchard of mature olive trees from 800 miles away to make it pretty. I worked full time as a rancher and learned about the latest rootstock cloning, a new agriculture technology developed at University of California, Davis and reflected in Babushka book #4 - GMO Exposed.

While taking trips around the world, I did not quite realize at that time that God appointed me to be a second Jonah to give a warning not only to the Christian church in America but to this 21st Century Civilization, which developed fast into a mirror image described in the Bible.

Being scientifically inclined, I saw historic parallel between the present and what was done in ancient times to be duplicated again. It is well documented in the Bible. We now qualify again for God’s Wrath because mankind has become absolute in rebellion, conflicting with ELOHIM and messing up his Plan for Mankind.

When the laws of nature are violated in a big way to cause massive extinction, we should check God’s response in the Word about what happened with the Atlantis generation (2288 BC) recorded by Noah, the only survivor of that civilization. Another example found Abraham bargaining with God to find the threshold of God’s tolerance to deal with absolute Evil in Sodom and Gomorrah. To have an ancient document preserved for thousands of years is by itself the greatest miracle pointing to a divine oversight, if you are educated in science.

The American Christians became corrupted by hundreds of denominational dogmas with pastors being jealous fighting each other for supremacy as money and prestige became a priority. Being a young Christian in the 1970s, I became involved in new start-up churches, as many denominations no longer preached the Gospel. Eventually I started my own Bible church with three families now with a million dollar budget, while financial supporting many missionaries growing to big enterprises.

God blessed my own business full circle. When you give, God will multiply and add to your faith to grow more solid perhaps to sainthood. That is not explained in church, which corrupted the mystery the Apostle Paul described in the first century and never really understood by anyone not found in any printed books. No wonder that prophecy theologians are not interested in Babushka concept eggs linked to hi-tech to reveal a thousand year old grand LIE causing denomination. Understanding Newton’s law explained in physics opened the door why our world society is ending check my last Pearls #254, #256 & #270 Why, How and When is the End of the 21st Century Civilization?   

My journey as an emigrant from Germany surviving the Hitler-Stalin area experience much discrimination and setbacks. Making and losing millions, wrecked a marriage, too. All along I was being groomed for my last job in retirement. Ending my ability to work, I disposed what I had accumulated to get ready for my last journey to be resurrected either earlier or later, depending what my King has decided.

He appointed a Jonah-II well qualified being taught as a child the Torah-Bible linked to newly discovered science to expose a Grand Deception worldwide brainwashed a upcoming generation to become totally atheistic to evolve into a global system of absolute EVIL. It took 14 Babushka concept Eggs and 170 side pearls to explain it, which was never preached in any church or permitted in the halls or higher education, even suppressed by most Christians mostly educated in an evolution religion. The consequence Newton taught in science was ignored now confused most Christians not understanding what has been profiled in the Genesis creation report, not caring being financial well-to-do.

Why bother? My previous church has a swimming pool and tennis courts avoiding controversies, usually heard I have a mortgage to pay… and many more excuses before the sermon.

But look around a poisoned environment collapsing millions fish-cattle-chicken-turkey-wildlife demonstrated globally on NEWS being “dead” with nature running toward extinction and nations in conflict destroying each other. It needed someone from the science department to point out this insanity and document the many Lies and Deception taught worldwide in every school why an evil Satan religion has flourished to absolute Evil corrupting the 21st Century Civilization of the last century to incur God’s Wrath assured once more.

Theologians are not educated in science and quarrel among themselves mostly interested to make more money, which corrupted our historically Christian culture, spread hate between churches. Not seeking truth, they hold on to fabled dogmas since the Middle Ages that got perverted by fiat money printed by a cartel of NYC bankers. But God always appointed someone to be an exception, as documented in times past, to point out the consequences to the next generation, as history repeats due to not having learned the lessons well documented in the Bible.

One way another God’s Wrath will repeat what happen to Sodom and Gomorrah and the Atlantis Civilization. We do the same Evil with Satan appointed as our leader to prevent God’s Kingdom on the front door.

