Pearl #232-

The Himmelsscheibe
as an Early Christian 'Lehrscheibe'

an alternate interpretation for the bronze sky disk

by Herbert R. Stollorz
California, October 20, 2004


The Himmelsscheibe

The Internet community is a marvelous phenomenon of the 21st century civilization. It brings together humanity from across many disciples and from on every level around this globe. Even the smallest member can have voice in expressing an opinion - be it on a scientific endeavor, culture, religion or politics.

On my last visit to Germany, I came across something very interesting. I would like to share this discovery with my friends. With some extra time on my hands while waiting in the airport, I read the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung," 10th October 2004 #71.” In it I read a two page story by Ulf von Rauchhaupt about a strange bronze metal plate found in Germany, Mittlelberg bei Nebra (Erfurt) called Die Himmelsscheibe. I was born nearby and, of course, the story got my immediate attention.

Die Himmelsscheibe created a sensation by its discovery since it was dated by some experts to be about 3,600 years old. Scholars from around Europe speculated that this disk overlaid with gold symbols represented a calendar or perhaps was used for religious ceremonies. Many have noted that the placement of the stars on the Himmelsscheibe somehow do not resemble the heavenly patterns of stars and constellations found in our night sky. This remarkable artifact is now exhibited at the Landesmuseum fuer Vorgeschichte in the Halle, Germany until 24 April 2005. Tinkering with my computer I found an Internet path which will give you a picture and the story from the professional perspective: Just enter, click, and pick your language. I am sure there are other web sites where you get information about it, too.

The article in the paper mentions that other items were also found with the disk. Of particular note is a two-edged bronze sword. To me, the picture of this sword looked like a Roman short sword; however, this one seemed to be for ornamental or ceremonial purposes only - like a replica for a show-and-tell time. The composition of the sword’s bronze metal was the same alloy as that of the bronze metal disk.

Combined with being found together, this fact indicates that the sword and the Himmelsscheibe were made from the same melt and belong together. The newspaper article mentions that some other items where found, too. I would be very interested to know what they are. I believe that the make-up of this collection will help to more accurately determine their purpose(s). My story interprets Himmelsscheibe and the sword from another angle that suggests these items belonged together for an ancient reason.

Bronze Age Date

Various experts of antiquity placed the date of these objects in the time of the Bronze Age at about 1600 BC, but their various interpretations for the disk struck me as being stretched to make them fit within the proposed historical context. If the scientists’ evaluation of the Himmelsscheibe’s age at approximately 3600 years old is correct, then its manufacture would place it in Bible times about when Joseph and the Israelites sojourned in Egypt. Could the ancient Hebrew connecting with the Egyptian civilizations have provided the calendar and interpretive science expressed in the artwork?

Joseph, you remember, was promoted from a slave to become the second ruler in Egypt. His forefathers Jacob, Isaac and Abraham were also the historic patriarchs of three great religions with 70 family members. Many believe that Abraham received ancient documents from before Noah’s Flood from Seth. Down through the centuries, many scholars have believed that the epochs and ages of God’s plan for humanity were written in the stars of the sky from the beginning. (Genesis 1:14)

We know these three (Hebrew-Aztec-Chinese) calendars survived the flood. From that time they have been culturally distinct and geographically separate from each other. The Aztec calendar is still more accurate than our modern computerized calendar indicates. As we study these calendars, we must never forget to compensate for the historic change that took place after those calendars had already begun. When they were initially calculated, the earth took only 360 days to journey around the sun. However, the Bible’s account of Noah’s Flood indicates that the earth was hit with an asteroid that caused the collapse of the protective atmospheric canopy that had existed around our planet from Creation. After this impact the orbit of the earth around the sun was slowed by 5.24 days so that our present secular, solar calendar is based on a 365.24-day journey around the sun.

The impact of this asteroid broke up the very foundations of the oceans shifting the earth ninety degrees on its axis. This shift wrenched the crust’s tectonic plates uplifting mountains that were previously below sea level and triggering massive volcanic eruptions. The combination of these cataclysmic events resulted in a great devastation including the extinction of many life forms like the dinosaurs. It not only reworked the earth’s surface creating the present continents, but also created the necessary conditions for a sudden freezing followed by a sustained period of time commonly referred to geologically as the ice ages. These ice ages still remain over the earth’s poles, which is why tropical vegetation is found at the bottom of Antarctica’s frozen plains of thick glacial sheets.

