Seven Thunders Micro-Eggs -

Introduction to the Seven Thunders Mystery (Rev. 10) Pesach 5777 (1 March [40 days] to 10 April 2017)


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Storm God

A schedule of the Apocalypse birth pangs was revised in Pearl #276 from what was calculated previously 2008-2015 by a hi-tech inventor from a science perspective. A screwed up Hebrew calendar needed to be corrected, which extended God’s Wrath by two years. A dead American Christian Church will now perish.

It falsified truth with denominational dogmas, thus became corrupted and would not listen to the many Babushka egg warnings sent from the Creator ELOHIM. They totally ignored another chosen Jonah as Time has run out to get educated 1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016). The Seven Thunders in Revelation 10 is now decoded to finalize this last Jonah-II Warning and is added to Pearl #270 previously sent as letters to 100 global Embassies, 300 universities and 80 Christian TV stations to let the New World Order know that the prophesied global Judgment has arrived. (Pearls  #175, #666 and #777)

Read the revised schedule of the Apocalypse Birth Pangs in Pearl #276 -
Which Calendar is Correct?

Like in ancient times, Jonah left the town square after he gave his warning. I am now watching the end of a Chet-Age for the promised return of Yeshua-Jesus in 190 days, projected on 10 April 2017 as only the owner can change his schedule like he did in Nineveh but not in Sodom and Gomorrah. It was calculated from science perspectives overlaid with the Torah-Bible and historic events that can decipher Bible mysteries applying science never preached in Christian Prophecy Summit meetings or churches. When the Torah-Bible is evaluated with physics and mirror-imaged in the metaphysics, a projection is confirmed by five witnesses for the skeptics otherwise we don’t have a case in court dating prophecy events.

Ignoring the 7000-year Plan for Mankind matching the Hebrew Alphabet Number System linked to ancient bronze-gold clocks in global museums makes it worse. The key is to unify five different world calendars, which intersected on 21 December 2012 when the earth axis wobbles came to rest. Thus it can correct a screwed up Hebrew calendar to better match the Tetra Blood Moon holidays. The last 40 days The Seven Thunders is now deciphered from a science perspective presented by five witnesses pointing to 1 March 2017 for the final sudden Judgment like mirror imaged Noah’s Atlantis Civilization totally perished (150 + 40 = 190).

Thunder #1 - Why a forbidden GMO-Transgenetic science technology is copied from the Atlantis Civilization (2288 BC) incurring again God’s Wrath? 

Thunder #2 - Two Witnesses from the Heh dimension, Enoch - Elijah (Rev. 11:1-19)

Thunder #3 - The purpose of EVIL - a mystery linked to Satan and Demons.

Why do they come to earth? The First Woe in Revelation

Thunder #4 - Four Death Angels - The Second Woe in Revelation

Thunder #5 - The last War at Armageddon - Jacob’s Trouble 

Thunder #6 - The Dactyl Asteroid - GOD’S final WRATH - The Third Woe

Thunder #7 - The Seventh Trumpet, Watch the Sky - Extraterrestrial Events 

The last 40 days Thunder events end on Pesach 5777 - 10 April 2017, which is the center of God’s Plan for Mankind one way another with the birthing of a different civilization. It revealed that Evil is terminated to give the remnant mortals a final Sabbath rest never experienced before to start over.  Adam and Eve did not pass the test trusting the Creator, thus would have had wonderful fulfilling Life. However, it resulted in a bloody history being governed by Satan now dated by many witnesses. It needs five witnesses in any Court of Law to convince a skeptical jury to arrive at the truth.

The Seven Thunders will raise the last history curtain of the final act planned before mankind was created. The story of mankind was documented from science perspective collected in Babushka egg concept books and many Pearls preserved in the Books of books on the other side. The future New Earth Jod dimension will exhibit a huge URN in a Tundra museum, mirror-imaged like in Israel inscribed in golden letters: The History of Mankind 4488 BC-3018 AD. The urn will contain some old dirt from the Jerusalem property that ELOHIM bought with 50 silver coins as a memorial to Yeshua-Jesus, his son along with a video record of the actual events. A table will display the records of Torah-Bible and the 10 Commandments on stone plates. There will be Torah-Bibles translated in every language with videos of every saved person’s life story.

