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The Flat Earth Paradox

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Many YouTube videos have gone ballistic with all kinds of wild ideas postulated, which indicate that some renegades dared to think outside the box of what is worldwide allowed. They are not conforming to what most universities imposed for public consumption and basically rebelled against the illuminati NYC banker cartel controlling the education of many cultures. The lure of free lucrative grants, unparalleled wealth, prestige and political power in this life is a strong attraction.

German author Wolfgang von Goethe wrote a drama in 1604 titled The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus.

Faust becomes a dissatisfied intellectual who yearns for "more than earthly meat and drink" in his life. Faust is bored and depressed with his life as a scholar. After an attempt to take his own life, he calls on the Devil for further knowledge and magic powers with which to indulge all the pleasure and knowledge of the world. In response, the Devil's representative, Mephistopheles, appears. He makes a bargain with Faust: Mephistopheles will serve Faust with his magic powers for a set number of years, but at the end of the term, the Devil will claim Faust's soul, and Faust will be eternally damned. The term usually stipulated in the early tales is 24 years, one year for each of the hours in a day.

During the term of the bargain, Faust makes use of Mephistopheles in various ways. In many versions of the story, particularly Goethe's drama, Mephistopheles helps Faust seduce a beautiful and innocent girl, usually named Gretchen, whose life is ultimately destroyed. However, Gretchen's innocence saves her in the end, and she enters Heaven. In Goethe's rendition, Faust is saved by God's grace via his constant striving—in combination with Gretchen's pleadings with God in the form of the Eternal Feminine. However, in the early tales, Faust is irrevocably corrupted and believes his sins cannot be forgiven; when the term ends, the Devil carries him off to Hell. (Wikipedia)

Every person has an inbuilt Mind linked to the metaphysical reality that we call consciousness, or Gewissen, which will wrestle with good and evil all one’s life. Some got the opportunity to encounter the source of their existence found in the Bible, but many will have missed the chance to find the reality of existence not seen reflected in the physical science mirror.    

Thus, countless opinions will be postulated in the search for answers examining paradox of immortality, or in true science to find reality that makes sense. I discovered that the Bible has all the answers ever raised by mankind and even deals with many updated hi-tech science topics, but you must put some effort in to find it. I compare it with the ocean: sometimes we have to dive deep to find a treasure.

For example, when diving equipment improved to go deeper, they found the 2400-year old Antikythera bronze clock in the Aegean Sea. Now scientists ponder on what a 32-gear mechanism from ancient times measured. It is not yet deciphered. Many black dressed Penguin birds with PhD degrees tried to decode that clock for, but when atheistic scholars are biased in evolution religion fairy tales, they will never discover its mystery as described in Babushka book #3.

Relating ancient artifacts to a flat earth paradox could decide who is right in postulating a good sounding theory with passion. Like Solomon had to decide who the mother was with two women claiming a baby. Thus motivation could be a clue to find truth. Now Goethe’s Faust story makes sense. Only a few will be encouraged to read the Bible for truth, as Satan will always be around to present a shortcut and offer money and prestige, sold as a superior choice over God’s revelation, judging by the mass deception and lies taught in every school.

The flat earth theory has a lot of facts presented but still misses the boat not understanding the Bible. As a scientist-inventor, I usually first check the ancient Bible records and compare it with advanced hi-tech, which was my passion in life. To explain divine Revelation down to a level for my grandkid interested in nature, I needed to compare science facts with many simple analogies. I used the illustration of Russian toy Babushka eggs, where one concept fits inside a bigger concept egg, and so on until one could explain the universe, the biggest egg. I could do that with the Bible linked together to widen knowledge horizons, but I needed to dive into the Bible Ocean to find pearls like science assumptions. (Pearl #266).

Investigating a paradox from a 360° knowledge horizon perspective, we usually get detoured when the Bible is translated in modern versions. Contemporary translations will often screw up the originally embedded language, which circumvents the higher meaning of the metaphysics not taught in seminaries. Language is not static but changes over time; however, checking out Hebrew alphabet symbols could be helpful in taking a modern text and technically take a Bible story you a higher level. That specialty requires some study and needs the light “ON” in our mind. Many are searching to find the purpose of existence.  

