Forbidden Divine Paradox #9 -


What is the “Abomination which makes Desolate”?


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In the Bible-Torah, Daniel and Jesus tell us about a mystery in Daniel 9:27 and Matthew 24:15 not yet defined anywhere on this planet. As a scientist, I look at our universe with different eyes, and if you want to discover the other side, you must pass a bridge. The first page in Genesis reveals and names dimensions (the physics to the metaphysics) divided by water (MEM=40). 

First, we need to decide what is God. Many gods are advertised in religion, and what they all have in common is that their founders are dead. The rest are stupid fairy tales. As a scientist, I can only accept the 6000-year old book reconstructed from two hundred thousand of ancient copies available in a thousand translated languages. For me, “the whole Bible” is the only book I can trust after I investigated it with logic and science reason. It revealed a central person who said he was from the other side and confirmed it in a resurrection foretold in this book. Historically, it is proven by 200 prophetic events of his life recorded by many ancient scribes along with a thousand verified miracles in public. Lastly, all historic, private and public events were originally given to us verbatim, which was only possible if recorded with an unknown mystery method like a tape-recorder? Or tell me who recorded Matthew 4:1? Summed up, all point to one person, the mortal-divine Yeshua-Jesus Christ who wrote this book everybody has heard about worldwide.

The great Kosmos rebellion of Satan (4488 BC) is projected to be concluded on earth after 1 Tishri 5777 when Satan and his demons from the underworld appear on earth to be finally judged. They can only die in the Daleth dimension or live in outer darkness forever now a second option offered. Mankind, too, will be judged to end evil worldwide, repeating God’s Wrath once more to end a corrupt civilization with an asteroid. Check Dactyl. God’s Kingdom on earth was prophesied a thousand years ago and is now at the front door. Revelation-Daniel Time-Times-½Time has been decoded in Babushka Pearl #777 verified on YouTube.

In my opinion, the abomination which makes desolate is located in Jerusalem and linked to a government of 70 Heads of State (Knesset), which is mirror imaged in Ezekiel 4, worshiping lies and deception. Israel is in rebellion, not obeying the covenant of ELOHIM. Israel has over 300 Nobel Prize Laureates biased in an atheistic evolution religion that is destroying genetically worldwide the food chain with GMO and Trans-human genes corrupting the Human genomes crossly violating the ELOHIM Law.

The present Israeli government rejected the Torah, and thus is controlled by psychopath NYC illuminati bankers ultimately linked to Satan, who will reappear to seat himself on the ELOHIM footstool, a contested real estate in Jerusalem. Islam stole this property purchased 3000 years ago by King David for 50 silver coins. Watch the final outcome when the Pope will unite three major religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Dressed with a fish-crown (repeating Ezekiel chapter 4), he will enter the golden Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa-Mosque with rituals, performing a Eucharist and holding high up a (6) inch round disk representing the ancient Sun worship linked to a new world currency changing world politics.

Ezekiel had to sleep 390 days on one side, plus 40 days on the other side, and was ordered to eat human dung. He protested, so it was changed to cow dung. That is mirror imaged to our time by demonstrating food mixed with GMO’s. He was appointed to be sign for Israel.

Prophecies are mirror imaged to our time if applied 430 days sleeping on one side using Hebrew Alphabet Number System multiplied by (7) seven (430x7 [ratio one day=one year]) = 3010 years measured from the First Temple (1000 BC - JC calendar) will get us to Year 2009 (JC) add (7) seven Shemitah years and 120th Jubilee align with 1 Tishri 5777, repeating prophecy. Jerusalem will be totally destroyed tectonically in Jacob’s Trouble and four million Jews butchered. Thus, Israel will finally be purged to become greatly favored by ELOHIM to be appointed the leader of the United Nations in God’s Kingdom on Earth, which will implement a totally different economic system as knowledge has grown bigger, and as postulated for ten years by Jonah-II in Babushka science concept eggs and recommending Pearls #269 & #270.