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Below is a brief summary of each Babushka Book with a link to its table of contents and a one page overview of its themes and contents. Have fun discovering the eternal truths and wisdom locked within what the author calls his "Babushka Books" that present a priceless string of biblical pearls. They are guaranteed to widen your knowledge horizons beyond what theologians or scientists have taught for hundreds of years.


Apocalypse ProphesiedApocalypse Prophesied - Who?

From Eden to New Jerusalem: God's Plan for Humanity
Book One Table of Contents: 7,000 Years of Bible History & Prophecy Babushka Book #1
Babushka #1 -

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This book identifies who the main players are in God’s Plan for Humanity. Many are ignorant about the Bible because we are not allowed to read it in public anymore, which has created a vacuum in understanding and led to a totally atheistic society.

Also, our modern pace of life forces everybody to be in a hurry. We have so little time left to discover what is most important in life, like what will happen after death. This book provides a synopsis of God’s 7,000-year plan from the creation of the universe to the end of human history. It was written for those who might not have easy access to a Bible and so includes a thousand Bible verses that can be read free on the Internet in four languages. The entire book (or by chapter) may be downloaded for free in all four languages. Published English, Spanish and German editions may be purchased through our Amazon book store.

Don’t expect a theological treatise, rapturous escapism or a lot of footnotes. Instead, you will be challenged by this rational presentation of the soon-coming events that will change your life!This book is like a mini-Bible. It retells the high points of God’s Plan for Humanity planned before the earth was made. I did not write it for theologians but rather for those who have never read the Bible.

Many religions prohibit Bible Study – sometimes under threat of life, but through this book hundreds of Bible verses with some simple explanations can be read by anyone with access to the Internet for free. Many confusing Bible concepts are clarified from a scientific perspective by using many familiar illustrations from nature. For an example, the life cycle of butterfly explains Biblical concepts of God’s revelation never taught in church. Even Christians will find rational answers to many of the mysteries of life and the Bible, such as:

• What does the Bible and science tell us about God? Why did He create humans?
• Why will a loving God judge all nations with seven years of severe trials and tribulation leaving only about 10-20% alive at the end?
• What is the purpose for the Apocalypse? Why does it begin in heaven? What are angels? Can angels die?
• How does Noah’s Flood help to date the Apocalypse?
• How might society’s greedy exploitation of nature through genetic manipulation cause the Apocalypse to start even sooner?
• What makes Antichrist so different from all the previous world conquerors? Why is he so evil? What does number 666 mean?
• How will Jesus’ coming 1,000 year government be structured so that true peace and justice finally becomes reality for all peoples?
• What happens when people die? What will hell be like?
• What will happen to Israel and the church during the Apocalypse? Why?
• What will the New Jerusalem be like? What does the rainbow really signify?

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Mystery of Tammuz 17Mystery of Tammuz 17 - What?

Ancient Hebrew Keys to Dating the Apocalypse
Book Two Table of Contents: The 7 Years of Great Tribulation
Babushka Book #2
Babushka #2 -

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In my first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, I arranged the main events of prophecy in the context of God’s plan for humanity. Only when we have understood the fundamental ideas about that plan will the Apocalypse make sense.

This book details the main events of the Apocalypse. The seven years ending our present age of human strife under Satan’s schooling ends with the birth of the Saints, the graduates of Satan’s school who will be resurrected into the Jod dimension. The present, corrupt and evil world system will be terminated and burnt by cleansing fire to remove harmful genetically modified organisms. Satan and his school will be disposed of - like a placenta no longer needed. As the inoculated against evil Saints are released from the present age school of evil, the teacher is put in jail for one thousand years.

This book explains many mysteries found in reading the Bible that have stumped theologians for centuries. In particular, it explains how key events of the Apocalypse can now be dated and why it was not possible before. The prophesied Apocalypse will take place over a seven-year period, which was precisely scheduled from the beginning of time.

Those interested to know how, when and what will happen must read this second Babushka book specializing in the Apocalypse, 21 December 2008-2015. It is also translated and found online in four languages. It was also written for those who might not have easy access to a Bible and so includes a thousand Bible verses that can be read free on the Internet in four languages. The entire book (or by chapter) may be downloaded for free in all four languages. Published English, Spanish and German editions may be purchased through our Amazon book store.

Daniel 12:10 boldly states that the wise will understand prophetic chronology in the last days. Accordingly, my second book provides amazing details about what is going to take place and when according to my scientific approach to Bible Prophecy.