God looks on the inside and will notice our desire and from there he will become a teacher to reveal more. Then we can see his grand plan for mankind from a metaphysical perception based on an everlasting domain. I call it a “dimension”. For example, my grandkid knows there are good and bad angels that live in heaven, not on earth. Ask any kid what heaven is and watch to have some fun. They will tell an interesting concept strait from the mouth of a baby’s mind that will surprise many educated PhDs.

The opinions of flat earth people got stuck in reading Genesis, not understanding the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) explained for the laity in Babushka egg books. The Hebrew Scriptures defined Heaven and Earth, which can only be manifested after the Time DIMENSION separated (morning and evening) and was translated [Ausdehnung]. Think of a rainbow starting from left to right as color shows light frequencies with a time base embedded. Thus, translating water (Gen. 1:6) is not the liquid H2O but MEM = 40, which has a connotation of “Purpose” pictured like a rainbow. Or a different interpretation: water perception will change a flat earth point of view.

Logically, when the Creator introduced his Plan for Mankind, he first revealed the subject or topic. That becomes the headline. Many theologians postulate dim-witted opinions taught in church not knowing that Hebrew is structured one notch higher and on the top has embedded a math number system, which looks like hieroglyphs to most readers. The Hebrew letters have in addition a special meaning thus can be recognized resembling traffic signs. Notice, if you read the Bible and investigate each Hebrew letter, you will discover a base-seven math system, which is built around concepts we should know first. Any text you analyze is like a two-sided coin. One side is based on physics and the other on metaphysics.

We need both sides, or we will postulate a lopsided opinion going round and round endlessly explaining an explanation not making sense. In other words, if you want to explain the earth or universe, you must go outside and watch it from there. Being mortal is not possible, proven by NASA science, which invented a grand deception and fabricated the moon landing. (Check YouTube.)

Questioning this fraud led to a flat earth theory with many videos to explain the paradox. Not understanding divine scripture and being unfamiliar with a Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), they should listen to anyone who came from the outside the universe. There is only one person on earth recorded in history: Yeshua-Jesus who told us where he came from.

No one has gone up to heaven except the one who came down from heaven, the Son of Man who is in heaven. (John 3:13)

His mortal body was a hybrid from the other side, which can only be expressed as a dimension since we have nothing to compare it with. He said he was before Abraham and was the author of the Torah. Of course that will irritate many skeptics looking for proof. Using the tools of logic, I confirmed that he foretold 40% of history in advance. No other book on earth can claim that, as more witnesses showed up investigating the latest artifacts in many museums now collected in Babushka egg book #3 to convince you.

But the oldest book on earth is still the best information source that is authenticated by divine utterances copied by forty ancient scribes. It will be around another thousands years for the benefit of mankind. It gave me the advantage to know the difference of many lies and deception postulated in most atheistic universities suppressing science. Believing in unscientific nonsense theories meant to keep students ignorant only to become victims of sociopath NYC bankers being enslaved under their mind control in conflict with the Creator ELOHIM.

Flat Earth Concept Exposed

What is postulated in many YouTube videos has many ramifications and should be explained from a two-sided coin perspective. Nature is divided in a three dimensional metaphysical domain, which is like a mirror reflected in a two dimensional physics.  Examining heaven to get an earth perspective, the Bible tells a lot of zodiac information, meaning the Path of Life. Check the many Bible verses like Ps. 147:4 or Job 38:32, but be warned - read Deut. 4:19. With the mirror viewed physics collected in Babushka eggs, you can recognize why our 21st Century Civilization has advanced and developed to the level of absolute evil ignoring the many lesson recorded from other civilization and antique nation no longer around that perished.

Occasionally, people become totally corrupt to the core, not following God’s Kosmos Laws. We do the same evils and think we are exempt from the consequences of the unforgiving law of nature. Read the last sentence of Goethe’s Faust story to learn who wins.

Full circle again, we should trust what is revealed in the Bible from a higher metaphysical perspective. If guided with the lights ON in our Mind, we can figure out the paradoxes that can never be explained in a reflected, two-sided mirror physics because nature is bound to both, being fueled with infinite energy to exist in the Time dimension. That is not entertained in most churches and forbidden worldwide in atheistic universities teaching unscientific deceptions.

