Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies - UREE #1

LESSON #1 - Electricity


Lesson #1 - Part 1: An Old Streetcar Motor Generates "Free Energy"

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This series of questions and answers from many experts will investigate some laws of physics to prove the theory of very cheap, clean green energy invented by Nikola Tesla and Hoffman 100 years ago.

“Free ENERGY” can be extracted from magnetic Gravity, which is proven by seeing billions of galaxies in the sky with the lights on, or Water can be used as a fuel by splitting Hydrogen and Oxygen. Tracing the energy flow, postulated in Babushka Egg Concept Book #9 free on the WEB, will point to many collected methods and inventions. Perhaps it should be added to the 700 Nikola Tesla patents confiscated and suppressed by the US Government. But the Truth can no longer be censored due to a free Internet: too many YouTube videos demonstrate “free electricity” and cheap “hydrogen fuel”. That will eventually will turn the tide and obsolete the Oil-Coal-Nuclear-Power-Cartel paying politicians to keep “free energy” off the market.

Eventually our poisoned environment will run out of Oil and dirty polluting Coal. Worse consequences will come from ignoring previous nuclear disasters in Chernobyl, Long Island and Fukushima. Look a little closer, and you will discover that every global nuclear power station is grossly leaking deadly radiation - often into underground aquifers. The public does not recognize this approaching, deadly problem. It should hopefully force a corrupt government controlling the news media to acknowledge that “infinite energy” - like Electricity and Hydrogen split from water - has been available for a hundred years. Why was “free energy” from space not allowed? Why was it suppressed nearly a century by every university? Perhaps free energy was silenced because they received lucrative Oil-cartel grants?

Once people get control of their corrupted governments, they could create a totally new civilization. That is even prophesied in the divinely written Bible. I hope it will happen before we self-destruct our degraded society.  Rather, not allowing free ENERGY will destroy and pollute permanently the global environment with deadly radiation. Why still ignore God, the Creator ELOHIM, fuelling his universe of a billion galaxies with the lights "ON” as photographed with the Hubble space telescope.

It is time to reeducate this last generation of students on what is not taught in universities that only push an atheistic unscientific evolution religion not based on reality, which dulls the mind preventing logical thinking. It caused many to believe countless speculations and fairytales not matching Newton's laws and other testimonies of historic science. Universities have silenced the knowledge of many expert scientists. You be the judge. Investigate Truth free on the Web that for the first time revealed suppressed true science as demonstrated in many YouTube videos by simple young people not having PhD degrees.

Follow the free energy trail to become better educated. Use its principles to give higher profit. Why not pass on benefits for two billion people on earth who have no wood to cook a meal for the family. The vast majority on earth still do not have electric lights linked to many useful gadgets. Free energy could ease the pain. It would create many new jobs and could eliminate deadly wars over oil energy.

Hour Glass Nebula

Most people were never educated in free energy laws. Let’s start a series of questions to postulate some “Energy for Dummies” lessons that confirm the laws of physics and link one notch higher to the forbidden metaphysics. Available knowledge can answer many questions by illustrating the laws of nature, but they should be investigated with logic of a sound mind. The NASA picture below shows an immense hourglass-galaxy, which demonstrates the principle similar to a motor turning a generator creating electricity. We can calculate its energy potential by investigating its light in seven captured rainbow colors, analyzing the Fraunhofer spectral lines once crystallized out from the infinite energy source coming from space, as revealed in the first verse in the Bible: “There was ∞ Light. (Genesis 1)


Lesson #1 - Part 2: Non-rotating Generation of
“Free Electricity”

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A.) History of a free Kosmos Energy suppressed in Universities

The Torah-Bible is the oldest book on earth and has embedded a lot of science globally censored around the world by corrupted governments. They are bribed with huge grants from psychopathic Illuminati NYC bankers printing money from thin air. But looking up in the night sky will observe that free Kosmos energy in the universe is still around seeing the lights ON in galaxies now better visualized with a telescope. A 4000-year-old bible story tells of Abraham who got a promise from the creator to look up in the night sky and count the stars. The Lord appointed him for a special covenant blessing to become a tiny nation Israel with a unique job to employee future scribes to report and record human history. How did “good and evil” affect everybody since Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden? Everybody knows that story will have no problem understanding free energy for mankind.