The Bible predicts the future, but scholars widely disagree on what the Bible says! How can the average person sort out fact from fiction? Have those days already begun?

• How do you know that the Apocalypse will begin on December 21, 2008? Why are you so sure?
• How does 12 December 2012 link the Aztec, Chinese and Hebrew calendars?
• Can God change his schedule to make it start sooner or later?
• What has the jubilee (50) year gear between 1968 and 2018 got to do with the Bible’s Rosetta stone and Daniel’s 70 Weeks prophecy?
• How and when is the spirit world revealed to mortals? What are Antichrist’s “Shock Troops”? Will mortal believers go through these trials?
• How does the Hebrew Alphabet Number System unlock and confirm God’s ancient schedule for history and prophecy?
• Why is it important to read both testaments of the Bible?
• How do Jewish festivals reveal the dates of the Apocalypse?

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2012 and the End of Institutional Evil2012 and the End of Institutional Evil

The Last Days of Satan, Antichrist & the Mahdi - 21 Decmber 2012 in Bible Prophecy
Table of Contents: A 209-page edited digest of Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17
Babushka Book #2.5
Babushka #2.5
A 209-page digest of
Babushka Books 1 & 2.

The last great global war is about to begin. The stage is being set up before our eyes.

The audience is rife with speculation, and they come to the production with their team colors already chosen, ready to cheer and certain of victory.

 The main protagonists already stand partially hidden in the present mists of historic prophecy, their faces still unclear. Who are they? What is their contention? Have we already started this last war against the real terror that seeks to destroy humanity?

While the honest answer still remains yes and no, this short book will both surprise and enrage the audience because of erroneous preconceptions. The true enemies are just as present among and within them as on stage. Because they are still walking around earth at the time a great world leader offering moral hope rises to power, millions of Christians will not recognize him as Antichrist. He may seem as one of them, yet his charismatic appeal and apparent economic power will sway the rest of the world, too.

Crisis is quickly coming to western civilization. Besides the growing challenges from a moral and economic implosion from within, external competition for resources and regional security will escalate tensions from without. Sincere Muslim families struggling to survive in a rapidly changing world will be deceived by their leaders once again. Zealots for Allah who sacrifice all in a holy war against a deceptively greedy and morally corrupt culture thought to be Christian will also be duped. A hero proclaimed their Mahdi will say that he seeks to destroy the enemies of Allah. Instead, he will battle to take the global system over for himself. In fact, the common people will lose in the case of either champion’s victory.

Everyone, including Christians and Muslims, will be forced to take sides in the days ahead. The choices to be made will not be clear or rational. We will all be reeling from the ashes of warfare and face the smoky threat of terminal terror. Families will cry out for food amidst a worldwide economic panic caused by the massive impact of failed global financial policies. Most are and will continue to be blinded by the spiritual confusion of materialistic religions holding hands in rebellion against the Creator. With the increased intensity of the moment, no one will know who is on stage or the proper participatory role to play without a program.

This small book is your program. You did not come upon it by chance. Sit tight and read well. It could make a survival difference for you or for your children. Choose life and endure until the end.

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Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar MysteriesAsteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries - When?

Why the ancients built so many pyramids, observatories and complex clocks
Book Three Table of Contents: An Extra Spin Axis of our Earth? Seven Mystery clocks deciphered.
Babushka Book #3
Babushka #3 -

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This Babushka book is about when. It links to time cycles measured by ancient bronze-gold clocks found in many museums around the world. They were never deciphered. For hundreds of years scientists could not figure out what kind of time and calendar events they kept track of. Even the Antikythera clock in Athens with 32 bronze gears and three dials dated 100 years before Christ remains a mystery to them.

All clocks conform to ancient calendars and zodiac positions to tell time. I discovered a world clock in Genesis, the first book in the Bible, describing hidden cycles not obvious to theologians. That cracked the code for all the other clocks. Since many theologians and scientists are ignorant of the Bible, they have preconceived and faulty concepts about nature. Some even think that God must be stupid.

To most theologians and scientists, God is not real: the almighty Creator is just a figment of human imagination, fears and needs for psychological support. It is inconceivable to them that real intelligence is structurally embedded in His creation that even reveals his plan and purpose for humanity. These biases have prevented the understanding of many mysteries for thousands years.

They have missed the natural cycles functioning like a cuckoo clock seen above his Throne in Heaven surrounded with a rainbow with spectral lines embedded as described by John in Revelation 4 and explained in my 6th Babushka book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story. Genesis reveals a clock calendar schedule for two ball players - humanity and Satan. I am not surprised to find one clock veiled in heaven above God’s Throne, as the plan for humanity originated there.