By examining this trail of the Hebrew-Aztec calendar, I could establish an interpretation for that bronze disc. I believe that the 40 holes on the periphery of the bronze disk are definitely linked to the 40 square fields of the inner circle of the Aztec calendar. This observation then follows that we must find the mystery of the strange symbols that are used by looking into the possible religious purposed represented in the calendars because measuring time and religion can not be separated in ancient times.

In particular, I am suggesting the over 5,000 year-old Aztec calendar might be able to give us some clues. We do have more scientific information about the Aztec calendar than we have about the earliest Hebrew calendars, but I believe that there would be significant parallel historical observations in both that they both had their origin in a pre-Flood civilization. This ancient knowledge (in calendar form – Hebrew and/or Aztec) could have been transferred to Abraham through Melchizedek who was a king and priest of the Most High God. The story of Abraham’s meeting with Melchizedek is the earliest record of the Jewish or Hebrew religion. I believe that it directly connects with the last of eight survivors of the Flood: the Egyptian (god) Set, “the ancient Hebrew” Seth. This name is translated to mean “the one from the other side.” In this case, the name carries two levels of meaning: Set(h) was a person from the “other side” of the Flood and represented God, who is the “other side” or the “spiritual side” of reality.

Priests of antiquity were always in charge of the calendar. That was their job, and Melchizedek the priest, was no different. Although I have only studied the bronze and gold Himmelsscheibe disk from the pictures in the Frankfurter Newspaper, I would still like to suggest another explanation of this rare artifact and its companions.

It only took me about five minutes to recognize several patterns in the orientation and composition of the disks elements to find parallels with some of the central principles developed in my two published books Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17. Both books are available for you to read and download without charge on the Internet at my web site,

I have visually condensed the core principles of my books in a diagram/chart that I term the World Cuckoo Clock. My illustration of a clock face graphically represents 7000 years of human history as overlaid and interpreted from the biblical record and the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. My books focus on the next 1,000 years of human history yet to come according to many prophecies in the Bible.

The heavenly bronze-gold Himmelsscheibe plate bears many similarities to my graphic representation of the World Cuckoo Clock, and in my opinion can be clearly understood by placing it in the context of the Judeo-Christian religious tradition. The Clock marks the origin, progression and destination of our civilization as expressed in Hebrew letters. The letter “Daleth” refers to the dimension of “in this world – in this time”) and connects this material dimension with the heavenly or spiritual “Heh” (the other side) dimension.

Since central teaching of the Bible on Jesus focuses on how people can transcend the material to be born in the spiritual – in other words moving from “Daleth” to “Heh,” I must conclude that a demonstrable communication of these principles should be dated after the beginnings of the early church. Since I find a great deal of allegorical similarity between the results of my biblical research and the Himmelsscheibe, these remarkable bronzes should be dated after the beginning of Christianity. Thus, I propose a much more recent date of about 200-300 AD instead of during the European Bronze Age.


Here are my observations as I compare Himmelsscheibe with some of what I present in my two books. I will try to be very short in my analytical presentation; therefore, without having read my books, you might not be able to fully grasp the thorough basis of my thinking as expressed here. I do guarantee that it is very different from the experts in archeology!

Maybe this proposed explanation will lead to your further study. In any case it is another opinion in addition to the more academically accepted ones. I hope that it will broaden our views about these artifacts and add something to the scholarly discussion on the Nebra Sky Disk.

Before I introduce you to the World Cuckoo Clock theory of my book, let us take note of the main features of the Himmelsscheibe. The central features of the disk are overlaid in gold. You notice them right away. These primary objects give us a roadmap of where we are going in our analysis. I believe that the bronze plate is really a teaching tool (Lehrscheibe) that can be reasonably compared to a clock, which is at the same time a calendar.

Recognizing the damage done to some holes at the top of the disk indicates that the plate was hung up on a wall by means of a thin cord inserted in two holes and suspended from a projection much as we would hang our pictures. The bronze sheet metal is relatively thin, and the holes have stressed over time. Metal fatigue caused the disk to fracture at the edge here due to holding all of the weight of the plate.

