The Holy Bible:
the Seventh Babushka Book – Where?


The Bible can be found in almost any bookstore worldwide. It is printed in more than a hundred languages. Just ask for a Bible or check out your western hotel bed room drawer or more handy go to the Internet and type in As the oldest book in the world, the Bible has the creation plan for humanity embedded in it. It reveals essential information about the history and future of our earth, including where the primary action takes place.

The earth lies at the very center of the universe for mortal life. Adam’s body did not come from the emptiness of outer space’s Big Bang (in German, Knall), nor did it build itself by chance as a result of some evolutionary fairy tale, which so popular in the closed-minded halls of academic science professors. Their version about that process sound as true to me as the old folktale of a maiden kissing a frog, which transformed by magic into a prince! Evolution’s model of monkey maiden dreams is not scientifically possible as it violates the basic physical laws like entropy. No detailed depiction painted on museum walls can make up for the lack of convincing scientific evidence.

Adam was formed from the mud of this earth by a loving, intelligent being who took various atoms and molecules from the soil and added the extra energy of mortal life - a living spirit, The result was a living soul designed by a purpose-driven act to reproduce intelligent, righteous life on earth. The biblical story becomes more accurate when the spiritual story is balanced with a sound scientific perspective. When Adam’s molecules were assembled and activated by God’s kiss (breath) of life from the other side, it combined the Daleth [in this world in this time] dimension with the Heh [the other side] dimension.

Once you become familiar with the concept of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) and the Daniel Rosetta Stone discovery from a movie-in-the-round perspective. Perhaps that is the reason why recessive genes appear later even as we keep kissing to procreate life like God did with Adam, as compared to the mentally comatose scientist Who believes in atheistic fairytale frog kissing, which is how the story of nonhumans evolving into princes and princesses strike me.

Adam was made in the image of the Creator; therefore, he must conform to an embedded genetic imprint. Recessive genes and creative ideas do not come from a vacuum. They are integral to the structure of living things like invisible spectral lines are inseparable from the rainbow color spectrum. You can learn more about genetic imprints and genetic driven technology in my book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, which is also written from a balanced, Bible and science, two-rail perspective. That is my third Babushka Book.

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Knall is German and means big sound in an explosion.
Hebrew concepts are explained in various places in the Babushka books.