Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries:
The Third Babushka Book – When?


Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries presents a scientific perspective as a witness for my first two books. It verifies a corrected Gregorian time dimension between the Heh dimension [the other side], which is our spiritual essence and potential, and to Daleth [in this world and this time] or material dimension.

Since we have so many different calendars in the world, theologians and historians usually misapply them, which makes it impossible to perceive the cycles of history and prophecy because they are not aware that time was measured differently in antiquity. Before 518 BC, the earth had a wobble that inspired the development of many different complex clocks, observatories and calendar systems. Guided by biblical revelation, I was able to decipher a number of bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums around the world. Most of them have never been fully understood by scientists; however, now for the first time their importance is revealed along with their secrets.

These discoveries came together in my third, nesting doll-egg, Babushka book. For the first time, Bible Prophecy dating is confirmed accurately by these extra-biblical sources found in ancient societies vastly different from each other being separated by huge distances and hundreds of years in time. Asteroid Answers provides support for the “when” dates of the Apocalypse’s major events as presented in the first two books. Thus, these three Babushka books function like corroborating witnesses of the 7,000-year and 7-year Hebrew cycles even as the historical Noah’s Flood serves as the foretaste of the future Apocalypse, as referenced by Jesus. These ancient calendars contribute confidence to my calibration of biblical events to the modern calendar we use today.

What first puzzled me was how the identical solstice dates of 21 December 2288 BC for the Flood, or First Apocalypse, was connected by precise Hebrew gear cycles to end with the future Apocalypse on 21 December 2008-2012-2015, as measured in Gregorian years. It is like a hammock supported by two nails because solstice calendar dates connect across calendar systems and cannot be manipulated by biased opinion.

With the discoveries described in Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, we can understand a great deal more about the pre-Flood Atlantis world mentioned in Genesis. Much information lies imbedded in the analysis of the ancient Mayan-Aztec calendar with the one we use today. Further insights come from the traditional Chinese zodiac calendar and early religion as well as other ancient clocks from Persia, India and ancient Greece, like the bronze Antikythera 32-gear mechanism-clock resting in an Athens museum. This ancient clock has been a scientific mystery for over a hundred years!

Confirming a Bible calendar found in Genesis, these non-biblical witnesses from the past confirm my proposed calibration of both history and prophecy to the modern and adjusted Gregorian calendar. My systematic methods make it possible to forecast future time cycles. This works similar to how scientists predicted the existence of new elements from spectral analysis that were later confirmed by discovery in the earth’s crust.

I am not a prophet. I use biblical gear cycles in the same way that clock gears drive the passage of time into the future until the little cuckoo bird calls out the hour or half hour. Announcing projected future dates based on systems analysis does not make anyone a prophet! Economists do the same thing by studying past business cycles that seem to repeat, which provides a tool for economic forecasting future stock market behavior or other economic trends. Nobody ever accused them of being false prophets – even when they are wrong!

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