The gold disk at the very center is a sun, placed like the center of a clock face to which the two hands are fastened to tell time. Please notice that the picture photograph of the sun center has something like a north pole and the crosshair lines should be drawn from that center and not on the so-called equinox axis points. As we later will see, these crosshair lines will be the clock hands that will point out the quadrants of the disk. Each quadrant presents a grouping of various items on the clock face that explain and teach part of the chronological story.

From the picture I count 40 holes around the periphery of the Himmelsscheibe, which reminds me of the clock hour positions on the Aztec calendar. The Hebrew meaning of numbers and letters immediately is recognized once you become educated in that system. My published books attempt to do that. Until them, please be patient with this unfamiliar treatment of ancient knowledge as expressed in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. As you begin to become familiar with it, you will hopefully recognize on your own the applicable associations of the significant insights gained from the graphic content of this disk by applying this methodology.

The gold center is the sun, and in the metaphysical Hebrew Alphabet Number System the sun translates into a number #1 representing the God of the universe. The Himmelsscheibe in the picture of the newspaper rightfully divided the bronze plate into four quadrants and so the whole of the disk’s content becomes a number #4 in the Hebrew Number System, which I will later interpret as representing four time cycles or ages.

Lastly, there are forty holes on the outside periphery representing the number 40. Together, these numbers 1-4-40 in the Hebrew Alphabet number system is spelled “Aleph-Daleth-Mem and as a grouping, its meaning is “man” or as spelled out in German, “Mensch.” Hence, the bronze plate will tell the history of man in the time dimension.

The letter Aleph (1) means the Creator God of the universe. He is the center of the universe, and all that is can be found around Him, existing for His own reasons and purposes. The next letter Daleth (4 quadrants) indicates “this world - in this time.” Thus, the Himmelsscheibe becomes the Lehrscheibe of human history on earth, a tiny little globe on the edge of the Galaxy below the Milky Way as the Aztec calendar indicates. Then lastly, the letter “Mem” (40) is a metaphysical expression meaning an infinite water expanse (Ausdehnung) like in the middle of the ocean but with an added ingredient-purpose. Mem aligns with our life struggles, pain and death while we live in this material Daleth dimension of time and space, but there is an added ingredient - the purpose for our existence.

I am not an expert in antiquities, and I want to give credit to the scholar who placed cross hairs over the picture of the bronze plate for his interpretation. It was these cross hairs that gave me the ability to quickly see the Himmelsscheibe from my own perspective. They also caused me to make an almost immediate connection with the Aztec calendar as well.

The Hebrew and Aztec calendar came from the same period and survived the flood of Noah 2288 BC. They are over 5,000 years old and share things in common. Recently, an Aztec calendar was found embossed into a stone, with a diameter of 13 feet and weighing 20 tons. It graphically showed various sections of 10, 20 and 40 periods or divisions. We will later recognize some of the periods that overlay, or parallel chronologically, with the Hebrew calendar and our calendar. All this relationships are better explained in my books on the Internet, which you can either read or download at no cost.

Very important. I first noticed that the disk is not positioned properly in the newspaper picture. It should be rotated so that the half-moon position is on the bottom and so the missing sun circle sickle on top. I have done so in my picture of the disk found at the beginning of this article. On the left, we have what looks like an open bowl or sickle, and on the right we see a cluster of seven stars like a wheel.

When I quickly summarized Himmelsscheibe’s content, I tried to think why someone would make such an object and spend quite a bit of money on it. Gold has always been expensive, and at that time, I estimate that it could have cost a fortune for the labor plus the materials - a sum only a rich person could afford. Then it became obvious to me. The disk was meant to be a teaching tool, a traveling blackboard. In German we would call it “eine Lehrscheibe.”

I tried to imagine why anyone would spend so much money for such a teaching tool. Then a thought came to me. The cost and format could only be justified during a special time period when obscurity was a necessity. Such a time presented itself to me almost immediately: the beginning of Christian era when Christians were severely persecuted by the Roman government. If someone was found in the possession of any biblical books at that time, they would have been immediately accused of being an enemy of state who spread a forbidden religion. The early Christians were seen as corrupting or subverting the Roman Empire and its culture – a crime that demanded execution. Therefore, the propagating of Christianity came with a heavy price.

