Pearl #274 -

The Final Countdown of God’s Wrath


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My notion of understanding Revelation, the last book in the Bible, is basically like a script of a movie that gives every actor a certain place to act out what he/she will do in the final countdown of the 21st Century Civilization.

For example, let’s use an analogy linked to Hollywood’s successful movie Jurassic Park. When scientists recently found DNA intelli­gence embedded in Bernstein air bubbles from a primeval time, they reconstructed it in a movie setting which became reality for us to experience that ancient world. Every actor was told what to do, what to say and everything was predetermined in a script.

In my last pearl I mentioned where God said, “Let us make man in our image,” and in exchange put my name in that statement. Those words only forecasted a future science DNA movie whose script is already imbedded in the Book of Books written in heaven, the other Heh dimension side. 

Theologians for centuries wondered and tried to unravel prophecy. They wrote many different screenplays for people to come to their church; most are biased from denominational Christian dogmas. But prophecy can be better explained with a little science education now displayed on many YouTube videos to reflect reality. But you should discern that heaven is a dissimilar dimension from our Daleth earth, and I am sure it has different clocks or calendars to measure time. 

Theologians claiming to know prophecy keep on preaching dogma confusion, not being educated in science. This turned most pastors “off” to no longer preach 40% of God’s Word that point to events of the End Times. The tetra Blood Moon prophecy was spun out of control. Now we have total silence on the Web ignoring that the GMO technology is collapsing the food chain and Transgenetic will change the human genome forever toward intelligence extinction.

It is now repeating what was done in Noah’s time (2288 BC). Many churches deny history, like Julius Caesar changed the calendar, which should be integrated into what Daniel and John prophesied to understand that the “seven-year” apocalypse is not relevant to ancient calendars. Perhaps could be applied to the end of the Millennial 1000 years ending God’s Kingdom on earth (3015 AD Julius).It describes Satan’s last rebellion (Rev. 20:7; Dan. 12:1-13) instead of the present day, but that is another story ignored in church.

The 150-year-old rapture dogma distorted Bible truth and caused worldwide Christians to become corrupt and comatose. It sold as a business to make money. Check what America has become - sunk to the lowest level. We no longer apply and teach what the Bible claims. Some still go to church, but only if it has a country club atmosphere. They want to be entertained, pay some money, and think will earn heaven, the privilege to dine with the King of Kings.

The richest Christians live in America, their houses are full of horded goods they do not need but totally ignore millions of starving families stranded in Europe hundred miles along barbed wire fences. They would not organize a shipping-container in every church parking lot to collect food and clothing to please Yeshua-Jesus they have totally forgotten. Thus lost a golden opportunity when God sent those he wanted to evangelize and removed them from their homes standing now on your front door. Christians have forgotten that God is Love and missed to tell 1000 families that Christianity is a better choice than Islam. Check what Yeshua said to your TV-Pastor and church friends! Go away I never knew you. (Matt. 25:41)

On Sunday many will be aroused by colorful sermons and never understand the hope of the First Resurrection meant for special people selected by appointment only. We find them gathered under the Throne room (Rev. 6:9) in the Golden city, but notice, what is taught in church that those are people in the future. God favors us just in time being raptured. Being entertained by lies why not read Rev. 9:1 the fifth cycle of the Apocalypse, matching the 5th Seal and linked to demons from the 5th Angel, or Heh-dimension, now embroiled in world politics causing absolute evil shown now on TV.

Confused theologians still theorize all kinds of opinions and teach the Apocalypse is seven years and still in the future. They brazenly ignore the MEDIA reporting the last birth pangs of God’s Wrath prophesied by some renegade Christians. Anything what will mess up a mega church budget is avoided, so they reverted back to teach simple 4000-year old stories to keep their tax-free status and suppress current political events of a world sinking fast like a Titanic. Please read again Matt. 25 meant for your pathetic Church.  

As a scientist directing a Revelation Jurassic movie, I would start the first stage with a major introduction of 40 well-trained, educated Hebrew scribes recording the bible-history of mankind. I would act out some portion of their lives for examples to illustrate different life situations across 6000 years with all pointing to the greatest worldwide performance act concluded in the final endplay. Many YouTube videos recently summed up forgotten knowledge of different perspectives, which could end theological confusion using true science applications. Some freelance Babushka egg concept books are offered as long as the free Web lasts, if you are curious.     