Comparing various flat earth theories, the Bible is very clear proclaiming that the earth is mirror imaged at the center of the universe. It resembles a sphere like a Berliner donut: the inside red jelly is like hot energy surrounded by a panoramic circle [Ausdehnung] outwardly expanding linked to time, like a stone thrown into a pond creating waves. My new atom model theory is identical; read Babushka egg #6.

Living on a ranch with a pond, my visiting grandkids always had some fun looking for stones to throw, which is useful to teach Bible-science not taught in Sunday school. That pond fun can illustrate Newton’s law to reflect Bible history that shows the Kosmos cause directed by an intelligent Creator Mind. It can be related to a stone thrown from heaven in a “metaphysical pond” where the waves of God’s future Kingdom on earth grow as prophesied in Dan. 2:34.

Using a physics mirror, Galileo got into trouble with the establishment trying to show that the Sun is the center of a better religion (science was not yet invented) and should be worshiped as proven and demonstrated by the telescope invention. It confirmed the globally believed Babylon sun worship meant to improve Christian Catholic religion.

We still do the same 400 years later celebrating honoring a Sun-day and use hi-tech tools to prove that the Bible cannot be trusted, as we still postulate that the earth circles around the sun like a carousel. But adding a chain to your seat now can feel gravity, thus it suggests a different universe model linked to looking through a bigger space telescope to gain a better understanding of whether the earth flat is or a globe. Are they both good theories?

Earth's motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought

No wonder the establishment got upset! It conflicted with the Bible creation report, which got worse. After 400 years many deny entropy laws in physics rewriting history. Modern technology got really screwed by the evolution religion that fantasizes how nature evolved in a totally upside down fairy ­tale concept not possible. In matching physics and nature, never mind the metaphysics, the truth was suppressed in every school. But worse is fear and ignorance of the consequence of metaphysical Kosmos laws and not caring about eternal Death, not believing what ancient Truth revealed.

The flat earth concept only fits a circle, but when the first Bible verse said, “evening and morning the first day,” it linked to a clock dial circle. But I mentioned the Antikythera clock earlier that has three dials, accordingly it should expand our vision in metaphysics, physics and the Time dimension, which must be measured by ancient calendars to explain a concept. The light mentioned on the first creation day was mistranslated. It is better expressed by the math symbol ∞ as a prefix to light (∞light), being the invisible energy without frequency or time. It only became visible on a lower frequency spectrum when the Time dimension first crystallized out, appearing as the heaven-earth domain condensing from formless galaxy cloud. Dr. Albert Einstein postulated physics from a visible lower light spectrum, but light coming from galaxies is on a higher electromagnetic frequency, forming matter into hundreds of elements displayed in the light spectrum of scientist Fraunhofer.   

He split the photographed light from denser galaxies by a prism, thus discovered spectral lines, describing every known element stated in the Periodic Table now better explained on Google instant knowledge. But light cascading to lower frequency will never be constant as proven by the NEC Research Institute in Princeton University. It went faster 300 times in this century and changed the Platinum World Standard Kilogram and their six gold sisters, which became heavier than measured 150 years ago. That was confirmed by a third witness decoded in the Antikythera bronze clock exhibited in the Athens Museum. It is the oldest clock, dated 2400 years old. Check Babushka egg  #3 to be better informed.

The first Bible text details not only how creation appeared but why, which is explained a little later. I do the same in any report. First, the headline reveals an outlay with a large frame. Later, focus to fill in the details for a beautiful creation picture, but it must be linked to a metaphysical perspective for a full rounded 360° knowledge vision.

Flat Earth - Simplified, Summarized, and Theorized


Thus, the flat earth theory has some good and bad ideas but misses the point of airplanes flying across from east to west or vice versa. They gain or lose hours experienced as jetlag. My watch proves the matching physics of the not outdated Newton’s Law.

Another observation, any camera sent into space will never return, ever. Understanding magnetic gravity will reveal that the NASA moon travel was a fairy tale made by graphic pictures in a Hollywood studio. Being educated to recognize a fraud, any mass in space and earth is made up by atoms glued together by protons creating magnetism pushing electrons around the nucleus, which in turn is fueled by neutrinos coming from space (heaven and earth).