There might be other explanations, but this one made sense to me. From history we know that the Christian faith was spread by missionaries sent from Jerusalem to various places as mentioned in the book of Acts. They reached northern Germany, England and even to the very ends of the world – India and China. I believe that an early traveling missionary took this bronze plate along together with the other items discovered with it. He used them to graphically present the Christian faith within the context of the story of humanity.

But the new truths were presented using a secret symbolism that the Roman authorities could only identify as a calendar, a sky chart of some type, or something else unknown not necessarily forbidden. However, for the Christian missionary the Himmelsscheibe was a ready-made blackboard to explain God’s plan for humankind along with other biblical Truths.

It would have been hung on a tree in a forest, outside spying eyes, and used as a tool to tell a story. The general population of that time did not have many if any books. They were not educated to read, and they lived in a heathen culture without biblical insight. Such a tool in the hands of a trained teacher could be very effective. The various symbols would serve as reminders of the faith to an audience, who might make their own copies of the “plate.” In the cultural setting of its day, the Himmelsscheibe was an impressive demonstration of new knowledge. I am sure its bearer was held in high esteem by that ancient society.

Cornerstone Interpretations of the Bronze Plate

There are 40 holes drilled around the periphery. I believe they where drilled with an iron drill typical of Roman times. I recognize its pattern when a drill punches through thin sheet metal. At that time period, the 40 holes represented the 40 books of the Old Testament of the Bible. Added together with the 30 free ranging golden stars, which represent the New Testament books, we get a number 70.

Two other stars are imbedded in the gold crescent or sickle at the bottom of the disk. Together with the top missing sickle, they represent the number two, which is Beth – “the house or our home world” contrasted with the universe. We need the help of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System to identify the meaning of the various numbers used in the design of the Himmelsscheibe, and I will quote from my book:

70 = Ayin

Ayin means "eyes" or "spring." This letter, like Aleph, is silent and can only be verbalized with vowels. The number seventy (70) is an expression of "the sum total of this world." Ancient Hebrew tradition says that the earth has seventy nations, seventy languages, seventy words of wisdom, and seventy elders to guide people. This does not refer to a literal number, but a connotation of something complete.

The inner eye sees the world in its proper place. When we understand a problem, we often say "I see," meaning our inner eye sees what is hidden. The blueprint of God's plan for this earth can only be understood with the eyes of Ayin.

We notice some corrections to the Bronze plate were probably made at a later time period. I noticed that some gold stars seem to be altered to rectify something from another time. I venture that it would represent the removal of some books originally considered part of the missionary’s canon that were later excluded from the Bible. It might coincide with the Christian Council of Nicaea under Emperor Constantine’s watchful eye in 325 BC. It was then that the Bible canon was finalized with only 39 books of the Old Testament (40 holes minus 1, but holes cannot disappear) and 27 New Testament books (30 stars minus 3).

So, the 70 original books of the Bible now became a total of 66 books of which the 39 of the original Old Testament are shown by the 40 drilled holes (now 39) and the newly established New Testament ended up with only 27 books (gold stars). The number 66 will become 666 in just a few years, playing an important role during the Apocalypse. With that reasoning I date the bronze Himmelsscheibe to about 100-200 AD.

Going back to the meaning of four quadrants, each quadrant has ten holes, which then represents 10 parts of the 90 degrees per quadrant of a 360 degree circular world clock. The number ten (10) is “Jod” in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. It conveys the meaning of a next or higher level of historic development for mankind coinciding with Aztec version of four time periods.

The Aztec calendar can also be expressed in the layout structure of the Pyramid in Mexico City, which has four stairways (again four= Daleth), one on each side, each with 100 steps going up to the top indicating the Hebrew letter “Taw” or 400 steps altogether. (Some scholars count 99 steps. It depends where you start counting). After more than 5125 years the Aztec calendar comes to an end. Aztec world history is divided into four ages, and the last one ends on that day with a fire ball of destruction. The Aztecs did not continue their calendar after that time because they believed that nothing would exist beyond that day.

In addition the Aztec calendar reveals that on 21 December 2012 a serpent will descend to the earth from heaven, and from that day mortals will be able to climb into the heavens by means of a mythical ladder. The Hebrew and Christian cultural belief systems more or less tell the same story. My two books tell the story of the coming collapse of our present civilization and the one thousand year age of blessings that will follow. Incredibly, the bronze Himmelsscheibe plate tells the same story. That fascinates me.