To investigate forbidden science, you must learn to read so you can find out what it says in the first verse in the Torah Genesis. It begins with “infinite light” on the first day of creation coming from a Kosmos source.  Why is it suppressed in our civilization that once more became totally evil again like Sodom and Gomorrah obeying psychopath NYC bankers and government bureaucrats denying (7) seven billion people free energy? Is it because we have become timid ignorant slaves obeying the world bankers and accepting a worthless currency for our labors destroying worldwide every culture. Thus they planned to eliminate a Christian religion exposing truth by creating conflicts among nations intended to wipeout all Life on this planet the only place in the universe. Many YouTube videos revealed the reason being totally evil, now worse worshipping Lucifer in secret government places.

Infinite light energy slowed down by the Time Dimension is not allowed in schoolbooks and has been suppressed since 1913 when the US Congress allowed NYC bankers to print fiat money. For over a hundred years, the bankers controlled what science would be allowed internationally. To organize a New World Order, they believed that anyone who controls energy would worldwide dominate every military hi-tech corporations of nation thus favored Coal and Oil. For diversion invented science fairy tales to conceal truth, invested billions in CERN smashing atom intelligence now Fusion lies to reward compliant PhDs to keep the masses uneducated confused easier to control. Thus the Bible revealing truth must be forbidden.    

They confiscated 700 patents of Nicola Tesla who discovered free electricity and forbidden a discovery by a German schoolteacher Hoffman who split water H²O into Hydrogen gas the cleanest nonpolluting fuel for your car, not allowed. But in remote Peruvian mountains, a German DW news reporter made a video of three colorful dressed women laughing said; “We all piss in one pot as water is not around extracting Hydrogen fuel to cook our meal for our families.” That is not allowed in a modern civilization.

But hundreds rebellious truck drivers and many teenagers share a common ground not being paid-off with money like government bureaucrats accordingly use water driving around in secrete not telling a corrupted authority in charge. This already caused the oil-coal stocks to fall below 50%?  Hundreds of YouTube videos show now how electricity is produced re-inventing what Tesla discovered, but they do not really understand the underlining physics how infinite light energy from space can be collected on a lower entropy level useful for everyone; like the woman in Peru better educated in science not biased by lies and deception taught in every schools. Your ignorance of true science is proven when you pay over $200 US dollars every month to the criminal Oil-Coal cartel.

Why not use your rights guaranteed by the US Constitution and make some noise to remove the fossilized corrupted Senators appointing dictator-presidents to keep free Energy outlawed. They do not care that the environment is destroyed with lies and deception ending now all Life causing massive extinction on earth. Why still forbid a free Kosmos Energy to benefit an expanding world population?

B.) Free Electricity Produced by a Transformer

The theory to generate free electricity is that magnetism must be perpetually moved, either rotating in a generator-motor or transformer. Explained in physics, when Magnetism is passing copper windings with an iron core or by permanent Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets will produce free electricity. Like when we use a microwave oven-transformer and add a magnet on each side will increase electricity when more magnetism is moved in copper winding which was demonstrated by a young student video without knowing why?

He used an appliance food mixer motor to crank-start a network embedded frequency of 60 Hz connected to a multiple outlet plug. But the additional electricity came from embedded Neodymium-Boron magnetism, which were created from infinite Kosmos energy that crystallized into Fraunhofer elements on a lower entropy level not yet understood by atheistic scientists. Thus, electricity is stored in a battery or capacitor but also reproduced by a standard generator rotating magnetism or in a microwave-transformer not moving. In any case if it has copper windings must be ∞ looped together as the nature of electricity must flow or be pulsed in the next windings and when returned back will increase again a pulse frequency getting larger passed once more will get bigger. It will drive anything with free energy extracted from distinct atoms my grandkid knows has invisible embedded energy. 

In the video above only one 110 volt primary winding is used which starts a 60 Hz blender motor. The electricity is flowing through the motor back to the transformer thus is amplified by extra magnetism of two strong magnets on the side adding stored energy. But if two appliance motors is used would not work which needs more amplification either more magnets or increasing internal magnetism described in Dummies Lesson #1 (Part 1). To generate a higher electrical current using a transformer or to speed up a generator need to accelerate magnetism with extra magnets flowing from North to South Pole. It will guide extra magnetism through the iron leg hole windings consequently will increase electricity in the output coil.