For those interested to see my Revelation movie script, heaven is mirror imaged: what everybody will act out on the earth Daleth dimension is like a prearranged personal theater stage setting linked to what was predetermined by the creator director. Since we are all differently DNA-programmed, we are given some freedom: one actor will perform according to the defined script. Others have their own ideas behave terribly ignoring the signals from the director, and some become absolutely evil to sabotage a vital acting component of the final prerecorded grand performance documented in Bible prophecy. Forecasting the final curtain act resembles when salt becomes tasteless and is thrown out.

Similar to a movie script, I was to appear in the last act as a retired educated scientist and perform like a Jonah-II prophet to give warning to the last civilization in 2017 AD, now in open rebellion to the director, the creator ELOHIM. When we examine the entire Revelation stage play from the Heh dimension perspective, we will demonstrate the result of seven Christian churches replicated in America now guilty. (Rev. 1:20) Their failure caused consequences of allowing evil high technology to develop into horrible Life-DNA extinction mushrooming into an out-of-control monster.

The last players will demonstrate on worldwide NEWS the cause ending in a deadly rebellion to the original script. Christian church testimony should be salt, but it has become tasteless. They will be judged by Yeshua-Jesus at his coming with, “I will spit you out.”

Tons of science facts are embedded in the Torah-Bible. Why is it suppressed worldwide by TV-pastors and universities, which were pointed out by a successful scientist-inventor kept violating many Kosmos divine laws in the last curtain act? It will run its course, as Nature is unforgiving without forgiveness when we mess up DNA.

The ELOHIM is the energy provider of the universe and fuels every atom to make a billion galaxies visible with infinite energy, but notice, he “only” formed DNA on earth, being controlled by intelligence maintaining Life on the only place in the universe. His cosmic universe invention story was summed up in a massive Heh dimension movie-video ending described in Revelation, the last chapter of mankind’s history written again in advance, unfortunately distorted by theologians.  

Being trained as an instrument-maker, I had an advantage to better understand how complex DNA works embedded in atoms, which operate like ancient bronze-gold-stone clocks I investigated visiting global museums. I taught new science disciplines in Babushka egg concept book #3 & #5. It was much fun deciphering other mysteries clocks, evaluating artifacts which needed to be decoded to fit the final Revelation screenplay where God allowed every performer the freedom to act out their own interpretation of the main Bible script. It is linked to the final act ending in an Apocalypse once more. Sinful nature will always reproduce evil, which needs correction and restoration played out in alignment to a recorded divine script.

When re-examining the last 100 years, we see how Evil multiplied and spread over thousands of years on earth, but it became more concentrated in the last civilization in a system of lies, deception and destruction. Modern evil multiplied repeats ancient history in a final movie script linked to God’s Wrath appearing again with death and extinction like the Jurassic Park movie’s unearthed fossilized bodies and bones. The Revelation portion of the script not only describes what God will do, but lets mortals have the freedom to change our movie roles according to the consequences of cosmic laws when an unforgiving DNA nature is violated by Transgenetic technology.

The human genome was designed to last thousands of years, if nature is wisely controlled, and it doesn’t care one way another about what we will do. But for mortal mankind to survive, we must follow a divine Order recorded in the Bible to subdue nature not fight against it. Nature will either serve us well or be destructive causing humanity to become extinct.

Let’s learn from the Jurassic Park movie about how GMO recessive genes work to restart once more the original intelligence information to continue Life. It is only possible because we live on a special earth subject to thermo-dynamic entropy laws having infinite energy available and converted, being slowed down by the Time dimension. That process created the earth planet incubator to maintain a purposed LIFE.

I wonder if after the final asteroid destruction, much life was in danger of extinction, could former species comeback to live again like the Jurassic movies shows? Perhaps it is like Ezekiel (37:3) sees the bones assembled back to life. Maybe we could show Yeshua-Jesus many of the wiped out bugs collected in the Montreal Insect museum in Canada. Could God breathe life again into a previous body like he did with Adam?  Future generations should not be deprived of what I saw as a kid turning a large stone over being interested to see what was crawling under it.

The laws of physics will always follow an in-built cosmic movie script, which is a part of a Kosmos conflict pre-existing before Time appeared.  Mankind has come again to the point to change the laws of good and evil, now converted by immoral, wicked judges into relativism, which made Evil grow into open rebellion against the Creator like a festering cancer.

