Pearl #287 -

Is the Moon a Sun Projection?

This or That Leftover Mirrored Prophecies from Jonah-II

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The computer web invention has exposed many lies and deceptions previously uncovered in Babushka egg books by diving into the Bible Ocean searching for more Pearls to retrieve forgotten prophecy. Ten years ago the Creator YHWH appointed a scientist-inventor with a penname of Jonah-II to warn Christians and TV-theologians of a soon coming Apocalypse terminating this generation. But denominational dogmas blinded many linked to a century of media-promoted fake science. Watching the web, I noticed that YouTube started to remove many freelance videos exposing real physics of actual natural laws.

True science was suppressed for a hundred years by a small group of Illuminati FED-IMF bankers printing fiat money since 1913. They controlled politics to corrupt world governments and financed every military cartel or institution like NASA, NOVA, National Geographic Magazine to promote many hoaxes to disguise an atheistic evolution.

The NYC bankers paid off every university with grants to control the whole world by using only polluting dirty Oil. When Truth is silenced by a wicked World Order and suppresses clean Hydrogen-Electricity available in nature is denying a divine “free Gift” to 7 billion people?

By following the money trail, they have caused every World War and international devastating massively the environment of a complex nature to affect extinction of much Life. We have now reached the limit of sinful evil; hence the Creator YHWH will once more interfere like Sodom and Gomorrah. When lessons are not learned, the Maker of Life will not allow the globalists to end mankind as foretold and planned to be around for another 1000 years. When evil grows to absolute levels, God will activate divine judgment again as observed in Bible history stories and remove that generation causing worldwide massive anarchy. His Wrath will repeat as predicted in Prophecy linking a divinely invisible YHWH to become visible ON THAT DAY!  

Special Edition Messianic World Update (12/7/18 by Monte Juda)

Fake science deception made big money by teaching a false Rapture narrative that perverted the Christian Church, not being salt; thus it is in danger of being spat out by YHWH being neither warm nor cold. (Rev. 3:15) However, God is not partial and will repeat his Divine Wrath to end again a high-technology civilization and judge an atheistic elite and psychopath FED-IMF bankers ruling in absolute power to enslave the whole world. It silenced many Christian cultures to usher in a Dark Age once more. Digitized Knowledge may soon disappear. Freelance YouTube videos exposed many NASA lies & deceptions if possibly could find the lost information of fictitious moon landings costing zillions of dollars? They planned to visit Mars assisted by president Trump. But fake NEWS will not show satellites hanging on balloons or rockets that to not work in space vacuum linked to Kelvin cold. Perhaps they will prove some discovered bones of dinosaurs on the Moon or Mars? Why forbid in public squares the Torah-Bible and silenced the true laws in physics on a fading web? 

Eric Dubay: Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Therefore, the Torah-Bible prophecy revealed that “Energy” was always unlimited free in nature unlocked by an appointed penname Jonah-II linked in an energy fish proven in Babushka Egg Book #9 - The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine and many Pearls linked to the moon mystery, like a Genii-spirit that will not return to its bottle.

FLAT EARTH - The Moon's Phases Have Nothing to do with Shadows from the Earth


The Flat Earth History and WHY it's hidden from us.

Let’s look at a new Flat-earth platform maybe an asteroid caused ancient earth axis wobbles after Noah’s time (2288 BC). They possibly ended on 21 December 2012 using a corrected Julius Caesar calendar, maybe tilted the earth axis 23.5° projected in 5-star Polaris.  Studying true science recently discovered that gravity is a magnetic force binding every atom together like magnets as explained in Babushka Egg #6: A Donut Atom Nuclear Story replacing an outdated dead CERN.

The suspended Sun works like an electric motor between frozen walls of a dense magnetic dome ceiling created by ice crystals, held balanced in place by the magnetic positive North Pole. This dome sealed a Flat-Earth world against the space vacuum and Kelvin – Zero cold. Ocean tides could be explained in physics by magnetism from the sun moving massive bunched water atoms stuck together like zillions of little magnets. Thus moving magnetic water molecules will cause worldwide tides to control ocean to renew a nature-eco-system with temperatures converting vapor, liquid or solid on earth. All is needed to maintain abundant Life. Gravity linked to magnetism can be proven reversed by magnetic levitated trains which could explain how 1000-ton foundation stones were moved to build the bottom of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. 

But Life is fuelled by ∞ infinite Energy linked to a Genesis creation (Gen. 1:3) described in Dummies Lessons #1, #2, #32, #33. Forbidden Genesis could explain that a cold moon planet moves at a different velocity in the sky and is bright from diffracted light radiating from a nuclear sun? Thus, a dome ceiling and the many stars could be made from frozen gas or water (stalagmite) crystals like a flashlight shining inside a cave. Perhaps the Moon or dome is made from phosphorous florescence material storing cold light similar to fireflies or deep ocean critters linked to nature. Hence, zodiac stars may only be a daily sunlight reflection of brightly lit mirrored crystals as photographed in telescopes appearing as flickering light dots. NASA produced many videos in many Hollywood studios to teach counterfeited deceptive science. They painted an unscientific globe encircled by fake planets.

Thus, forbidden videos on the web make sense. They show visual facts previously described in Babushka concept books, but remember, divine prophecy has consequences if it conflicts with the Plan for Mankind as warned by Jonah-II after Solstice 2020-5780? (Pearl #270)


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