To produce more electricity we need to either add more magnets to the transformer or internally amplify a bigger flow by using a second coil winding. But notice electricity is increased by a discharging capacitor between the next winding, or if we use two (2) Transformers together must have a capacitor in the middle to amplify magnetism in the next windings similar to two motors, all will generate extra electricity. Thus, many YouTube videos confirm physics to better understand how magnetism pulsed through a wire loop and discharged by capacitor will create added free energy = electricity.

Perpetual motion can be simulated with two motors generating free electricity, or like two microwave oven transformers placed side by side. When both primary loop 110 Volt is together becomes the output side. Now wire the same secondary 2000 Volt coil together but should attach one leg in the middle of a suitable ceramic non-electrolyte capacitor matching the load to the output terminal. Polarity is important like the motor video showed.

Again when two transformers coils are connected with the same secondary windings combined with one capacitor in the middle will amplify electricity just like the motor video above. Basically the first set of windings charges the capacitor of an alternating polarity being discharged in the next windings that will increase the pulse power flow producing more magnetism initialized by a crank frequency of a 60 Hz motor. Whatever the crank frequency is, will be reproduced but in higher power = watts. When two transformers are used must reverse back to 110 Volt to fit your house systems. Pick the right size for your house or car.

Just Google free energy-transformer to have fun and widen knowledge horizons, or read Babushka Egg #9 sent to President Obama still obeying NYC Psychopath bankers, thus he missed being the most famous person in history by not allowing “free energy” for 7 billion people. 

Lesson #1 - Driving a Streetcar with "Free Electricity"

Question #1

To better understand energy to establish a logical base, can sunlight be converted into electricity?

Answer to #1

It is known as photoelectric effect by using a photocell. Explained when light excites a photoelectric designed substrate will produce an effect of an electric current flow useful in many commercial applications of millions computers, telephone, medical and science appliances. No one questions that a current is created from a substrate mixture of atoms-molecules embedded in a solar panel to extract 20% energy embedded in light.

It could be 1000 times more, but that is prevented by the corrupt octopus of power cartels controlled by many atheistic unscientific evolution religion theories enforced worldwide in most universities.

Question #2

The three electrical finger rule postulate that if current flows in a copper conductor wire it will create 90⁰ to the current flow "magnetism" demonstrated around the copper wire?

Answer to #2

The right hand rule can prove the effect of polarized magnetism with a compass or two magnets since like poles repel and opposite poles are attracted. That is demonstrated in electric motor - generators.

Question #3

Once more, when a copper wire is connected to a solar panel to ground a current flows and therefore created around the copper wire 90⁰ to the current flow = MAGNETISM.

Answer to #3

OK, and therefore proven true? 

Question #4

If we make a plain copper wire loop and pass a magnet trough the center, we get an electrical pulse?

Answer to #4

 Yes - This experiment was made by Faraday.

3 Finger Rule





Current Fields












Question #5

If we make a copper wire loop - but now biased - from a solar panel current, will demonstrate that the generated magnetic lines around the wire will be higher concentrated inside a wire loop and more intense in the loop-center? Now when the same magnet is passed through again, it creates a bigger electric field pulse?

Answer to #5

The size of the pulse is now modified by the strength of larger magnetic field, which could increase with super Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets or a bigger conventional iron core.

Question #6

It has been proven that the behavior of light from the sun has embedded energy, which could be measured quantitative. A simple test would reveal while passing a known amount of light through a slit and calculate quantitative its reflection will not double but expand four times.

Answer to #6

That can be proven. Take a flashlight passing light through a slit and measure its pulse shadow on the other side.

Using two identical flashlights shining through the same slit does not double, but the shadow pulse will be four (4) times longer.  True?

Question #7

A capacitor behaves the same as light. It will store electricity and discharge its previously accumulated energy very quickly but with higher intensity.

Answer to #7

This principle is proven in an automobile motor application when a spark plug is fired producing an intense spark flash from a discharged capacitor.

Question #8

Going back, a wire biased copper loop pulse created from a magnet can be stored temporarily in a capacitor.

Answer to #8

A capacitor is a temporal storage for electricity and if discharged, will give back the pulse as demonstrated in the automobile spark-plug-capacitor system.