General Observations not Taught in Church

Please notice and consider: only the owner of the Kosmos can pick His final day or hour to visit the earth. That final choice can be linked to the prophesied Seven Thunders mystery schedule, which is now deciphered. It finalizes every prophecy of the Torah-Bible to start God’s Kingdom on Earth with the upcoming Saints. They are the new administration to teach the 10 Commandments and introduce a New Divine Covenant linked to Kosmos laws to govern the surviving remnant of mankind. Thus, the Torah-Bible will then be exhibited in a monument for future generations, greatly honored as the greatest manuscript that documented mankind history and the end of Satan and his demons.

The Kosmos Heh-dimension blueprint shows the final conclusion of institutionalized EVIL that started with Lucifer’s rebellion (4488 BC-JC). He became Satan, controlling mankind’s affairs and ruling the world. Satan will soon be terminated and plague mankind no more with disasters and corrupt governments causing wars, bloodshed and horrendous sufferings. Satan intended extinction by genetically altering the human-animal-vegetation gene pool, thus destroying all LIFE on earth.

To save mankind, the Elohim will answer in Seven Thunders, which is difficult to comprehend because we are no longer educated in the true science of 100 years ago. Why is it globally suppressed by atheistic universities? They favor grants from psychopath NYC bankers to keep the 21st century civilization totally ignorant of true knowledge. They replaced it with lies and deceptions educating the next generation in fairy tales and succeeded to demolish Christian faith and many ancient cultures. 

Even many Bible translations are corrupted, but they will be restored and preached again in purity at the final climax of God’s Plan for Mankind. When Truth was shielded, God revealed a Kosmos plan for mankind to end Satan’s 6000-year old dominion and allow a 1000-year Sabbath rest for mankind to demonstrate how Adam and Even could have lived trusting the Creator. To suffer Evil was part of God’s plan explained now from a science perspective with many Bible references. As long the web exists, some facts are presented in YouTube. Some have opinions of future events or how to survive, projecting the last apocalypse events. Some charge money like most theologians.

But why not compare it to Babushka egg Pearls ending in Seven Mystery Thunders, which are free to widen Bible horizons? Check the five witnesses dating. Remember Genesis recorded events suppressed in atheistic universities teaching fake science deception. Noah’s boat floated 150 days within a shortened 6-month year, as verified in an ancient bronze plate. (Pearl #232) Noah’s boat, shaken violently with tidal waves, recorded 40 days of rain caused by a gigantic asteroid that changed an ancient Genesis calendar. Another witness is found in Pearl #151 about the new 13th Ophiuchus zodiac constellation dated 21 November - the same witness date when Israel became a nation again born with UN resolution #181 on 21 November 1947. Using Jesus’ projections of 70 years, all merge to one date explained in many Pearls to widen a knowledge horizon in science. (Pearls  #777, #273)

The end of the Apocalypse comes 190 days after 1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016). During those days, you will see a reaction on YouTube, if the web still exists. The headlines will go ballistic and shock everybody by extraordinary terrible events never experienced before, now explained in detail by many short Pearls and 22 even shorter Pearlettes. Much was previously captured in 14 Babushka egg concept books not allowed in universities. But YouTube videos tell the same story with a new hi-tech MEDIA, as reading long texts is no longer possible for people so brain-dead they resemble a turkey ranch. When the full impact of God’s Wrath has arrived, you will recognize the last Bible prophecy formerly proclaimed by Jonah-II. Do not look at his finger, but where the finger is pointing.

Notice the signs foretold by Yeshua (Matt. 24) and the 40-day long 2nd & 3rd Woe prophecy events ending with the Seven Thunders of God’s Wrath 11 April 2017 - Passover 5777. For a full rounded perspective, Bible events must be confirmed directly by the Creator, who will send a special angel to add divine information. He is usually disguised as a mortal scholar to help a prophet or Gospel writer thus will add invisible and correct divine information verbatim now covered up by a human penname to document the Torah-Bible linked to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System embedded in every word. An unknown penname wrote the creation story, “In the beginning…” and John the Apostle described the WORD, closing divine revelation in 5777. An interesting video on the end want to sell you a book: Illuminati Will Collapse American Dollar And US Economy 2016 (8/20/2016),