Pearl #262 -

Dear Researcher for Truth

What happened 25 July 2015?


The year 5776 has not yet concluded. There is still time for another pearl before the web-satellites are silenced to insert new information for theologians hopefully to wake some up. Again noticed Schadenfreude having missed a major warning date on my end-time website as some prophesied key events seemed expired or not yet started watching a globally controlled media.

At first I was stunned not hearing anything on the NEWS linked to the most important Babushka date of 25 July 2015, which matched hundreds of Bible prophecies shown for 10 years on my website. They were calculated from a science perspective but overlaid with various ancient calendars and bronze-gold clocks: all linked to a Hebrew Alphabet Number System coupled to seven Shemitahs pointing to a number of constellations and Tetra Blood Moons, even a sun-eclipse. Why was the NEWS so silenced which caused some stress maybe failed and feared it would obsolete the 14 Babushka concept eggs?

However, a gracious caring ELOHIM sent me a message, “Do not fret over the apocalypse dating projections. They are still right. You do not need an update as “the silence” you noticed was caused what happened in the heavenly Heh-Dimension, a big meeting before the Throne for half an hour” (Rev. 8). That date in heaven will start the final countdown of God’s Wrath.

On the earthly Daleth dimension side, the seven trumpets are mirror reversed: the first is last and the last first. It makes sense in science. The Three Woes in Rev. 9:12 were split. Two Woes look to the underworld Trumpets #5 & #6. But Trumpets #4 to #1 come from space (T#4, v12) being affected by gravity in passing the Sun-Moon, (T#3, v10) to arrive in the Air as a great star, (T#2, v8) and as a mountain asteroid plunging into the Sea, (T#1, v7) to crash tectonic plates bursting in fire rings on Earth. 

Now I remembered a divinely inspired scripture revealed a 7000 year schedule for mankind (Gen.1:14) ,which was fixed before the world was created now linked to a Jonah-II warning which called for rechecking a major projected date 25 July 2015 still matching a Hebrew calendar much better aligned prophetic events from a science perspective. Only the constellation signs in the sky have valid priority as a last warning for a 21st Century Civilization linked to sun-eclipses and Tetra Blood-Moons, which cannot be manipulated, match Hebrew feast days and will not repeated for 500 years. They remain Kosmos witnesses.

A half an hour silence in heaven should match the sun eclipse on 13 September 2015, and counting 50 Jewish holiday-days backwards will arrive again at exactly 25 July 2015, projected for ten years. The last 7th Trumpet in heaven (Rev. 11:15) could link to the seven times, or seventh Shemitah of the Daleth dimension.

Initially, I was perplexed by the silence on most TV stations, which are globally all owned and controlled by evil Illuminati bankers printing fiat money to manipulate worldwide politics in total secret, not exposed to the public. Many YouTube videos have gone ballistic in exposing the corrupt NYC-FED banker cartel aiming for absolute global control of a ONE WORLD ORDER created from printed money. They must constantly create chaos, starting wars and financed both sides, fuelling a military industrial complex linked to the Stock Market casino in order to achieve unconditional worldwide control of mankind. If the ISIS and many other terrorists buying the most high-tech weapons from Germany or USA would be cut off from NYC-Illuminati banking business it would collapse overnight.  

But being EVIL and wicked to the core is also causing most Life to become extinct on earth, which is in conflict with the Creator ELOHIM. He will be forced to adjust his creation with fire, like Sodom and Gomorrah, revealing a sexual degraded society represented likewise in seven colors by the White House.  However, God is in control of his creation. Those with a searching mind will be looking into the two dimensions of his creation, a far better perspective to analyze why God’s Wrath is the only solution to save all Life on earth, thus continuing God’s prophesied Plan for Mankind.

Just clicking what is still free on the Web can put me and you on their list by simply observing the unbelievable global corruption based in the USA. It reminded me of what Hitler did in Germany when I was a kid. The Nazis frightened people into submission with fear linked to murder. That I am still alive is by providence only, as so many ordinary people were murdered outright for voicing opinions. Our civilization has arrived go back in history and read; Huxley “Brave New World”

The White House and a number of embassies got free copies of the BB #9 Energy book, and they are now aware that Japan’s deadly radiation is still not fixed. Why is the silent majority ignored by corrupted scientists and politicians only to see the consequence what is suppressed? Many witness videos show countless huge red tides of millions of dead fish and massive deep-sea critters washed up on our US West Coast beaches, massive dead birds falling from the sky, wildlife vanished.  

Why is free energy still rejected, should shut down every nuclear power station only used as a pretext to generate nuclear bomb material to kill all life a thousand times over on earth. The general public does not know that free energy was suppressed invented by Nicola Tesla (electricity) and Hoffman (Hydrogen) and why not use clean “safe” nuclear fuel ten times cheaper.

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - The Thorium

If you have the intelligence of a child, this video will prove to you that unlimited clean, non-radiating NUCLEAR energy was available in 1942, which points out the greatest Evil ever on this planet by people, who will be judged with Satan, still extracting lethal uranium nuclear material only needed for future bombs.

The global population is kept totally ignorant by a worldwide controlled media hiding the destructive effect of our present high-technology being blinded not to see that the ocean is dying, void of life, every river is poisoned with industrial waste, the air polluted causing global warming, worse million children brains are impaired resulting from GMO developing strange horrible cancer deceases. The earth creating our food why is its fertility terminated by chemical poison. Why is this generation of mankind destroying everything determined to kill all that has LIFE on land, river, ocean and air everything is assaulted?

Almost daily we see death and destruction on TV NEWS somebody being brainwashed to become a martyr manipulated by Islamic mullahs using Satan’s tool. They turn young people and children into indiscriminating killing machines. Will the ELOHIM protect Babushka egg concepts to reveal what comes next even in America, or will the last free voice be lost? Only God’s Wrath will restore our earth to a pristine condition and prophesied the burned out hills once more will drip with honey and milk covered by vineyards. Check it out in the Bible.

