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66 Proofs for 14 Prophetic Calendar Railroad Stations


God’s Plan for Humanity runs on a scheduled route through 14 stations like an international train in Europe. If you have the train schedule in hand you do not need a wristwatch to know what time it is. Just look out the window to see what station you are at and compare it with the schedule you will know what time it is to the minute, hour and day.

A historic schedule is embedded in two biblical books of Daniel and Revelation and was written in symbolic prophetic language over 500 years apart. However each book was structured on a different ancient calendar system, which is a vital fact not known by theologians or scientists. When an international train passes into a different country with a different local time zone, the schedule will reflect that shift in time on the planned arrival and departure period. It is similar with two different time calendars to compute prophetic time.

Our civilization is still using two ancient calendar systems analogue similar to two temperature scales Fahrenheit and Centigrade, which operate on two autonomous methods both measuring the same outside temperature. Their numeric scales come together at one point "minus" 40°, thus calculate the intensity of a temperature useful to define the environment.   

Likewise, we can transpose the two different veiled Torah-bible calendars to mark the same date in time in parallel, like a thermometer calibrated in Centigrade on one side and Fahrenheit on the other side. My research correlated an ancient bible calendar system with a corrected Gregorian-NASA calendar and overlaid it with the Hebrew holiday structure rooted in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). They can be logically aligned to a single corrected Hebrew calendar scale that applies prophetic mystery dates and events of antiquity in the proper setting of future Bible prophecy.

This approach revealed several prophetic cycles I call “gears”, educated long time ago a German clockmaker. This unfamiliar method is useful to decipher key events across the entire Bible history spectrum demonstrated with certain time intervals. By combining it into a single calibrated unified scale acceptable to scientists and hopeful theologians not educated in science linking it with astronomical events (like solstices) to logical provide incredible proof for a Bible timetable.

With this odd method, I have projected precise dates of future events. The solstice date of 21 December 2012 aligned dramatically with several autonomously developed calendar systems similar to the minus 40° example for the Fahrenheit and Centigrade temperature scales mentioned previously. Thus, the biblical, Hebrew/Jewish calendar of history and prophecy can be confirmed outside denominational Bible theology. Some of the chronological points in Bible history and prophecy intersected with the following non-biblical time markers:

Bible exposition requires a minimum of two witnesses [+one] to prove that it is authentic as is done legally in court. (Deuteronomy 19:15) My research in dating the seven-year Apocalypse well supported by an integrated projection of the future prophecy with 66 proofs, made possible by the discovery of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). I have combined three dissimilar calendar-dating systems that mathematically aligned to 21 December 2012, which is when the earth axis wobble came to rest.

It surprised me greatly to notice the many proofs overlaid with other dates now totaling 66 witnesses to match with the interpretation of Hebrew Alphabet. This ancient chronological time system is like a train schedule where each station stop has been correlated with historic events of the past.

The Hebrew Alphabet has 22 letters overlaid in a world clock calendar to match events three times, thus meeting the witness requirement mentioned above. Interestingly, this gives logical one more proof for each of the Bible’s 66 books, and I ask why? Check the additional Pearls to widen knowledge horizons.

The Bible’s Rosetta Stone of Prophecy

Not many theologians know that the Hebrew letters have imbedded mathematical meanings linked to science values that can be used in dating future events. The events of history-prophecy coordinate time cycles between stations on two perspective levels. One is the Daleth Dimension “in this world in this time” and the other is the Heh Dimension “heaven, the other side”. That discovery exposed a calendar clock embedded in Genesis which deciphered ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums around the world which turned out to be another Babushka egg concept book #3, especially for scientists.  

The above example of parallel numeric scales to measure temperature demonstrates how the same physical property may be accurately described by parallel number systems. We most commonly use a base-10 system using digits from 0-9. The binary system used in computers just uses 0 and 1, like off and on. The value of each digit is determined by its ordinal position in the numeric array or line-up. In simple mathematic we learned about the one’s place, ten’s place, hundred thousands place, etc. of a given number adapted from the Roman-Arabic counting system.