Some scholars wrote that the analyses of the overlaid gold symbols could indicate a different ages because of the dissimilar impurities present. As an inventor working in many high-tech laboratories, I had to melt many alloys of precious metal, like gold, silver, so I am familiar with metal alloys. I can well imagine that the early silver smiths of antiquity used very small crucibles or ceramic pots to melt these very expensive metals in small batches. These crucibles were used repeatedly - just like we still do it today. So, it is quite possible that different melts transferred impurities from one gold symbol to the next, which means that different ages should not be postulated based on the variations of impurities.

First Quadrant Bible Story:

The four quadrants, like the center four blocks of the Aztec calendar represent the story of humanity from the beginning of time to its end. The golden bowl or sickle on the left side of the Bronze Wheel represents the beginning of eternity before mankind was on this planet. The open bowel explodes outward into space with seven stars toward the center of the universe occupied by the golden sun. Learning something from the Hebrew Alphabet Number System will make us understand why seven stars on the First Quadrant on the left side are exploding, while seven stars on the Third Quadrant seemed squeezed together like a wheel. My book Mystery of Tammuz 17 will highlight the incredible meaning of this bronze metal disk.

Before mankind lived on earth, the Bible reveals that millions of angelic beings revolted against the cosmic world order. This rebellion was headed by Lucifer who became Satan the Enemy of God. Embedded within the photograph of the bowl-gold curved sickle, you will notice two curved lines from end to end through its axis. These two lines define three sections – one thick, one smaller and a thin section. These three sections or slices could indicate three future eternity time periods of different duration or three executive orders from God to restore order. Hence, we can expect three more quadrants to explain its future history.

Around the periphery of the left crescent, we count about 130 feather markings on the outside and 120 markings on the inside. The number 12 and 13 comes into play on a higher level “Jod” (10), which equals (10x12 or 10x13). “Twelve” (12) means perfect government in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System indicating the perfect nation of the universe’s former status and thirteen (13) means depravity, disorder, or rebellion that came about as a result of the prehistoric angelic rebellion that took place before man appeared on earth.

That predawn rebellion spread throughout the universe. God’s plan to restore order to the cosmos will be told in the next quadrant. He will succeed in restoring harmony and throughout His cosmic empire; therefore, the inside of the crescent is decorated with 120 markings to reflect the future restoration of God’s perfect government.

Second Quadrant Bible Story:

This second period refers to our present time of human history as viewed from a heavenly perspective with past and future predetermined. We will notice four (4) stars, a half moon, and again an open bowl like a dinner plate or platter, with nine (9) holes (cross hair  line-left side) , starting with one hole outside the gold leaf that divides the quadrant into ten sections.

The pyramid apex of this quadrant is still connected with the sun, which represents God at the center of His creation. There are two main features present, each stretching across the entire quadrant cycle. The number of stars three above and one on the side below the half moon, indicates the stage or dimension where this play will be acted out which is four stars - the “Daleth” dimension, meaning “this world in this time.” This quadrant is positioned on the dark side of this universe.

In my books I use the analogy of pregnancy, where within the womb there is both a placenta and a fetus – both of which will be born. The fetus develops into the desired baby – the fruit of God’s plan of restoration. The placenta is the evil in this world that comes about because of the acts of the devil or his influence on our society. Evil is symbolized in this quadrant by a half moon to indicate a night period growing toward a full moon in a graphic depiction of the continuum of time. Thus, the half moon represents the placenta within the womb, which is connected to the developing baby. Just as the placenta is cast aside at birth, evil will be terminated when the baby is born. When the new day of God’s restored government has arrived, the moon will fade from sight.

The other main feature in this quadrant is a flattish but open bowl or dinner plate located below the half moon. Again, it is connected to the periphery of the disk rather than floating in the space of the disk’s interior. This bowl is the main reason for creation, whereas the floating items are only contributing to its development. This bowl is the primary foundation of the Himmelsscheibe being connected to the rim with nine (9) holes. The other elements of the disk’s composition are secondary modifiers to give it “Gestalt.” This open bowl represents the developing child soon to be manifested in its forthcoming birth at a specific time in the future. It represents humankind, our present civilization and every human being that has ever lived or will live.