God’s WARNING to mankind of uncontrolled Evil is written in the Kosmos sky to witness Tetra blood moons and sun eclipse not repeated in 500 years matching the Torah system. The ELOHIM anger is not sleeping but will act when our civilization reaches the point of totally wickedness guaranteed will end just like Sodom and Gomorrah with sudden fire judgment, totally unexpected.

Studying the Torah-Revelation gives us the advantage to see behind the time dimension curtain. A war in heaven where Satan loses and is cast out to earth will be invisible to mortals, only revealed in Revelation. But interpreting God’s Word is messed up by theologians believing Satan who biased their Mind in denominational false dogmas. Some was corrected originally written in the first Babushka egg concept book now available in many YouTube videos which can be compared with true science forbidden in Christian Churches. They mostly ignored that HANS and Hebrew calendars can explain “time”. Instead they repeated a mantra over and over mistranslating, “No one knows the time” to put everybody in the same ignorant pot.

Why not learn about the season of ELOHIM festivals, which is the Jewish holidays AND is the key to extracting prophetic dates for the events of the Apocalypse ending in God’s Wrath. Those signs high in the sky are just warnings for an evil generation become totally corrupt like Sodom and Gomorrah as proven with second witness of the Atlantis Civilization when a population of billions was judged and perished as described in Noah’s Flood, which started 5 February 2287 BC ignored by atheistic science.  It is summed up together from a true historic bible viewpoint, all pointing to the future events of God’s Wrath, which will happen very fast caused by an asteroid breaking up in our atmosphere.

A blinding prophetic theory, still postulated after hundreds of years by ignorant theologians, stretched out the apocalypse to seven years. They still wait for a future Temple in Jerusalem not understanding that calendar clocks are different in the Heh-Daleth dimensions. Why not read the Bible and find out how the Elohim Footstool will never be divided by a wall sharing with Satan the same real estate as stated in Babushka Pearls.

For now, I will focus on only three major events: the prophesied (2) two witnesses appearing to counter Satan in the flesh on earth. Satan could not be executed in the Heh dimension, being created to live forever. To limit and end his power He must first be cast to a lower level (earth) in the Daleth dimension designed for mortals. The ELOHIM appointed Satan to teach mortals evil for 6000 years as his job will end closing his school. But a new school of a much bigger civilization will be reopened by the chosen Saints to tutor righteousness trained by Yeshua mini-pre-resurrected to teach thousand years in God’s Kingdom on earth.

The lower Daleth level was also made available for every fallen angel coming from the outer darkness underworld (Rev. 9). They are provided a choice to opt for death, like mortals, or to live forever in hell. It is offered by Yeshua-Jesus, the visible deity side of ELOHIM, shrouded in the physical Daleth dimension as established on the cross 2000 years ago. 

Once more, this atheistic world system will suffer rocky times of self-destruction as we move toward the next 2015 solstice. The pent-up deadly destructive hi-technology of evil atheistic scientists will be unleashed as summed up in Pearl #233. Thus, God’s Wrath will come at just the right time to save mankind with a destructive asteroid executing billions of people repeating again what happen to the Atlantis Civilization during Noah’s time in 2288 BC. They also ignored God’s Warnings and did not repent.

Maybe Babushka Egg concepts exist for those survivors left behind to testify to the next generation that the ELOHIM gave warnings from a science perspective with advice to repent but was totally rejected. Most denominational theologians and privileged Christians perverting truth will be killed and miss the coming of the Golden City in the sky. They sadly got confused by a seven (7) year Apocalypse mentioned by Daniel linked to days like 1260, 1290, etc. which seemed identical described by John in heaven but are not alike. They should compare time-calendar-cycles with science being different on earth - the Daleth dimension, which is not the same in the heavenly Heh dimension.

A properly aligned calendar-clock as now used in this civilization could have verified the Yeshua’s arrival time schedule as told in the Gospels. Again most theologians, scantly educated in science, assume the Apostle John recorded events with the same clock as Daniel. They never noticed that John’s “heavenly” Heh dimension clock perspective was different than Daniel’s mirror image Daleth dimension calendar clock projected on earth. Both prophets were educated in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System [HANS], which has embedded seven Shemitah times by the sevens system. Check the 120th Jubilee since Adam (4004 BC) recorded in the Jerusalem calendar. Pearl #261 will better represent what is claimed.

To sum up, the many assumptions of projected apocalypse prophecy time cycles will be dissimilar and will not be the same calendar clock we use in church. Daniel projected his prophecies on earth, consequently should apply a Julius-Gregorian calendar. But also must match a pre-Noah-Enoch-Aztec calendar converted to the Hebrew calendar for added proof required in any court witness environment. Most Christians still assume again and postulate that the (seven year) Apocalypse will start after the seventh of seven Shemitahs explained by Rabbi Cahn. They should recognize that a Hebrew Jubilee means ending in Judgment, which will appear at “the end” of the seventh Shemitah. It will not continue after the 120th Jubilee counted from Adam.

My Babushka egg concept books and many pearls have been concluded and will never be heard again or duplicated. They are still suppressed in most Christian churches and avoided in atheistic universities. Therefore why not share Jonah-II Warning or pick out some special videos that point how to survive God’s Wrath to be appointed a Saint experiencing a mini-resurrection mentioned as last WORD in Revelation.

 Please have fun watching some YouTube videos of the Lord Yeshua coming for sure 5777 matching a Hebrew holiday. Get ready and tell your people. But if you live in Jerusalem, I would get out of town, believing what Yeshua said.

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