God gave mankind some basic instructions in the Ten Commandments when nations where formed after Babel to advise how to govern society and collectively behave. It was designed to help them survive hostile surroundings, to eat our bread and work, or get thorns and thistles instead. But any coin has another side: Jesus made wine and enjoyed music. A lifecycle was not only to be meant harsh but to enjoy dancing at birth or a wedding. Being inoculated with evil is like being infected by deadly bacteria to create a healthy immunity: it is painful but makes sense, if it is meant for a future butterfly life. The good thing is that life alternates in cycles like rain and sunshine as assured by the Creator.     

Let’s examine how the Revelation movie script will end our civili­zation controlled by a One World Oder ruled by a bunch of sociopath NYC Illuminati bankers. They succeeded to be in gross violation of many cosmic laws and became the main End Times actors to play out how Evil controlled by Satan is judged during the last round of the Kosmos drama. The heavenly movie prophecy script reveals a final showdown to usher in 1000 years of God’s Kingdom on earth, based on the Revelation clock in heaven being faster, which needs to be trans­lated to a unified Hebrew wobble calendar by a clockmaker for prophecy to make sense.

It should convince theologians and scholars that “Time” in heaven is different and not constant, similar to light measured by Princeton University which is now 300 times faster, linked to the Standard Platinum Kilogram now heavier changed after 150 years by gravity?

No wonder many church preachers mistranslated the apocalypse prophecy and do not know that Daniel’s calendar cycles were different explained in Babushka Eggs. Perhaps it was meant for the next civilization, as it seems a little shorter in heaven, being calculated 490 years from high-tech science. Daniel 12:7 postulated a seven-year apocalypse, but it could be applied to the very end of time of a temple desecration during Satan’s last rebellion (3018 BC) after the Kingdom of God has moved to the Jod-dimension station.

The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, lifted his right hand and his left hand toward heaven, and I heard him swear by him who lives forever, saying, "It will be for a time, times and half a time. When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed."  (Dan.12:7 NIV)

Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. (Dan.12:2-3 NIV)

Notice it said all these things, which means the Daleth dimension has ended defined by the Time dimension. But the text was mistranslated and is wrong confusing most theologians not discerning what a SAINT is. Reading a Pulpit Commentary:

"When the scattering is finished, they shall know these things." There is, as will be seen, no reference to the "holy people." His manuscript must have omitted "holy," for the rest may be explained by a false division into words, יד־עם being read ידעו The Massoretic reading is to be preferred. The Peshitta and Vulgate do not call for remark, “When he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven.”

In my opinion, the “shattering of people” are not (holy) people appearing in the last rebellion of Satan defiling a Temple once more, which will be consumed with fire again from the sky by a third asteroid destroying to earth linked the Milky Way galaxies. I associate it to Enoch’s prophecy embedded in the Great Pyramid in Giza, still a mystery for most theologians.

The New Heaven and New Earth were introduced in Revelation as a Hebrew Jod-dimension. It started with a Grand Resurrection of all the Dead, which included 99.9999% of surprised Christians misled by their pastors, being shocked, too. Believing Satan’s many deceptions, they do not realize that a Saint is not a Christian but selected by appointment only and a great privilege to be on the inner circle of the King of Kings. If you think you are favored privileged, please show me, as I am interested how you got it. But leave your denominational perverted Christian dogma lies behind and explain to me the Plan for Mankind; however, apply some science or ancient artifacts as witnesses to testifying to truth, which can win your case in any legal global court. 

Most prophecy theologians are still waiting for a Temple to be built to finalize some of their apocalypse opinions. But you will see soon that the Apocalypse was split in half and concluded at the very end of Time in 3018 AD, Gregorian calendar. It will be a great surprise. Many mortals will not survive the coming global Judgment, similar to the relatives of Noah being shocked who found out too late that the apocalypse just ended with an asteroid.

Prophecy is now linked to historic science much is embedded in the Great Pyramid in Giza that points to the coming Dactyl asteroid, now photographed on its way to collide with earth. That will again change calendars as verified by new axis wobbles to change the future calendar once again.

Our Civilization is not an exception to experience God’s Wrath to end world­wide evil repeating history lessons not learned from the Atlantis Civilization that perished in 2288 BC that aimed technology to make Life obsolete. The Creator loves his creation and again will be merciful to save mankind to survive from being totally enslaved by wicked people like evil sociopath NYC bankers.

