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Rosh Hashanah … 5779? - Part 1


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Dating the Apocalypse is worldwide sidestepped. Conceivably Sodom and Gomorrah was not warned either. Only lately I discovered that seven (7) world calendars needed to be corrected because I initially accepted NASA lies that ignored exponentially declining earth wobbles and assumed an earth axis coming to rest @ 23.5° on 21 December 2012. It was in conflict with Daniel’s 490-year cycles, thus a 7000-year Hebrew calendar was corrected ten years ago by 35 years, and I did not know why. The earth axis should be re-calculated and rectified as “wobbles” of solstice years are “time” sensitive and not constant, if applying true physics. Thus could date the arrival of the bridegroom Yeshua-Jesus after midnight of the 121st Jubilee if we consider what He said that time will be cut short for mankind to survive, now confirmed Pearl #276 {II - 222+5778=6000}. You decide: believe NASA or Yeshua returning after solstice 5778. (Rev. 19:11)

  1. NASA 23.5°/360° = 0.065277x490  = 32 days /yr. solstice}

  2. {518BC+2017 =2535 x 32  =81120 days /365.24  =222 yr.  = @ 7 month}.

The Apocalypse will start with Jacob’s Trouble now proven by Yeshua’s time cut short thus could arrive this year if Israel is attacked again, predicted from 2017 Solstice adding (7) mo. (9) days {222/30.4} linked to Shabbat Nachamu שבת נחמו with a consolation (Isaiah 40) dated 29 July 2018. 

Is the Earth's Axis of Rotation Shifting? Here's How to Check! (8-26-16)

When any civilization has reached the level of absolute Evil, it activates the prophecy of God’s Wrath. The biggest crimes against seven (7) billion people were perpetrated by illuminati psychopath NYC bankers who worldwide suppressed true science not taught in universities for a hundred years. To control the New World Order they internationally purchased every TV outlet and reduced it to five global cartels to decide which hi-technology is permissible to be worldwide enforced while suppressing free clean ENERGY exclusively substituted only by dirty polluting OIL and Coal. They ruled in absolute Evil power printing a world currency of counterfeit computerized money to corrupt mankind and every government to enslave a world population enforced to become mindless aimed to obey an invisible global shadow government.

However an unforgiving nature, conforming to Kosmos laws, will compel them to recognize global warming linked to huge environmental extinction of every imaginable life form. Why oppress a free energy source of wireless electricity discovered by Nicola Tesla and free hydrogen gas split from ocean water invented by German schoolteacher Hoffmann? Thus, they silenced the biggest, unlimited free energy gift from the Creator YHWH to keep mankind impoverished, uneducated and now brain-dead obeying evil NYC bankers. The criminal FED used illegal fiat money to finance every cartel worldwide and the many military complex cartels to transform the global economy into a political correct New World Order to serve Satan.

They destabilized democratically elected governments and instigated every war murdering billions in ethnic cleansings, destroying homes, culture and religion. Worst of all they rejected the Creator YHWH in utter rebellion who gave them Life. It confirms that Mankind is deceived and capable of annihilating everything God created. Therefore as prophesied and summed up in the Torah-Bible, this generation will not survive a Satan’s second rebellion and rescue his popular AntiChrist evil New World Order system.  

However, the good NEWS is Yeshua-Jesus gave hope for Eternal Life to anyone, as most will not survive the Apocalypse. He is returning shortly as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to judge the nations in the coming Armageddon war. He will bind Satan who will finally lose his job of ruling the world. YHWH will then finally cleans the earth and terminate every demon and evil mortal like Noah’s time in 2288 BC, but now with fire.

The Creator will restore a genetically damaged nature and remove massive leaked nuclear radiation and prohibit GMO technologies that permanently destroyed the intelligence to reproduce original genes in humans, animals and plants causing extinction of that specie. He must repair a poison polluted environment and change a cursed Nature now finally restored to be a blessing for all Life, even obsolete not needed money, the source of all evil. Once more Mankind will start over, but now is governed by righteous laws to experience the greatest civilization ever to have existed on earth and enjoy intimate fellowship with the creator a precursor of future eternal Life.

More Flat Earth Parameters (Continued from Pearl #287)

While waiting for the coming Apocalypse, Jonah-II investigated true facts from history and science and theorized a third option of a flat earth. Perhaps it is much bigger like Betelgeuse or Antares as pictured in his Babushka egg book #5 Reflections on Global Warming. (Page 53) Much denied knowledge is now confirmed in many YouTube videos that show how a hot Sun is a lot smaller and circles around a flat earth. Perhaps our planet in ancient times was covered in permafrost from an ice age, and thus a closer Sun could burn a hole and create in time an ice-free ocean with a magnetic North Pole in the center. Only the Torah-Bible recorded what transpired when the Atlantis civilization perished during Noah’s Flood. It was caused by a huge asteroid [5 February 2287 BC] as confirmed in many coal & fossil deposits now distorted into fairy tale theories postulating fake science.