The ancient priests of various religions did know some interesting aspects of the earth’s orbit around the sun, which they embedded in ancient clocks they designed. The structure of these calendar clocks serve as independent historical witnesses across the ages and from around the world to confirm what was written in the prophetic Word of God called the Bible.

Ancient clocks tell us that the earth once rotated with a backwards wobble. It posed a great challenge to early scientists and priests contending with switched sunrises and sunsets a few times and is very interesting to see how various ancient cultures solved the common problem of uneven years and shifting lengths of seasons by building so many pyramids, outdoor observatories, clocks and calendars. Each of their complicated systems required advanced mathematics, which has not been understood in modern times because almost all university researchers believing in atheistic fairytales assume that the earth’s seasonal cycles have remained unchanged for billions of years. This book examines newly discovered science facts of recent research work published in magazines to balance it with wisdom from the Bible, which took some time to accumulate.

To write for an audience of scientists believing in evolutionary fairytales elevated to educational dogma requiring billions of years is a challenge to any writer. Yet, with all of our modern technology, most still do not know the purpose for human existence and do not know why the universe exists either. God has now revealed the explanation of many mysteries concerning ancient bronze-gold clocks hanging in museums, ancient pyramids and stone circles and even the reasons for some of the traditionally preserved features found in fancy clocks from the Middle Ages. That really served no critical function, such as the last ancient astrological clock design in Prague high up the bell tower that even serves as a model for a cuckoo clock sold to tourists.

This book upends a lot of faulty teaching found in universities being postulated by an atheistic academic priesthood trying to undermine and silence God’s Word. Ancient clocks adjusted to NASA atom clock calculations were needed by God, and by mankind, to keep a redemption plan right on schedule. That schedule reveals preset dates of ancient prophecies dated like a railroad is planned with stations going through different time zones.

That schedule reveals preset dates of ancient prophecies like the dating of the Apocalypse laid out with stations going through different time zones on a dual railroad for balance. History cycles can project future dates accurate to a day if ancient clock-calendars are calibrated to our present NASA calendar because God planned it that way. The present astronomical calendar does not change any longer because the earth’s wobbling axis has almost come to rest at a 23½° tilt today.

Ignorance of God’s Plan for Humanity and ancient clocks has created much confusion in Bible seminaries, where ivory tower philosophers come up with all kinds of dogmas that do not make scientific sense. Faith got a bad repudiation from these dreamed up religious dogmas because the theologians did not recognize the logical, scientific evidence embedded in the Bible, which is identified clearly once one knows God’s Plan for a new Jod universe.

We can find out about the schedule and learn a lot about physics in the process. Bible prophecy connects to a time dimension following scientific laws, which puts the Bible back on top, worthy once again of great respect.

My third book presents a totally new approach to understanding what the past was like by asking and answering some direct cause and effect questions about time, calendars and ancient clocks that mystify scholars. I reject the foolishness that dominates narrow-minded, monorail science found on university campuses as well as raising some important questions for similarly biased, monorail theologians.

Some history buffs believe that the Aztec culture flourished for thousands of years before the Spanish conquered Mexico in the 1500s. In this book, you will learn why their calendar systems are even older than most scholars think. What I propose in this third Babushka book is controversial. It presents evidence that a major asteroid impact happened in 2288 BC, which changed the length of the earth’s seasons. For a while, it even caused the sun to rise in the west! These pages present support from geology, from bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums, from pictures on ancient temple walls and from the Bible’s 7,000-year, historic-prophetic calendar system structured in the time cycles that define the gears turning the hands on the dials of the Bible’s prophecy clock.

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Genetic Modification Exposed!Genetic Modification Exposed! - Why?

The Fourth Babushka Mini-Egg
Revelation's fourth rider [pale or green horse] is GMO technology in our food that will soon kill one third of the human population.
Babushka Book #4
Babushka #4 -

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Genetically Modified Organisms - GMOs are now face the world with a bigger threat than terrorists or nuclear bombs from the Middle East.

This book explains why the Apocalypse must be so severe. Because of modern technology’s unnatural and greedy manipulation of many species’ genetic codes, God must destroy large areas of the globe to preserve the creation. The world’s environmental ecosystems must be cleansed and purified through fire and extensive calamities so that mankind can survive.