From our perspective in time the child is not yet fully developed. It has not been born and that is why a half moon is used. To paraphrase it again because of its great importance: these gold overlays represent all of mankind from one end of the time dimension to the other as expressed by Daleth across the whole Second Quadrant.

The baby’s birth will be realized at the future resurrection of righteous human beings in the Kingdom of God. This event of cosmic significance is symbolically developed in the Third Quadrant. This hope of the resurrection or transformation represents the royal hope and climax of the Christian faith, as many Bible verses state. The placenta (moon sickle) is Satan’s domain. It is the evil combined with the good that we experience on a daily basis, and it will build to a climax of pain preceding the birth of the child during world’s darkest hour of Great Tribulation, also known as the Apocalypse.

If you want to learn more about how human history and its future appear from the biblical perspective, I advise you to read my two books. It would really help you to better understand this short article on my interpretation of the bronze Himmelsscheibe disk. I am sure my books will intellectually expand anyone’s horizon. At any case, there is much more to discover than I can deal with in this limited format.

To summarize the Second Quadrant, the four (4) stars representing the “Daleth” dimension in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System which also means “door” and connotes a meaning of “this world in this time.” Therefore, this quadrant reveals the human story right up to our present age. The nine (9) holes inside the lower golden leaf dinner plate represent a time dimension of how long humanity will be on this earth. The use of the number nine equates to the Hebrew letter “Teth” and means new “life” or “eternal life.”

This earth was created for this purpose and will ultimately end like the progression of our seasons. After spring, summer and harvest time comes winter. The human life cycle too is repeated as the Bible teaches, but in a different dimension, on a different level we call the “other side – Heh” or heaven. This becomes the subject of the next quadrant. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System explains the Bible so beautifully - especially the prophecies of the book of Revelation, the Bible’s great mystery book.

The nine gold leave holes divide history and prophecy into three ages: Zayin (7) 6,000 years, Cheth (8) seven years which is the Apocalypse of seven years, and Teth (9) of 1,000 future years of total peace on earth. So the (9) nine holes (7+1+1= 9) represent a total of 7,000 years of human history for this world in this time - Daleth.

Many secular professors in our universities trained in humanism will probably object to this line of exposition because our world system is intimately connected with the placenta – Satan’s domain. This is the plain teaching of the Bible. I see it here also in the symbolism of the bronze disk. Many people will rather believe Satan’s deception of scientific materialism, which clouds our modern academic perceptions of world history and limits how we interpret these relics from the past.

If our scientific dating system is based on false premises, it can only lead to false conclusions. The false conclusions of modern materialism have caused many to reject the Bible altogether. Ancient writings are far ahead of our modern times in understanding our world in this regard spiritually.

Moral choices have to be made and should be our priority before scientific knowledge is applied to our complex world. Increasingly this is not case. The motives of science and the search for knowledge are being driven by the profits of material gain. Science without a Godly spiritual dimension will end in a global Apocalypse, and this is what is prophesied to happen by the Bible. We should heed its warning before it is too late. When that time comes, perhaps our institution of higher learning will then realize that they ignored the obvious, like the iceberg in front of the Titanic. However, by then it may be too late for too many.

Third Quadrant of Bible Story - Prophecy

The main feature is a wheel with six stars together around a center with an axis of one star, seven stars altogether. It is located right above the crosshair line that passes where the ninth hole ends. The wheel of seven stars is circled by five (5) stars floating singly in the surrounding space or sky. These five stars represent the “Heh” (5) dimension, the “other side” or spirit dimension.

During this age evil is no longer mixed with the good. Satan has been eliminated like the placenta is discarded after birth. His influence on this world is finally terminated. The Bible story continues at this point with a description of such a blessed time as never experience by humanity since Eden. We cannot imagine a time of no wars, no corrupt governments, and no more mistaken humanistic, political, atheistic institutions proclaiming false theories to deceive mankind.

The seven stars represent a New World Order without Satan and his unholy angels. The disk symbolizes their previous termination on the edge of the half moon’s right side. They are no longer are needed. The six-one star clusters indicate a well-organized godly system of future human history like a wheel on its axis lasting literary thousand years.