Question #9

Following that line of logic, when many wire loop windings are bunched together and pass a strong magnetic field will create many pulses added from each wire loop now collected in a capacitor.

However, when discharged into in the next group of wire loops will bias the second winding group and create stronger magnetism becoming a bigger electrical field similar to light expanding four times.

Answer to #9

What happened in one wire loop will add magnetic field energy to the second wire loop, now electrical biased higher. When transferred to the next wire loop, it will increase its electrical field with the same magnet or iron core not changed. Once more, the next electrical field is doubling magnetism in the next winding but its field reflection quadrupled? See the picture diagram again (Page 2).

Question #10

When an electric motor is externally turned, it will become a generator. 

Answer to #10

That is proven in any high school laboratory.

Question #11

How does a DC streetcar motor invented 100 years ago work? Why is it not taught in universities?

Answer to #11

The outer stator has a bunch of multiple copper wire coils wound around an iron core to produce a magnetic force. The same mechanical structure is duplicated in the rotor to magnetize an iron core. The rotor will turn when a concentrated North Pole core section repels a North Pole stator section, which is taken over by the next South Pole attracting and pulling at the same time.

Now the rotor winding being electrical connected ∞ by a commentator will be energized via the stator winding current producing magnetism in the iron core to turn the rotor core winding, too. That is repeated for next arriving wound wire loops to push-pull once more, gaining speed rotating the rotor.

Once more, when the outer stator winding coils are ∞ infinite cross-wired connected through a series of commentator brush assemblies linked with the inner rotating wire coils, they will magnetize the iron core, thereby turning the rotor as the current comes from the magnetic stator field.

But the faster rotating magnetized rotor “too” will “also” create a current having become biased, which is returned back (cross-wired) adding to the input of the stator winding now acting like a generator increasing a biased magnetism in the Stator-winding getting larger, like demonstrated in answer #9 & #10.

The biased added current will be creating a bigger magnetic field in the stator-rotor winding, thus increasing the push-pull polarity stronger and consequently making the rotor turn faster one more repeated speeding up. But watch out!

Observe what a streetcar conductor does when sensing his car is speeding up and accelerating faster and faster must ratchet down the existing starter current to reduce the speed still increasing! The ratchet switching down is repeated now more quickly until the mass energy-friction usage is equal to the free electrical energy produced to maintain a certain speed.

What is suppressed in universities, that when the streetcar mass like a flywheel mass is at high speed is creating free electricity infinitely returned in a motor become a generator turning the motor again and generating electricity demonstrated on YouTube by a handyman without a PhD.

He took a motor belt driving a generator. Once cranked, it will run permanently with leftover electricity to run his bench grinder or drill press motor with extra electricity without being connected to the grid.

What is suppressed by atheistic universities that a streetcar could run perpetually without overhead wires, but obviously would need to stop frequently? It only needs to be cranked once, why not use a flywheel to maintain perpetual free electricity? Once a generator-motor is cranked from a battery, or a bank of capacitors going at high-speed, the streetcar-motor-generator is self-generating energy will drive the streetcar forever unless stopped by switch on the end of the day. Or, just design a simple external generator-motor producing free electricity feeding the streetcar motor, which also works.

Overunity free energy generator
(15 October 2012)

Free Energy Self-running Magnet Motor?
Fact or Fake?

Wasif Kahloon challenge to the engineers

Witts Motor


This YouTube video, and hundreds more, all demonstrate free electricity. When one (1) Ps motor is linked to one (1) Ps generator, it will run forever to produce leftover energy to run another Ps bench grinder. That is not a miracle but true science suppressed by powerful NYC FED bankers printing money from thin air to pay off global bureaucrats and university administrators with lucrative grants to exclude free energy.

They allow only Oil, causing every war to gain “absolute” political control over every nation. Global governments are all linked to technical industrial complexes FORBIDDING free energy for 100 years. WHY?  

Perhaps my grandkid will benefit from free energy when someone wants to be a billionaire the honest way and connect an extra generator on each motor shaft-end, now crossover wired bias one generator in turn bias the other to light a skyscraper forever obsoleting the antiquated energy cartels.

Think in logic...

and read the other 10 lessons of
Free Energy for Dummies
to be better educated.


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