Modern society has become totally corrupt. In their race of mega-profits, global corporations are destroying the earth for the next generation by genetically modifying all foods. The products of this mad science are destroying the natural balance built into the creation, such as causing massive extinction of honeybees that are disappearing. If left unchecked, this irresponsible use of scientific knowledge would by itself terminate God’s creation and destroy His Plan for Humanity at the same time.

Massive biological manipulation is poisoning the environment with wholesale destruction. God must interfere to save what he created for future generations. A willful rebellious atheism lies at the core of this global threat to all life. It has almost reached the point of no return and must be stopped in the next three years or Satan will be able to gloat, “This time, God, I screwed up your creation irreversibly because I am more powerful than you!”

Watch God’s reaction to Satan’s greatest challenges since the Flood. God must not delay His schedule by showing mercy for a second chance. Instead, He must hurry up to save the creation before the natural order becomes extinct. The cuckoo bird now set to appear at the “midnight hour” of 21 December 2012, which will reset the time dimension in another parabolic time direction as even the ancient Mayans and Aztecs recorded in their calendars. To become educated about one of the greatest crimes being committed against humanity, read this Babushka about a primary cause of the Apocalypse 2008-2015.

The public is asleep to this great danger that is destroying the nutritional value of all food on earth. The result will be human extinction if God does not intervene. If you read Mystery of Tammuz 17, I did not deal extensively with the seven seals opened in heaven but focused more on the after effects during the last three years of the apocalypse.

I now understand that the first four seals opened describe the manmade causes of destruction on earth that force God to respond in order to stop the spiritual madness that threatens the earth with total destruction – the genetic perversion and ultimate annihilation of all life. The prophesied sequence of events now seems unstoppable as the chain reaction of a collapsing civilization becomes the apocalypse foretold in the Bible. In His mercy, God wants to provide millions of survivors with another chance to live and develop a third civilization that will last 1,000 years on earth.

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Reflections on Global WarmingReflections on Global Warming - Witness

The Fifth Babushka Mini-Egg
Book Five: God’s plan for humanity, the coming Apocalypse and a new perspective on global warming.
Babushka Book #5
Babushka #5 -

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This book witnesses against the false opinions promoted by atheistic governments, which is one of the latest and most popular hot buttons for politicians to put more money in their pocket. Not surprisingly, they are not interested to learn that historical events reported in the Bible can tell us the cause of global warming.

We can become informed about climate change in ancient books of many civilizations especially coming from a historic 4,000-year Bible perspective. Learning about events recorded by ancient eyewitness can aid us in a global warming theory why the weather is changing in our time which could give us enough data for a climate model and not wasting a lot of dollars in wild speculative assumption on top of assumption.

Therefore any discussion on global warming connected with the Bible should not be stifled by the establishment. I invite my fellow scientists to get a little educated in the true realism of what is happening to our globe from a spiritual Christian perception using a dual rail approach. Global warming theories finally come around to agree with the Bible to establish facts and reject fairytale theories from the past as explained in Science News.

Studying God’s creation increases knowledge and makes us wiser. If you want to be educated in science from God’s perspective, this short booklet unifies a number of scientific and theological concepts that are scaled from larger to smaller patterns of structured principles like each Babushka book is a little smaller.

Modern consumers are too wrapped up in high-technology gadgets and other entertaining diversions to connect the dots of what is going on in our world today. While the Genetically Modified and cloned food issues capture news headlines along with repeated expert discussions on global warming, the public continues its habitual thought patterns of too busy to worry about world affairs. Despite the availability of instant news on TVs and access to unlimited knowledge on the Internet, most will not wake up to the seriousness of the hour until it is too late.

I believe the reason for modern societies’ cluelessness comes from an education system that leaves its graduates totally ignorant of a human being’s inner spiritual life. How is it that thousands of colleges and universities graduate millions who are so uninformed of the spirit dimension?

Why has our enlightened society come to close to completely destroying our environment when ecological science is over 50 years old? Because modern civilization has been more completely blinded by greed and self indulgence than any other in the history of humanity - except perhaps the age of Atlantis, known in the Bible as the years before the Flood of Noah.

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A Donut Atom Nuclear Story A Donut Atom Nuclear Story

The Sixth Babushka Mini-Egg
Babushka Book #6
Babushka #6

This last book is wow. It discusses how God created and sustains the universe. For centuries people looked up into the starry sky and wondered about how it got started. How old is the universe? Why does it exist?

When electron microscopes were invented, it became possible to look at the universe found within an atom. At the subatomic and atomic levels, the smallest scale model of the entire universe may be found. The universe’s vast spaces between humongous galaxies are replicated by the relatively vast spaces found between an atom’s particles. Today, peering through a telescope or a microscope looks the same.