True science is generally not applied to the Torah-Bible reporting God’s Judgment like Sodom and Gomorrah. Some will be lucky and survive as the trajectory one-mile Dactyl asteroid with an abnormal orbit around the mother ship IDA projected to pass the earth. The NASA image shows IDA in the direction of the day earth-spin thus will do less damage and not cause again a worldwide Flood. This time there is no boat to save people, but God has used another provision as explained in free Babushka egg books and pearls. God promised no more floods to Noah’s descendants, as demonstrated by the cove­nant of the rainbow still around after 4300 years. Therefore, this asteroid will impact less, but again shift the earth’s rotational axis wobbles to another calendar. The last earth-wobble movements were accompanied by earthquakes and volcanic fire eruption, mentioned in the Torah-Bible and verified by science. (Josh. 10:12, Isa. 38.8, Matt. 27:45-54 and Babushka Egg #3, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries)

Matthew recorded that three wise men educated in science followed the Star of Bethlehem at Jesus’ birth.  An object in the sky could be repeated causing three hours darkness, the 6th to 9th hours at Jesus death on the cross. In science, darkness could be caused by a moon-sun eclipse, or perhaps caused by Jesus’ Golden City in Revelation 21 traveling like UFO, which came back to the earth again after 35 years. It stands to reason when his star UFO brightly in the sky showed up at his birth, why not at his death as he said, "Today you will be in paradise" to the next person on the cross. The UFO like a Spaceship-ONE was waiting 40 days for Jesus’ ascending in the sky hidden by clouds to return the same manner but now crowned in Jerusalem as King of Kings.

Let’s find out how big the Golden City in Revelation is, previously estimated 1800 miles. The light from the sun will be darkened seen in an eclipse? Darkness recorded during Jesus crucifixion (35 AD) lasted 3-hour duration. Any object like the size of the moon to cover up the sun can be determined by little math as the earth turning of 24 hr. per day is known. The diameter [D] of the earth = 7917.5 miles. Consequently the circumference = D x 3.14 = 24,860 divided by 24 x 3 hrs. = 3107 miles, which could be the size of the golden UFO city? However, checking physics we need to consider the in-between distance of the sun and earth like the moon all moving. But in this case, forget 13 moons / yr. fractions as a UFO does not orbit but can be suspended to float stationary. In addition, if closer to the earth like a bigger moon would cause more darkness.

Therefore, distance and size is related how dark an eclipse is, just using the velocity of earth. The moon is 2159 miles in diameter covering sunlight, but darkness can happen by other objects from space. Thus, the returning Star of Bethlehem-city UFO created total darkness reported at Jesus’ crucifixion like an eclipse. But a UFO from space can hover closer to the earth, now aligned with science. Earthquakes appeared again recorded previously in the history of Israel, which scared everybody in Jerusalem. It became the last wobble correction as noticed by Pope Gregory. To comprehend the Gospels’ account better using science, Yeshua’s spaceship shines brighter than the sun, so it must have the outside lights turned “off” to make it darker. That is why nobody recorded a large spaceship so close: they could not see it when dark, until its lights were turned “ON” again travelling at ∞ Speed.

Hence the object blocking the sun was 3000 miles in diameter, much bigger than the moon and double what we previously wrote in Babushka pearls. Why not? Watch the Pope or President traveling in style in a private jet. If you are the King of Kings and govern the Universe-Jod dimension, you should travel in style – like Air Force ONE but bigger as in the Golden City described in Revelation, the New Heaven and New Earth connected by a spaceship.

However, that UFO must go faster than visible light and use the infinite light that fuels all of creation, which makes the ELOHIM invisible - in physics. To make the center of the energy source [his Throne] visible to mortals and angels (Isaiah 6:1; Rev. 4:2), it is surrounded with a rainbow as no mortal can see The Almighty and live. (Exodus 33:20, Col. 1:15, John 1:18) 

Infinite energy behaves like the black hole of a galaxy described by a faulty worldview ignoring the Bible. Divine revelation can only be understood if ∞light in your Mind is turned “ON” defined in metaphysics, which is the other side of the coin. Revelation reveals that the Creator ELOHIM will start a new civilization, which was never on earth before. The absence of money postulated by scientist is verified in Babushka concepts.

2014 Ancient Hidden Technology

This time it will be governed by righteous people, the appointed Saints being pre-resurrected to be divinely higher educated by Yeshua-Jesus coming back to earth as King of kings. Theologians do not know that there is a difference between Saints and Christians, believing denominational lies that pervert truth and cause confusion.

Among the resurrected Saints, David will rule Israel once more and select scribes to continue keeping records tracking the history of mankind. Yeshua-Jesus will be in charge as King of Kings, managing a United Nations governed by a newly elevated Jerusalem lifted tectonically to a high mountain caused by an asteroid strike. (Zech. 14:4-6) The climate again will be tropical and many global changes like only one religion will be allowed. The ELOHIM will pour out his favors unequalled in history lasting 1000 years peace.

