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Why are Honeybees Disappearing?


Thank you for the helpful information. It will add a few more information bytes for a better understanding of how the process of genetic modification really works.

E-coli are not the only deadly bacteria. There are many more problems involved including fatal viruses found in the red beef fat of many cloned cows, which now also have a chance of invading any genetic modified fruit or vegetables as scientists have completely removed the immune system firewall. Eating a numerically stamped fruit or vegetable bought from any supermarket is potentially dangerous because we do not know if or when a deadly disease has passed unopposed through the weakened cell membrane. There is no longer any natural protection that would act like built-in cell police because it was spliced out to make gene transfer possible.

News media in California announced a governmental enforced quarantine of large fields in the southern part of San Jose due to a Salmonella outbreak in August 2008. Thousands of acres of tomatoes and Jalapeños were guarded, sealed off and left to rot. No agency could find the source of the outbreak.

Not too long before this most recent infection, quite a few people died from eating spinach that was contaminated by E-coli. The fields that the poisoned spinach originated from were in the same geographical location as those of the tomatoes and Jalapeños but in that case the crime was covered up by blaming cows that were grazing on a hill overlooking the fields.

What is worse, the insect world is on the road to extinction as they consume genetically modified nectar during the pollination process – the nectar from genetically modified fruit embedded with artificially altered genes. The criminal genetic engineering industry has discovered that pharmaceutical drugs used for heart, kidney, blood and many other medicines are manufactured at a much lower financial cost inside vegetables such as corn or soybeans than in laboratories.

I recently read that the modified plants are grown side by side with plants that are naturally grown. Insects such as bees have no way of knowing which have been genetically poisoned with dangerous drugs embedded within the cells and which have been grown without. To the insects they both look identical. The bees that ingest the modified nectar die en route to their hive as the heart drugs are activated within the bee’s metabolism like a sledgehammer. They die instantly in flight and fall to the ground wherever they might be.

This is why bees seem to be disappearing. The dead bees are not found in the hives because they never make it home. When the bees eventually become extinct we will know that Satan has won the ultimate confrontation against God as he celebrates victory and believes he is more powerful than God. Watch for God’s wrathful answer to that challenge. He promised clean, uncontaminated food for the generation following 2015. Read the book of Revelation in the Bible to find God’s prophecies for the last 1,000 years.

Watching the decimation of honeybees gets me furious. Those who are responsible refuse to see God’s system for sustainable life on earth, the ecosystem, as an intricate and delicately balanced set of dominoes. Is the tinkering with genetics the ultimate and fatal push that will begin the collapse of everything? I can only wish that the CEO’s and scientists who reap huge financial benefits from their actions could be locked up in a dark and ugly jail cell for the evil that they cause.

Farmers also need to be educated in techniques that will help avoid the cataclysm massive extinctions will cause. This should be done for the sake of our grandchildren and those who follow after them. If it continues unchecked, God must accept defeat. Maybe the Islamic terrorists could become friends with us just long enough to do us the favor of saving the millennia old ecosystem from such threats.

That would possibly put an end to those corporations controlled by the American FDA government and their atheistic university minions who are perpetrating this crime against humanity. Watch the events in New York City next year. It will unfold and be in response to massive food shortages in large areas of the Earth. A revenge by “terrorists” against our responsibility in causing failed pollination.

Read about the coming destruction of New York City and how that event aligns with the Jewish holidays of TU b’Shevat and Purim at

I previously reported that the CEO of Prodi Gene, Tony Laos, was fined $250,000 and forced to return 500,000 bushels of soybeans from the co-op because it was contaminated. The soybeans were destined to be made into taco chips. Inspectors found them to be too dangerous for humans to eat.

In response Mr. Laos stated that pharming (genetic embedding pharmaceutical drugs into vegetables) is a “fact of life” and grew to an unbelievable 365 billion dollars in 2004. Who can imagine, four years later, what that number is. I remember reading that the contaminated bushels “disappeared.” Did it resurface back in China later as cat food? Feline meat is considered a delicacy in the Far East and it was reported that people were mysteriously dying after a meal of cat. Were these deaths never investigated?

There was another news report of chicken eggs injected with pharmaceuticals as well. The story ends with 300,000 chickens confiscated from impoverished Third World farmers by environmental government specialists protected by HASMAT suits – just like events in a bad science fiction movie. They collected every chicken in the villages and stuffed them into white plastic specimen bags while still alive. The sealed-in-plastic chickens were then deposited into hazardous chemical dumps. Do some research on this; it is not a fairy tale!

A friend of mine sent me a note regarding my findings. It seems that a few months ago the FDA released its official findings and aired them in the national media. It revealed that the E-Coli outbreak, which really put the fast food industry in bad situations when it was rumored to specifically be a tomato based event, had in fact originated in Mexico. Focusing the blame on growing fields that are widely known to be fertilized with human waste is a stupid notion. They also reported another bit of disinformation to confuse the consumer. They concluded that the contamination was exclusive to Jalapeños and introduced into the population through salsas and various hot sauces. Was this conclusion a diversion? The industry, like most big business is prone to spreading misinformation to protect their profits.

To demonstrate the ripple-effect caused by events, a friend recently told me that his mother and step-father own a small almond farm in central California. They rent the bees in the spring in order to pollinate the almond trees. In 2001 they paid just below $10,000 for the service. The price projected for spring of 2009 is approaching $80,000. This incredible increase is due partly because the bee handlers are somewhat a monopoly and can set their own prices and partly because of the shortage of bees. A price increase of this size sends ripples of effect felt throughout the entire economy.

An independent farm (as compared to the government controlled co-ops) cannot recoup this much of an increase only by raising their product prices. They must also cut back on expenses. Reminds you of the current energy predicament, doesn’t it? Manufacturers of equipment suffer. Employees suffer. The farmers themselves suffer.

The distributers, of course, increase their prices to cover their losses (and, of course, increase it a little more to skim a bit more profit). The consumer, of course, is the ultimate loser in all of this. Their wages are rarely adjusted to absorb their losses… None of this ever concerns big industry that believe that they can buy their way out of any bad situation that the rabble on the street experience as long as they continue to collect their multi-million dollar bonuses.

America is very quickly becoming similar to France before the revolution. Corporate giants live in comfort as kings living in the luxurious castles on the hill overlooking the starving peasants. The workers who provide and create all of the wealth never profit from their work. Countries are quickly becoming nothing more than fenced in pieces of real estate. The real power is exercised and enjoyed by the Kings of Commerce.

A frightening age has dawned on us. Many birds are dying. Wild deer and geese are declining in Canada. Environmentally important insects are becoming extinct. Honeybees, necessary for the survival of our food supplies, are disappearing! Only God can save mankind by utilizing an Apocalypse to guarantee future generations. Spread the news and live a little longer hopefully with a better life. Read the Babushka books to widen your horizon.

GMO Trio

Special! Special!

A melon-gene-onion that is three times the size of an “outdated” onion is now on sale! Unfortunately, it is all water and no longer tastes like onion. And, by the way, it is also three times the price! What a bad deal!

PS: I no longer eat beef with red fat and now wonder about eggs? Get educated fast. Read Genetic Modification Exposed! before it is too late. The genetic modification of our food is guaranteed to shorten our lives. This book available free to read or download on the Internet at


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