Previously humanity was immersed for about 6,000 years of evil suffering under Satan’s domain. It is like being surrounded with deadly bacteria or viruses. In this case the disease is spiritual causing eternal damnation and death for many. (Analogue the placenta connected with the fetus.) The Christian faith is based on Eternal Life. Jesus said to the religious leader of his days, “You must be born again,” and “Who so ever believes in me has everlasting life.” Those who will listen to God’s word will be saved from the Daleth dimension and receive eternal life (Heh-five stars floating) from Jesus Christ by faith in His atoning work done on the cross that enables the forgiveness of all our trespasses against a holy God.

Incredible as it may sound, the saved believers will take something from this world with them and transfer it to the other future world. They have been immunized against evil as a result of living with and overcoming evil during their lives on earth, as presented in the Second Quadrant. We all have been intimately exposed to evil, pain, tears, sickness, corruption, wars, and untold sufferings to one degree or another. God’s servants have been persecuted and perhaps executed for their beliefs.

However, when the present Zayin age ends, they will experience the resurrection in which they will receive an immortal body that can travel faster than light throughout the universe. These born children of God will carry along spiritually genetic information about evil that performs like successful immunization against disease. Thus, evil will never again break out in a future of eternity on the other side (Heh). God will not have to deal with a rebellion such as Satan and his evil rebellious angels pulled off in the dim mists of antiquity.

In fact God turned the tables on them and has used these agents of evil as an inoculation serum in the human race (the Second Quadrant), but once people are inoculated, the fallen angels are no longer needed, so they are terminated. The plan of God for the universe is for the resurrected saints of the human race to rule with Jesus Christ forever. They will replace the rebellious angels and occupy the highest positions of God’s government. The immunization system embedded within the saints will than prevent future possible outbreak of another potential rebellion.

Liberated and pardoned from sin, mortals from our earth who have experienced the most dastardly evil in their lives in this Daleth dimension, will then be elevated during the Third Quadrant because their spiritual inoculation has prepared the resurrected saint to identify and immediately snuff out the beginning of any future germ of potential evil. They will become the guarantors that there will be no possibility of any emerging evil in the New World Order.

Thus the seven star wheel in the Third Quadrant symbolizes the “Born again Sons of God” who will replace the formally known “Sons of God” or angels. The latter being fully disqualified by their rebellion (represented by the exploding seven stars of the First Quadrant) and can no longer be trusted in government. The Third Quadrant ends with a new heaven and new earth as recorded in Revelation 21:1 -

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.

Fourth Quadrant Bible Story:

Notice again the five (5) stars below the periphery holes, meaning the Heh dimension, “the other side.” I believe that there may have been a missing dinner plate of gold leaf across the top outer edge of the Fourth Quadrant. Nonetheless, it is clear that the periphery of this quadrant contained 10 holes. Ten means Jod, the symbol for “law and responsibility” or a “higher level of existence” in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. Positioned below the missing golden sickle is one star and below it are 4 stars all positioned horizontally. This arrangement of stars represents a math formula of the universe: 1 + 4 = 5, or Alpha + Daleth = Heh.

My book describes the significance of this formula in some detail. I call it the Bible’s Rosetta Stone to the mathematical structure of the universe. Two years ago I did not know that it existed. Although I am over 70, I am still amazed at what there is still to learn about God’s creation. I continually discover treasured pearls of understanding that fascinate me.

In contrast the bottom of the bronze plate shows one hole less, being only nine (9) holes, representing Teth or “New Life.” The sun corresponds to God’s presence; He resides over all His creation. Nothing is there to share his Supreme Holiness. However, from it comes life which is all sustaining for millions of creatures, either being angels or redeemed humanity. The Bible reveals what kind of life it will be and many more factors, which will play out their assignment roles.

The bronze plate as you have now been introduced, really tells your story 1-4-40. The symbolism on the plate tells the history of a person, such as you or me, as well as encompassing all of humanity. The name for man, a created being (Adam), overlays with the ancient Hebrew alphabet number system and is spelled Aleph-Daleth-Mem. According to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, this can be numerically translated as 1-4-40. Eve's attributes, as the feminine side of creation, expressing the capacity for fleshly procreation, can be expressed with Daleth-Mem-Taw (4-40-400). The Hebrew concept for Adam and Eve combines the two for Aleph-Daleth-Mem-Taw, which is numerically expressed as 1-4-40-400. This numeric sentence could be translated into words as: “the first couple was created by God (1) to live in "this world in this time" (4), and to die (40); all human life is terminated at the end of this world (Taw = 400).” This mystery is explained further in my books on the Internet.

