Mystery of Tammuz 17:
The Second Babushka Book – What?


Mystery of Tammuz 17 begins with the chronological story of the Apocalypse. I divide the seven years of the Apocalypse into twelve periods and describe what happens in each one and why.

Each part of the story firmly rests in the biblical prophecies of Revelation, Daniel and other ancient Hebrew prophets. In fact some scholars estimate that one third of the Bible is prophecy, and most of those prophecies describe the people, nations and events related to the Apocalypse.

Here are just a few of the topics discussed in these pages:

Finally, did you know that the death angel of ancient Passover story is not alone? That’s right: Revelation describes another four death angels who will soon stalk the earth to be sure that no ungodly person escapes judgment! And yes, there is hope for those who become loyal to their Creator. The righteous servants of God will rule over a new glorious age of peace and harmony that follows the fiery trials of the Apocalypse.

My books teach biblical concepts in a manner that should make it easier for you to read the Bible on your own. To someone unfamiliar with the Bible, the content of these books may seem like wild speculation, but it isn’t. Besides the Bible, I also include documented observations of respected experts about life on earth today together with correlations with ancient Chinese and Aztec calendars, too. The last part of this book takes you through my research methodology step-by-step. Once you see how all of the “coincidences” just “happen” to fall into place time after time, you will better understand why I have spent three years and thousands of dollars to write these books.

However, the main message of the impending Apocalypse is that the God of the Bible wants to get acquainted with you and me because we are precious to Him. He knows our struggles, pain and suffering deeply enough to have died for an unthankful humanity. It was the only way He could justly and lovingly offer us a wholesome life with an eternal contentment that can begin now – even in the midst of severe suffering, trials and pain.

The Three W’s

At this point I would like to focus on the three W’s that will address many questions about the meaning of life that you may have had since childhood. Since this book is also posted to the Internet, I think it is appropriate to have three W’s – just as Internet addresses usually start with www.

1 st W = "Why" Most of the twelve “why” questions asked in the Preface to Mystery of Tammuz 17 are answered in Apocalypse Prophesied. If you know the Bible well, or are a long-time Christian, you might be able to answer some of them. If so, then perhaps you could proceed with this second book without reading the first one. Even so, the following three major points are addressed in the first book. Please consider them carefully because I believe that understanding them is required in order to answer the first "W":

2 nd W = "What" will happen: My second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, deals with the other two W’s. The first part of this book describes the chronological events of the Apocalypse in a fair amount of detail. The Bible has so much more to say about them that I can only highlight some of the more important events and their chronology.

3 rd W = "When" will it happen: The last chapters tell about what I call my discovery of the Bible's Rosetta Stone. There will be 12 proofs and many overlays of historic-prophetic, calendar clock gears.

Read and Decide for Yourself

To me, it is far more important that you think for yourself about these important issues than to believe everything that I write. I do my best with what God has so graciously revealed, but whether you believe my explanations of the Word or not, my prayer is that you will believe in Him who is faithful and true, Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God the Father through whom we receive the promised regeneration in the Holy Spirit. Only by faith in God’s redeeming grace and power to transform lives and intervene in the history of humanity is it possible for us to overcome and enter into God’s soon coming kingdom on earth.

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest physical scientists of all times, wrote over one million words on Bible prophecy. Obviously, he thought that it was an important subject. He also knew it was controversial, and he hated controversy. His advice taken from his original handwritten papers kept in trust by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is as follows:

Having searched & by the grace of God obteined (sic) after knowledge in ye [the] prophetique scriptures, I have thought my self bound to communicate it for the benefit of others…Let me therefore beg of thee not to trust to ye opinion of any man concerning these things…search the scriptures thy self…if thou desirest (sic) to find the truth. Which if thou shalt at length attain thou wilt value above all other treasures…understanding the sacred Prophesies & the danger by neglecting them is very great & that ye obligation to study them is as great… (Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) from The Messiah Conspiracy, volume 1, by Moore, Philip, Ramshead Press International, Atlanta, GA, 1996, page 53)

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