Modern science still does not know the true nature of the gravity force. Intelligence embedded in atoms is destroyed when “smashed” by stupid machines like SLAG. The scientists postulate tracing something in water vapor guessing what the heck it was. Recently, they obsoleted 32 phantom subatomic fairy tales and destroyed CERN to safeguard a retirement plan for thousands employees. It generated impressive opinions and made money selling millions of books forced on students to enrich universities.

By playing around with magnets one could get a better understanding. You discover that a bigger magnet will always attract a smaller. But investigating the principle of a slingshot David used to kill the giant applied to space will accelerate a smaller body faster like a camera sent to space will be attracted by a nearby greater gravity force, which is then magnetically propelled to the next galaxy. It will never return being attracted by a bigger magnetism as verified by my new atom theory BB Egg #6 and various pearls. This could explain why CERN is no longer around costing billions yearly with fairy tales for fools chained to NYC banker fiat money.

Because entropy laws cannot be reversed, it is not possible to return to earth, thus landing on the moon is a nice fable. It makes good movies and big money for some neuron-dead people. But it is not science the way I understand it. If you differ with me let’s compare how many inventions you invented producing billionaires living in my neighborhood Silicon Valley with your ideas. Let’s have a glass of wine grown in your or my vineyard to have some fun exploring good and true science.

But do not bother me with an atheistic religion stories told to children that a monkey could evolve to be the president of the USA, or allow thermodynamic-entropy laws to reverse direction guiding energy. Perhaps recessive genes could evolve to a lower species like morons grown in university laboratories teaching science. Please check the last lesson – XX in the Energy for Dummies series about a New Energy Element Discovery and have some fun.

To persuade some flat earth candidates that only smaller objects like sputnik satellites could be reality because of Newton’s laws. But the space station is a grand fraud to glorify an atheistic evolution religion. Notice the stratosphere so many miles up in the sky has to be delicately balanced on the edge of the vacuum domain controlled by a gas jet pushing the satellite to circle around the earth. Either is attracted by magnetism-gravity to plunge into the earth, or go the other way lost forever in space like a teeter-totter principle. It needs to be constantly adjusted to gravity forces, which I believe is magnetism acting throughout the universe with no exception. It is the same force sticking atoms together that forms galaxies seen in beautiful NASA pictures made by the Hubble telescope photographed in space, which I think is no fake.    

Thus, mankind was only meant to stay below the stratosphere as the air-gravity-vacuum-Kelvin-light-space-time affected by a cosmic Genesis ∞ force denied in science will never let mor­tals build a Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) to reach beyond heaven, as taught on the metaphysical level that now makes sense. That is not a fairy tale reported in a divine book, still the best seller.

Pick your choice, but consider viewing both sides of the coin. You are preyed upon by the NYC illuminati sociopath bankers controlling every university. Professors are paid off with obscene grants to keep you ignorant and worse, uninformed by the MEDIA outlets they own. Why was real science suppressed for a hundred years, not allowing free green energy extracted from gravity for public consumption, or the ocean water split into hydrogen gas.

Absolute EVIL will poison the environment worldwide with deadly nuclear radiation. That will get the attention of the Creator to destroy all Life forever. It will not matter anymore as the consequences can be proven to my grandkid watching physics. The NYC bankers sitting high on the branch cut off will demonstrate nature’s power, like Humpty Dumpty fell broken into pieces and all the kings’ men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again, confirming Newton’s law to oversee the universe.

True science will prevail in spite of deception and lies to keep the many pedophiles and same sex psycho degenerates working in the FED office printing a world currency. They think that Creator will never notice their violation of his laws of nature, to make all life to become extinct. Check out the prophecies announcing God’s Wrath. Look at the environment collapsing worldwide. If the Elohim does not respond soon, then Satan will gloat and shout, “I won.” He will say, “Hallelujah!” That could prove a paradox, when a created being has more power than the Creator. Sadly, it is echoed by many TV preachers “selling” Christian flavored hallelujah lies.

