Forbidden Divine Paradox #15 -


A Flat-Earth versa Globe-Earth a Worldview Paradox
Why not propose a marriage?


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Most people will defend a viewpoint if discussion is allowed, but opinions need five (5) witnesses if you want to win an argument in a court of law. YouTube videos have now revealed that governments control an international atheistic education system mostly based on lies and deception that pervert true science, no longer taught for a hundred years.

A New World Order governs us across the globe. Set up by psychopath NYC Illuminati Bankers, they have printed bogus money since 1913 to regulate every world currency. They decided to destroy this planet and show the middle finger to the Creator ELOHIM who gave them Life and a Mind, thus grossly misusing a free gift of an unforgiving nature guaranteeing season to grow food for seven billion people. It will end like Mephisto in Goethe’s Faust, as Satan will claim his most valued prize the NYC bankers, who were manipulated to prevent a divine plan initiated 6000 years ago by ELOHIM the Creator in the Garden of Eden to restore the Kosmos by introducing Good and Evil.

These two conflicting worldviews are in opposition of the invisible metaphysical reality standing in front of a mirror to the physical reality. The mirror reflected reality revealed a metaphysical-angel dimension linked to the story of mankind when Adam used his higher intelligence investigating physics categorizing genes. Because he did not trust the Creator, humanity has been subjected to lies and deception. Truth is still suppressed in global universities as the grand fraud will mirror reflect an enforced evolution religion, if aligned to physics not possible to agree with the laws of nature Newton defined.

Thus, both viewpoints should be compared to information available from outside the universe, or listen to a witness - Yeshua - from the other, metaphysical side to have a case in court with merit. But there is room for a Third World View presented with hundreds of witnesses collected by a German scientist-inventor during 10 years of retirement. It is written in free Babushka egg concept books to unleash worldwide forbidden knowledge still suppressed. Perhaps it could end a controversy and marry physics with the Torah-Bible to be the referee for opposing worldviews, as some quote Scripture out of context. It is like observing a straight railroad when looking ahead to see it merge to one point on the horizon, prevented by the time dimension. Like parallel rails mortality-eternal life will unite the two rails together on the horizon to one worldview – point, still a paradox.

  1. Each separate worldview has merit, if we do not throw out the baby with the water. Just find five witnesses to elevate an opinion to prove the many lies biased on deliberate deception, which will cause the prophesied God’s Wrath similar to Sodom Gomorrah, Noah’s flood or the city of Pompey. Why was Nineveh lucky?  
  2. Babushka Egg #9 Free Energy is not allowed. Why did they suppress Nicola Tesla and August Wilhelm von Hofmann, who could solve the energy problem of 7 billion people?
  3. BB #7: Two competing worldviews are in conflict if mortal. Check, What is the Time Dimension?
  4. BB #6: A Kosmos universe can only be understood by a New Atom Theory to correct fabrication.
  5. BB #5: Global warming lies ignore an unforgiving nature now collapsing the environment.
  6. BB #4: No worldviews can exist without learning why GMO reproduction is collapsing toward food extinction as the Monsanto cartel sold out watch the effect: their seeds no longer germinate!
  7. BB #3: A Third Worldview postulate concepts that our earth is a flat round Berliner Donut with hot red jelly energy on the inside similar to condensed flat galaxy that ended with an axis wobble tilt 23.5° which came to rest 21 December 2012 now turning 24 hrs./day. Check, “What happened at CERN” (Pearlette #7, & read Pearl #271 “Flat Earth paradox.”
  8. Conclusion! Watch ELOHIM will use again an asteroid Dactyl after 1 Tishri 577 (3 October 2016). You and I will perish. Again an evil society is judged for destroying this planet, misusing hi-technology, killing massive people and millions unborn children, while mixing human genes with animal genes and perverting most vegetables with GMO. They manipulate the climate with floating HAARP summed up causing massive extinction of Life on the only place found in the universe. The ELOHIM will save some to continue mankind, but this time the survivors will love their neighbor and nature, no longer ignoring the Torah-Bible. Check Babushka eggs where many forbidden concepts were collected by a scientist not trusting theologians.