We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have an agreement… for we have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood we have taken shelter; therefore thus says the Lord YHVH. (Isaiah 28:15)

Check the science trail. In thousand years the population curve shown in Pearl #126 has suddenly reversed direction and turned straight up increasing to 7 billion people in just hundred years. Just compare how mankind developed since Babel when the descendants from Noah spread out 4300 years ago.

Only in the last 100-year time sliver has knowledge rapidly expanded again, which must have a cause according to Newton’s laws. It can only be visualized from the metaphysical perspective, not allowed in universities, but can be seen in Hebrew Bible history the oldest reported manuscripts produced by 40 scribes.

The covenant given to Israel shows what God will do - either blessing or a curse to teach lessons when a civilization makes a covenant with Satan, who always intended to kill all of mankind as witnessed in ancient stories all the way to Adam. Satan’s ambition is to prove that he is co-equal to the divine being, though cast out from the Kosmos and now roaming the earth bent to sabotage and spoil God’s creation.

World politics aim to control all of mankind in a ONE WORLD ORDER with absolute power over every nation to control the global economy with fiat printed money enforced by totally evil sociopath NYC Illuminati Bankers. The founders of the US Constitution many times warned repeatedly to watch bankers aiming to control every nation.

It was achieved by an Act of Congress in 1913 to give the printing press of a world currency to NYC bankers. That started with World Wars uncountable killing millions financing both sides to destroy an existing culture resisting total slavery to rule absolute. They selected many hardened criminals and put them in power like Germany-Hitler, Russia-Stalin, Mainland China-Mao Zedong, Cambodia-Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot, North Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh, North Korea father and son-Kim Jong-un, then you can go down the unending list of US presidents, Bush dynasties to Obama from a foreign born Islam State.

They all have in common being put in office and financed by the same NYC world currency printed from thin air. A consortium of criminals aimed to control every surrounding nation made dependent on a single energy source excluding others managed and financed by huge cartels.

Notice first coal was king in WWI, and now OIL - WWII. The nuclear Age prolific accelerating planned shortly WWIII the last projected round. The aims of the NYC bankers want to rule absolute the world starting to destroy the family tradition embedded in hundred-year-old cultures. Stalin demonstrated forcefully mixed hundreds of different culture divided the population and murdered millions in slave gulags especially Christian and Jews on the top of the list that will only follow ELOHIM and his laws in conflict with Satan. Pearl #244

Check every country all has in common an extremely ultra rich elite to widened the gap to absolute poverty disowning systematically redistributing accumulated wealth to enslave everybody. To accomplish their goal created war and horrible slaughtering scaring people in massive refugee waves upsetting an entrenched culture destroyed in the process. That is repeated around the world many times and sees the effect just watching Europe again now totally will be amalgamated to one gigantic slave camp.

The US Security Agency has recently bought 20,000 guillotines and 100,000 plastic containers to store 50 bodies to burry millions either way when an atom bomb exploded to clean up or follow what the French did but now automated with robots killing efficiently like a Ford assembly line. It made America infamous exploiting labor to create an elite favored by NYC FED bankers repeated in thousand global corporations to control nations.

The last days of the Petro Dollar


A Monstrous IMF Secret Is Going Viral

You must read prophecy linked to science to better understand why the ELOHIM once more will remove evil, now became absolute to totally destroy the earth. God’s Wrath has always been with fire in the sky like asteroids or other phenomena, if you are educated in science.

The first Jonah was sent to Nineveh to warn the King of an impending disaster caused by Elohim because their behavior reached the limit God set for every nation. The story tells of a detour as he was not willing going to the enemy of Israel and knew that God also dispensed Mercy if repented. But Sodom and Gomorrah had no such luck.

Check out world politics against God’s standard and you decide what the ELOHIM would do investigating history collected in Babushka eggs. Thousands of facts from science and the Bible were line up in parallel now years later proven with many YouTube videos. Pearl  #240

My advice: get your house in order and repent from all what accumulated bathed in evil and asked for forgiveness directly to Yeshua-Jesus, then you will not worry what will happen when Jesus comes back as King of Kings to rule the world next year in righteousness. Watch the date:

1 Tishri 5777 (October 2016)

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