Jonah-II gave seven years warning, seeing a world system fast sinking like the Titanic. The world ignored the apocalypse birth pangs described in 14 Babushka Eggs, to repent and turn around evil. Thus, experience, perhaps motivated by the Russian-China, will shoot down satellites in a chain reaction collapsing the https://www, which will stop every hi-tech gismo linked to computers. The whole advanced technology will become extinct in one hour prophesied in the Bible to teach a generation that allowed a dozen sociopath elitists to destroy this planet on their watch, not caring to maintain Life for the benefit of all. Entropy laws could explain Global Warming. Think, ever since sputnik provoked nations to start the race into space, we have sent thousands of rockets with bigger payloads to the outer stratosphere edge. It now looks like a garbage dump of disbursed floating junk getting denser.   

Scientists recently confirmed that electromagnetic radiation from the sun has permanently changed the earth’s gravity belt (light-speed & Platinum Kg Standard), which result in a warming affect on the ocean heat sink well known in physics. Every atom is a little magnet, and as mass is added, it becomes a bigger magnet not understood by PhD morons only interested in fiat money bonuses and think they can ignore the Kosmos laws.

They believe in fairy tales that their life could be prolonged to spend what they robbed from a desperate poor world living in filth and starvation in ever growing slums. Unconcerned, they fly their corporate jets and go hunting to kill endangered animals on the list like a famous lion, rhinoceros, elephants, tigers and many more, because being privileged they can pay millions dollars to bureaucrats to satisfy their lust and greed. They think that Mephistopheles is only an outdated stage play from a forgotten history and Satan is a figment of an old-fashioned imagination, denying Bible prophecy.

They will not be exempt from the gigantic environmental collapse. Nature will demonstrate that the “cause” of Newton’s law is not yet obsoleted, nor the Torah-Bible. That ancient book always reported bad and good news. First the bad news. Watch for a coming asteroid to remove the corrupt tenants and save all life on earth, cleaning up the environment.

Watch the sky to see ab­solute EVIL vanish like Sodom and Gomorrah with fire that will end in a bigger disaster than hundred atom bombs, proven from the metaphysical science perspective. Only the asteroid Dactyl can push every deadly nuclear polluting power station under a tectonic plate covered deep with water as the only solution for mankind to live a little longer, prophesied in the Bible. This will raise Jerusalem high, also verified in prophecy.

The good NEWS is that God’s Kingdom will arrive on earth on time as recorded in the Torah-Bible and promised by ELOHIM the Creator. The next generation of kids not soiled by sin are invited to survive. Yeshua-Jesus will arrive in his huge spaceship formerly known as the Star of Bethlehem calculated in my last Pearl bigger than the moon, 3000 miles across going at infinite speed.

God’s grace will give mankind another chance to survive with new generations growing up to be governed by righteousness. Nations will then live side by side in a peace lasting a thousand years until the last time-dimension curtain call ends like Goethe's theater drama. Satan will collect his souls, and God will save the billions who trusted Yeshua- Jesus linked to the divine Revelation.  

That will get us to the Jod-dimension, if you passed the White Throne test. Only those reborn like a butterfly demonstrated in nature become privileged to live forever with a much better body and to have fellowship with our Creator. He will permanently park his spaceship on a new earth to have fellowship with his family and the Saints linked to a Kosmos now redeemed to make logical sense.  Ask Yeshua for a free reservation ticket to be included in the family of God invited as a guest to live forever in his royal house.

And He was saying, “For this reason I have said to you, that no one can come to Me unless it has been granted him from the Father. (John 6:65 NASB)

My opinions from investigating the Bible with many science viewpoints and writing 14 Babushka books have not changed. I was only misled, not knowing we had five global calendars not yet unified by NASA due to a changed an earth axis that wobbled during Noah’s time (2288 BC). Perhaps I need to write another Pearl to recheck the dating.

Previously, it was confirmed by hundreds true science facts collected in Babushka egg pearls. That shifted a dating projection to be counting after the 2015 winter solstice as the Apocalypse 2008-2015 birth pangs postulated on my website that gave (7) seven years of warnings, and hopefully explained a flat earth paradox with science linked to divine revelation giving a better viewpoint.

It comes with a huge reward, bigger than the anything mortals can imagine. God has prepared well for those who appreciate what he did on the cross. He paid the price for the Kosmos violations that corrupted the human race, so that mankind can continue with a new existence, bathed in love, living a great Life in fellowship with the Creator. Check it out. Never postulated in church, so pass Babushka eggs to your friends. Invite them to a party on the other coin side, still dated unless I discover another calendar correction: 

1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016)

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