The early Christians were much closer to Hebrew thinking and philosophy because the Bible was written by Hebrews, but Bibles or any other kind of book were rare in antiquity. Their cost was high, and a Bible or copies of any of its books would be obvious evidence against anyone who carried it. Early Christians suffered severe persecution at the hands of the Romans, and the bronze Himmelsscheibe was an invention of genius to propagate the gospels discreetly. Perhaps this bronze plate was the unique creation of a Gothic-Germanic metal smith who had converted to Christianity. It would have been natural for him to transform the oral teachings he heard into a metallic Lehrscheibe to help him to remember it and teach it to other. Or perhaps the Himmelsscheibe represents a strategy that was duplicated many times. If the latter is true, then we can expect to find more of them somewhere.

The Sword Purpose Interpretation

To teach Christianity has been dangerous to differing degrees at different times and in different cultures. It is still today for many Christians living in Islamic countries, for example. Such conditions inspire ingenious methods to tell the story of the Bible. We cannot imagine what early Christians faced around 200-300 AD. On fire by the Love of God to convert a hostile heathen world steeped in depravity, they risked their lives to spread the Good News – but not heedlessly. Life in the Roman Empire was cheap, not respected or protected. Living conditions were often harsh for most of the population who were slaves without legal rights. People were often treated worse than animals.

Only the privileged elite could read. That the Bible survived and flourished is one of the greatest miracles of history. To teach the biblical truth to an uneducated audience, object lessons where given similar to the way we teach Sunday school children today. Teachers often use cloth boards or other visual aids to drive a point home.

I believe that the decorative bronze sword served such a purpose. During his three years as a country preacher, Jesus quoted endlessly from scripture using familiar objects and circumstances to illustrate His lessons. Later Bible teachers would naturally attempt to imitate Jesus’ teaching style by referring to familiar objects as teaching tools. Since Roman soldiers walked around the streets with weapons, a sword could double as the conversion of life savings to something portable that could also be used to teach the Christian story. A new convert of some means who came under persecution might have had to leave town quickly after selling what he owned. Rather than carry a bag of coins, his savings could have been converted to a useful teaching tool that could be sold or melted down if need later demanded.

Again, only the privileged elite could read. Books were extremely expensive, since they were all painstakingly written by hand. The letters of Paul and the other apostles were probably written by professional scribes. Later some copies would be made but most of the teaching was done orally where the scriptural letters were memorized and recited. Later, these gospels, letters, and treatises were collected into one book becoming the New Testament, which I believe are represented in total by the 30 stars on the bronze disk.

Here are a couple of examples of some Bible verses that use Roman armor and a sword to make spiritual points:

The Whole Armor of God

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power. Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. Stand therefore, and fasten the belt of truth around your waist, and put on the breastplate of righteousness. As shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace. With all of these, take the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Indeed, the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing until it divides soul from spirit, joints from marrow; it is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. And before him no creature is hidden, but all are naked and laid bare to the eyes of the one to whom we must render an account. (Hebrews 4:12-13)

I hope my story created some interest to study further, to find the answer of the most important questions: Why are we here on this earth and where do we go after death? Secular humanistic society promises only death at the end of life, but the Bible promises eternal life. The story telling continues today, only the methods have changed. Instead a bronze teaching disk, we use a variety of media such as the TV, radio, the Internet and movies; however, the choice before us remains the same today as it was for those early believers suffering persecutions and martyrdom.

I believe that the days of God patiently waiting in heaven to see how we will respond to His gracious love are coming to an end. The evils of our modern civilization are multiplying exponentially, and He will soon intervene before the greed of our times has so corrupted that natural environment that there is nothing left to restore in the fulfillment of His promises. The God of the Bible has promised an end to evil and evil doers – both angelic and human. He will establish His direct government over the earth to rule a thousand year age of justice, peace, love and material blessings for all nations beginning at Jerusalem with the Jewish people. This was the story of God’s plan presented on the Himmelsscheibe and presented on my web site at www.

California, November 1, 2004

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