Almost every major Biblical prophecy is written on a different counting system. Most theologians never knew that prophetic times were written with different ancient calendars. We should not postulate, like unscientific atheistic evolution religion taught in schools, that our 24-hour clock existed for hundreds of thousands of years. It is not a methodical fact applied in true science.

That also would put an illogical different spin on any denominational interpretation. If we want to understand the future fulfillment of prophecy, we need to work with these different calendars over the spectrum of time. God wisely reveals hidden events of prophecy on one or more foreshadowing types, which may be either sets of events or personages duplicated to avoid misconception.

The time elapsed between prophetic fulfillments varies but tell the same story. It is like standing on a mountaintop and seeing other mountaintops going in the distance without being able to determine how large or broad the valleys are between them.

But if you want to know what the calendar is between mountaintops, we could project now the distance between them. This phenomenon not previously known by biased theologians and is particularly true for the most important events in the unfolding of God’s Plan for Humanity. It is now revealed for the first time in various unusual science statements linked to general theology expressed in Babushka egg concept books.

We have the example of the 70 Weeks Prophecy found in (Daniel: 9), which follows this pattern of prophetic fulfillment particularly well. Solving its mysteries revealed a Rosetta Stone of Bible Prophecy. This prophecy predicted the first and second comings of Yeshua the Messiah. The key to unlocking the prophecy was discovering that it was written in dual number systems – one for each coming based on two different calendars:

Theologians postulate that one prophetic Daniels week equals seven years, predicted by using the Messiah Yeshua birth schedule AD/BC well known even by atheists using his calendar in science spectrum. Both are not aware of a previous earth axis wobble caused by an asteroid 5.February2287BC screwing up any projection.

But why do we still use the ancient 7 day-week system mentioned in the first page of the Torah which Adam 4004BC used to date his grandchildren all the way to Methuselah 969 old measured in Aztec calendar years?

In Hebrew Heh =5 means the other heavenly or metaphysical side of reality analogue our invisible Mind. It predicted that Jesus/Yeshua will come again at the end of the Apocalypse in 2015 AD. Only the hour is unknown as the globe turns around with different time zones.

The seven-based and five-based number-time marking systems possess differing positions of ordinal numeric importance. This means that Daniel's pivotal 70th Week of prophesied events is located in a different position order in each number system. The placement of the base-7 defining the 70th Week (the seven years of the Apocalypse) is located in or aligns within the range of the base-5 mirror image 70th Week, which begins in 1968 and ends in 2018. See Chapter 7 of Mystery of Tammuz 17 Babushka Egg for a complete explanation.

Remember, Daniel’s time frame calendar was based on a Aztec-Chinese [52 or 60 base] system. John coming 500 years later used the decimal Roman calendar system, such as a 1000-year Messianic Reign. He no longer used the 490-year cycles [Base-7]. However, the thermometer scale difference situation is known, we can measure time corrected to our NASA calendar on either side of the scale. That was never recognized by theologians even scientist ignorant believing in an unscientific atheistic evolution religion which makes it impossible to interpret archaeological artifacts or geology in general embedded in rocks or muck.  

The 7-base and 5-base is discovered in (Dan. 9:24-27) in a chronological correlation, which is the scriptural key of Bible prediction and became the foundation of my Rosetta Stone to better understand Bible prophecy. It has a mathematical 7:5 ratio analog like a two-rail railroad track code that deciphers what happened in the heavenly Heh dimension where the control room activates a program to be executed on earth the Daleth dimension similar watching a 360⁰ movie theater.

Just as the Rosetta stone enabled Egyptologists to unlock the mysteries of Egyptian hieroglyphics, so the biblical Rosetta Stone unlocked many of the key mysteries surrounding the dating the Apocalypse as the two dimension realities was never understood before by biased theologians. Calculating dates based on those mathematical systems of 7s and 5s results in several other amazing fits, too.