Many forces we experience daily cannot be fully explained by physics. For example, how is “life” manufactured? Where did it come from? The same line of questioning applies to gravity, which is still a mystery. Add to it magnetism, electricity, light and what we call the dimension of time, and even more concepts debated in science and religion in fact become even more complex. Their study demands a concentrated gathering of information that seems to come with a lot of confusion not following the path of logic. They become so complex that their equations cannot be processed without massive computers capable of handling billions data bytes per second.

However, God has turned on the light to shine in darkness. Now, for the first time in history, His Plan for Humanity has been more completely revealed from the dual perspective of applied science and the Bible. That is because the time has come for the Apocalypse to begin, which will consummate human history outside of God’s government. These ideas will not be found in theological institutions or explained in the halls of leading universities. They arrived just in time to set the record straight for true scientists during a time dominated by an atheistic education system devoid of common sense

This final Babushka book presents a new theory of atomic structure. Many believe in fairytales and false doctrines invented by fallible human beings that blind them to the total picture of God’s plan for humankind from a heavenly or Heh perspective. To understand the time dimension of the material universe, we need clocks. The first cuckoo clock invented is in heaven. It was not made in Germany.

But clocks with cycle gears are linked to calendars that must work together like calculators measuring time. It requires a little background knowledge to understand how it works. My theory of atomic structure is a concept from the Bible that is much better at explaining the laws of physics, such as how gravity works. I present it from a biblical perspective unheard of in the halls of higher education. The Donut Atom Theory explores an intelligence system embedded within the rainbow found above God’s throne in the bible’s book of Revelation. It looks at atomic structure and the physical laws of the universe from God’s perspective. To read it, one must first acquire a little instruction on how atoms were created as related to the beginning of the universe. The answer conforms to God’s Plan for Humanity. Without that plan nothing makes sense, which is why atheistic university halls are full of confusion and false teaching. My last Babushka book explains nuclear science in simple language for the average person.

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Buy a Bible online.The Holy Bible - Where?

The only book you need for eternal life!
Babushka Book #7
Babushka #7 -

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The Bible can be found in almost any bookstore worldwide. It is printed in more than a hundred languages. Just ask for a Bible or check out your western hotel bed room drawer or more handy go to the Internet and type in

The Bible is really the biggest Babushka book. Within its pages we read about the history of humanity, God’s laws and principles for life and may discover God’s Plan for Humanity. The earth is God’s laboratory where we learn for ourselves the consequences of good and evil and may qualify for the promised First Resurrection of the Saints.

All my Babushka concept books are linked to the Bible, which is really the biggest Babushka book embedded with God’s concepts to educate us. Within its pages we read about the history of humanity, many of God’s laws and principles for life and may discover God’s Plan for Humanity.

It includes ancient calendars to measure time. The plan of God revealed that the earth is God’s laboratory where we learn for ourselves the consequences of good and evil and may qualify for the promised First Resurrection of the Saints similar to the illustration in nature, a two-cycle system like the caterpillar-butterfly life cycle.

My Babushka books attempt to explain more fully many concepts of God’s design of the universe and purpose for life as cross-referenced with scientific discoveries. I present a balanced, 360° theater-in-the-round projection by including discoveries like HANS – the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which opened many more mysteries.

The HANS overlay of science led me to write these six concept books that should educate some skeptics biased from incomplete information supplied by our educational system’s atheistic religion. Simply stated, God’s Word can be trusted and agrees with true science.

Reading the six Babushka books would help end the confusion of Christian bias due to faulty theology, too. The Bible reveals many mysteries from scientific perspectives that should be considered in both churches and universities.

Have fun reading these Babushka books that are designed to widen your horizons by learning something you probably wanted to know about since childhood. Learn how to become a Saint who will be resurrected after 17 September 2015. Despite being disturbed many misled pastors will join the crowd who probably will not survive the Apocalypse either being too proud to be warned by a modern day Jonah.

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I urge you to read – listen - think for yourself, so that you will not perish but accept God’s gift of Eternal Life to be saved just in time. God’s serious message to the peoples of all nations today is announced:

The Apocalypse is scheduled for
21 December 2008 - 21 December 2015.


Pearls from the Bible Ocean - More Witnesses

The Eighth Babushka Mini-Egg
Short articles outlining Herbert R. Stollorz's continuing insights and research discoveries on God’s plan for humanity, the coming Apocalypse and other related topics.
Babushka Book #8Babushka additions.

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