Perhaps the Heh-dimension, defined in a Hebrew Alphabet Number System, was separated by a frozen Daleth water firmament (Gen. 1:6) with a smaller circling sun burning a hole in permafrost to create an ocean of a much bigger earth expanded to the South Pole rim edge. Some balloon photographs will show high ice rim borders frozen by Kelvin cold and above them faintly, a methane-hydrogen-helium gas ceiling dome of frozen gas crystals as suggested by a flat earth theory.  The foretold God’s Wrath in Rev. 20 revealed hundred pound (ice) blocks falling to earth like rain when a golden space-city, the Star of Bethlehem, breaks through the ice-dome matching physics laws. As a scientist, I wondered if it can be associated with huge frozen methane gas deposits seen on the ocean bottom leftover from creation then could repair a future gas-dome damaged by the next prophesied asteroid reverting back to a tropical climate? 

It will be interesting to see this year how much YHWH has cuts short a time dimension ending Satan’s conflict after 5777? (Pearl #276) When flying over Canada-Russia-China, you see vast empty permafrost areas untouched by pollution, or observe a desolate jungle in Mexico. Such massive land areas could be used in future agriculture to support an earth population ten times larger if denied free energy is utilized. Only the Bible prophesied the climate to be tropical again - caused by another asteroid creating earth axis wobbles. One third of the Torah-Bible is prophecy, which is now confirmed in many YouTube video events and should be linked to forgotten science collected in Babushka eggs and many Pearls. For ten years Jonah-II under a penname gave warnings linked to the Plan for Mankind from an odd world perspective not taught in Christian churches. Many Flat-Earth design parameters can be displayed in different mystery models now explained from a Torah-Bible not allowed in global universities. Therefore, the next generation will not be brainwashed comatose in absolute Evil, but will be much better educated and benefit by a divinely governed Yeshua Kingdom with peace for 1000 years.

Expanding ideas of sun-moon and star constellations seen on the horizon sky can be compared to a Roman two wheel horse carriage model turning around in an open theater. One wheel shows the Sun cycles the other wheel reflects the Moon at different velocities because the carriage platform of a flat earth is turning, too. It must match the Torah history of 4004 BC as the Earth in a Genesis time frame had a different calendar perhaps turning sun cycles seven (7) times faster or measured moon cycles and should not assume that “Time” is constant when we measure history in years like 969 years old Methuselah not genetically possible. Examining some ancient bronze-gold clocks in museums would give us some answers. Thus could postulate that originally the flat-earth-platform in a Roman Theater turned (360 days) which will turn a Sun wagon wheel faster and the Moon wheel a little slower. After {1715 x 7} wobble years chronicled Noah’s Flood set off by an asteroid about 2288 BC disturbing the earth axis now declining with six leftover wobbles verified by examining many ancient bronze-gold clocks in museums deciphered by free Babushka Egg Concept Book #3.


Once more: not taught in universities, mankind invented many different calendars after the asteroid impact at Noah’s time. The ancient (7) seven Methuselah solstice cycles decline into exponentially smaller wobbles until it was synchronized in our time by NASA deceptions with a sun axis tilt angle of 23.5° stopped at rest at 21 December 2012 of ignored wobbles.

Summed up as recorded in Torah-History, the two sun-moon wheels started the Time Dimension on the fourth day creation cycle (4488 BC). But originally the sun wheel or flat earth was turning seven times faster which was disturbed by an asteroid strike causing a worldwide flood recorded by Noah in 2288 BC-JC. Thereafter, mankind invented ancient stone-bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums to measure exponentially declining earth axis wobbles linked to seven leftover calendars. It finally was only recently deciphered by Jonah-II in 14 free Babushka Eggs not allowed in the halls of higher learning. He decoded ancient calendars which first were recorded by Moses on five Torah scrolls 2288-1400 BC. The next calendar change was traced by Daniel to Julius Caesar who inserted July & August, 62 days. The last declining wobble was confirmed with a tilt earth axis @ .833333, stated in Babushka Egg Concept Book #3 & #7.  

Parabolas of TimeThus, a 6000-year-old Hebrew Torah calendar demonstrated that an original Genesis creation was fuelled with infinite light to energize a frozen firmament. That started the “Time-dimension” to turn a Flat Earth in a 360-day circle motion linked to solstice but slowed down by an asteroid during Noah’s time. It altered the direction of a Genesis Adam-Methuselah calendar in 2288 BC now adding or subtracting earth axis-wobbles to calendars. Thus ancient bronze-gold clocks where invented to measure time exhibited in many museums and fun to visit to widen knowledge horizons.

The Sun-Moon carriage is ending now in a Gregorian calendar 365.24 days synchronized with a Flat Earth platform motion turning one time per solstice year, thus dating the prophesied Apocalypse is possible in 5778 if we utilized corrected calendars embedded in a historic Torah-Bible?

To be better educated, we should avoid fake science that was sent by YHWH to punish unbelief denying a personal Creator. (Rom. 1:18-32) Thus, many will be condemned to become totally brain-dead and imprisoned as Truth is now blocked by a computer telephone to keep you ignorant. An atheistic society will never know that there is music on the other stuck CD groove as demonstrated in thousands of YouTube videos, which tell the truth, disappearing fast. If you still can read and want to widen knowledge horizons, study some Babushka egg concept books and many additional pearls (#270), as they will shortly be gone from the web when the Beast in Revelation matures to absolute EVIL. That is the sign for this civilization destined to perish. Thus pay attention: very few will survive. Why not study the Bible-Torah while the web is still around - soon to disappear. Or be convinced by the NEWS seeing Two Witnesses from a heaven Heh-dimension will accelerate the collapse of this atheistic system and assist launching the future Yeshua’s Kingdom to give unimaginable blessings to Mankind.

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