The final movie script in Revelation is summed up ending shortly with the last birth pangs of the Apocalypse to conclude prophecy after the 2015 winter solstice. Contrary to ignorant theologians, God’s judgment is very short - perhaps 40 days! Satan, a hybrid-angel with super-intelligence, is so dangerous, thus his time is cut short. He will do anything to demonstrate that he is co-equal to ELOHIM preventing mankind to survive. He prepared technology to be ready for total absolute destruction of all Life all linked to an electronic “Button” everybody knows about. It is his final curtain act that ended our Civilization before bound in the netherworld. 

Much theological speculation exists. They forget that ELOHIM loves his creation and will not drag out judgment to remove Satan who controls this civilization being brainwashed in an atheistic unscientific evolution religion. It caused falsehood to flourish with great deception believed, enforced worldwide by demon possessed NYC bankers. Satan tried to prevent Mankind from waking up heading for self-destruction now God closing the Apocalypse chapter to end “Evil” being finalize with a big crescendo like any movie has. Horrible inventions were summed up by this scientist to educate theologians in Pearl #233.

Many more science facts needed to be exposed, like the free energy Tesla and Hoffman invented, not allowed for hundred years. Teaching atom fairy tale theories had to destroy CERN as smashing intelligence became too obviously stupid when they discovered DNA genes surrounding atoms. It obsoleted 32 phantom particle deceptions published in a million books now replaced with another New Atom Theory much better published in Babushka egg #5 fueled by infinite energy. That is still denied in every global university exposing their fabricated unscientific evolution counterfeit stupid religion.

Recently, the NEWS announced many more inventions for the benefit of mankind. However, why were recently eight leading medical researchers murdered? They all proclaimed a simple cure for cancer, but the government raided them and confiscated everything. Or, a military contractor announced a cheap carbon sheet invention to separate salt from ocean water with an osmosis filter process. Again, why are so many inventions not allowed to benefit mankind? Why still ignore YouTube videos like Thorium that can be converted to another unlimited energy source and collected practical inventions described in Energy Lessons for Dummies? Satan controlled the ONE WORLD ORDER and succeeded to totally poison the environment causing so much Death, destroying nature guaranteed to collapse our civilization, terminated with a big bang exit event revealed in Rev. 18, like any movie ends.   

Theologians preaching in mega churches still speculate about the End Times, but will not apply science or investigate web knowledge exposing their denominational dogma lies and deception. Thus, God has used a layman to point out once more what was repeated in history to give warning: investigate what the Atlantis Civilization generation did in 2288 BC with advanced hi-technology. They too used GMO mutations linked to pollute the human DNA, mixing it with animal genes, as done before in Noah’s time with drastic consequences, as the laws of nature cannot ever be violated.

The Creator ELOHIM has not changed. He is very angry again seeing his plan for mankind destroyed and will act in accordance to Kosmos laws and justice. The Creator ELOHIM gave us his last warning sending another Jonah scientist with a last chance to repent - only possible in the Daleth dimension, as time is terminated after 3018 AD (Gregorian calendar).

A final decision must now be made while there is a little time leftover, if you want to live in eternity. God’s love is extraordinary far-reaching, why not desire Mercy unto Life, or perish forever linked to Mercy onto Death? That was God’s plan for Mankind. He gave a final warning and appointed another Jonah-II to remind us of history and learn from lessons repeated many times.

Tell me if you find another individual who could match that description for the final End Times act? Perhaps the divine movie director appointed a witness actor from a science department to announce the last apocalypse script and trained a German scientist-inventor to decipher the last prophesy? From a science-Bible outlook, 1.8 yrs.  dated from the 2015 winter solstice could prove the projected God’s Wrath, which is the last chance to repent for uneducated theologians, Christians and atheistic skeptics. Why not join Daniel’s Wise Club to comprehend Truth?

However, because of mortality some could never see the ending of the Jurassic Park movie as recorded in Revelation. It is just like the relatives laughing about Noah who build a boat, but missed the only means to survive. They are now nameless, forgotten. The free web will be gone, too; all embedded computer data worldwide of converted knowledge will be gone too, putting TV preachers out of business.

Only the Babushka egg books found in the rubble could still have some value for the next generation of kids. They survived because they were recorded in the other Heh dimension side and preserved for future generations to live to tell the tale of 

1 Tishri 5777 (Oct. 2016)

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