The Bible or Hebrew calendar is based on a 490-year cycles with a range of 7,000 years that theologians are familiar with, but another calendar system was used in antiquity. It was like the Aztec calendar merged with the Antikythera Clock Mechanism now correlated; we can scientifically decipher the 14.305789 year-time-constant Daniel used. Thus, 32 bronze gears of the Antikythera Clock Mechanism reveal how the ancients measured time, which also matches the stone skull head calendar in Mexico City’s outdoor museum display. Those ancient gold, bronze, or stone clocks exhibited in various museums measure a different time base not yet deciphered by atheistic scientists believing in an illogical evolution religion that prevented them from figuring it out for a hundred years because they ignored what the Bible reveals in Genesis starting a calendar system different from today.     

If we multiply this constant 14.305789 with Daniel’s prophecy [time, times, ½time], we get the same chronological range of [12-cycles x 490-year] historic cycle length, which matched the NASA calendar to a day 25.July 2015. How is that possible?

Also note that both calendars are based on solstice-equinox calculations that become the third [+one] witness, which cannot be reasoned away by scientists as they are very accurate, being embedded in the whole solar system and not subject to distortion to match a faulty atheistic thinking of an expanding universe. This is yet another fairy tale from the totally ignorant atheistic evolution priesthood camp avoiding logic to discover Truth.

The full scope of God’s Plan for Humanity is now revealed for the first time in my Babushka egg books and pearls. It has never been preached in church, as God announced the Apocalypse programmed on an exact schedule to have the train arrive at that station not one minute late.

But remember, a schedule can be changed by the engineer driving the train. Even coming from a different time zone adjusting to the schedule of local time, the train nevertheless was planned by the ELOHIM management, and I have dated it with a corrected NASA calendar linked and matched the Apocalypse mathematically with 3 witnesses or 66 proofs for the uneducated skeptics. It cost me my retirement but was worth it. Check out the 22 HANS dates table found below assembled from three parallel scientific data system matching the prophetic calendar clock system.

Those discoveries came about investigating the Hebrew Alphabet Number system [HANS], which reveals a structure by which we can check out our world and difficult Bible interpretation from a 360° perspective not known in theological and scientific circles. Let’s start the process of a new educated Bible arrangement to include prophecy mathematic for those inclined to understand God’s wisdom, which is mostly forgotten in the university halls dominated by professors who reject the Bible and discarded by denominational Christians.

But if you are interested in God’s Plan for Humanity, do some more reading on this web site. It is available to read or download free on the Internet. It is not written in confused theological language but uses analogies drawn from nature by a retired scientist to explain it to my grandkids. It is impossible to review the new Bible understanding contained in my Babushka egg concept books without repeating to teach Bible-science knowledge forbidden in our schools and hope that our overview has directed your desire to read more.

One thing I can tell you for sure: there are no more excuses for Christians to show off their ignorance by saying, “No one knows the time.” To do so is to misquote Matthew 24:36 out of scriptural context. A warning is now given by God to pastors: do not loose your reward by being an enemy of the cross. A watchman who does not listen to God’s warning brings dire consequences upon himself.   

Read how you can increase your chances of surviving God’s Wrath soon to come as forecast. You are invited to become an elevated ruling member [a Saint] linked to the coming Messianic Kingdom Age. To qualify as a Saint will be tested under terrible circumstances, like gold is made pure with the dross removed by the heat of tribulation but they will also receive the highest honors given according to God’s will and purposes planned before the foundation of the earth! 

The Apocalypse 2008-2015 is certain projected years ago not changed. Less certain probable is a delayed NYC atom-destruction projected 9 February 2009/2015 matching the Jewish holiday of TU-B’Shevat.  You can also read about or Purim. It is like the others but still needs the third witness [+one]. God must reveal further to be authentic. It could signal the start of the Sea-Beast system in America flowing over into Europe as the world political capitalistic system headquartered in New York and United Nations is transferred to Europe to the ancient Roman system from Daniel’s perspective the fourth beast system. Theologian still biased in seven year Daleth cycles but using the Heh-5 based system will shorten the Apocalypse to 5 month.

If you live in the New York City area, I would strongly suggest take a vacation that week if you want to increase your chances of living a little longer as the schedule outlined matches so many dates overlaying Jewish holiday cycles set in motion by God since Moses time which makes New York demise 90% probable.  

Check the HANS cuckoo clock calendar to widen knowledge horizons to make you wiser. (Daniel 12:10)

22 HANS Dates

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