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Free Energy to Fly with Compressed Air


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Free Energy to Fly with Compressed Air - Part 1

There is much confusion shown on YouTube. Perhaps NASA fake science produced enormous disillusionment in the public square no longer educated in true physics. The government and military industrial complex are hiding hi-technology of huge jumbo jets flying without jet fuel exposed in forbidden videos? That could be the reason why the Saudis are selling off their oil business and changing to other enterprises to make money. Many wondered how they stored petro-fuel - about ten swimming pools for an 8000-mile trip in a jumbo jet. Checking Google pictures of modern airplane wings show them to be much thinner without fuel tanks and much broader with jets refitted under and ahead of the wings allowing lower safer landing speed.

This generation is educated only in fake science has many questions of nature now collected in a number of Babushka egg books. When true science is not taught in most schools now forgotten, I traced nature and became a successful inventor. In my retirement I had some fun analyzing bygone physics and metaphysics embedded in the Torah-Bible the oldest book on earth. Sadly, YouTube could have been treasured to discover true science still suppressed in this generation, as universities are paid off around the world to forbid knowledge and falsify divine Bible-Truth to keep everybody mindless and ignorant. Many free energy videos are still censored and disappearing very fast.

Researching what is forbidden was collected in 14 free Babushka egg concept books packed with a thousand science facts discovered in the Torah creation report. As a young technician, I was involved in the first Linear Accelerator (SLAC) at Stanford Palo Alto; thus, I investigated why CERN, the biggest deception smashing atoms, has now died.

It inspired a totally new theory, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story - Babushka Egg Concept Book #6.  It will obsolete and expose a vast fraud of fictitious 32 subatomic particles fabricated by PhDs to make obscene money from books. Nevertheless, 60 years later I realized not much has changed - only the lies are different to pull off the biggest NASA budget! The same psycho Illuminati FED cartel is paying off governments and rewarding huge grants to universities to remain pliant slaves brainwashed to obey the Illuminati New World Order.      

However, if you want to understand free energy discovered 100 years to authenticate how the universe is fueled, maybe some forgotten web videos will make sense like driving a car with water, or flying with compressed air still concealed for billions of people. In short why not examine it more thoroughly or read how ∞ energy creates atoms and controls Life. The bottom line is only a mini extra force is needed for nature to respond: like a tiny seed becomes a big tree, or a cuckoo clock runs only on magnetic gravity. So ask, “How does Free Energy work?”

The Torah-Bible started how the universe was created and explained the purpose of Life focused on earth still a mystery. First check Genesis 1:3 about a firmament-Ausdehnung materialized with infinite energy to initiate physics and metaphysics controlled by Divine Intelligence. Thus, the Kosmos exist when ∞ energy was transformed and positioned in a Time Dimension, which became visible to our eyes discovered by a Physicist Josef von Fraunhofer 1814 in a solar electromagnetic spectrum. It created atoms, elements and molecules ruled by thermodynamic laws linked to gravity to fuel perpetually a universe and all Life. (Pearl #293)

Thus, knowing the laws of nature could achieve useful, slower free Energy by perpetual motion linked to a teeter-totter balance. A little added power on the lowest position will lift a heavy counter weight to continue indefinitely. Only a very small force is needed to extract free energy from infinite light. The same physical laws will fly jumbo jets with compressed air using a bit of teeter-totter added energy. It is also useful in a 500 mph bullet train levitating on compressed air. BDL #2.  It will obsolete oil & coal, windmills, solar panels and global electrical wires as explained in free Babushka Dummies Lessons #1, #3, #5. 

First, to understand how free electricity works, study a UREE motor pictured in Babushka Egg #9 (page 17) linked to Babushka Pearls #206, #225. Electricity will grow perpetually when a small magnetic force is added to an existing magnetic field that is crossed over to the next stage windings, growing to a higher level. Rotating many cycles in perpetual motion will get gigantic free energy. It is applied in a Jet-UREE #16 (Page 144). The first generator rotor links to the next generator stator and repeating this will perpetually amplify electricity. 

Jet Engines run on Compressed Air. (3-22-18)

A jumbo-jet motor similar to the first stage in a UREE #16 has twisted fan blades that will enlarge the airflow, which makes the second stage bigger with a little teeter-totter principle force greatly accelerating the air. The first jet blade section will compress air but, if an extra small energy is added to the second section, it will create perpetually higher power. Thus a tiny extra teeter-totter force repeated in many cycles (gasoline, hydrogen/water, & electricity) will increase the power of the first stage in perpetual motion. The jet once cranked will release super vast energy.

Our present population is no longer educated in the Bible, like sitting on the last branch trying desperately to saw it off. They ignored the urgent warning of God’s Wrath at the front door to terminate the One World Order governed by evil psycho Illuminati FED bankers. They planned to totally destroy mankind and this earth, and so silenced true science on how free energy can be harvested from air and water. But worse, Christian churches disregarded YHWH’s prophecy warnings now validated by a scientist pen-named Jonah-II. In Part-2 I will give the reason why many US nuclear power stations will be closed down next year as tweeted recently by President Trump? Perhaps free energy can no longer be suppressed, which could obsolete the FED’s political power.

Free Energy to Fly with Compressed Air - Part 2

Review this YouTube video before it is censored. Stop at various times and study the picture until what is hidden makes sense.

Compressed Air Energy - Airbus A-380 Jet Fuel Hoax

  1. A teeter-totter physics principle revealed that when a little energy is added to the system, it activates perpetual motion converted into huge free energy. Please note a gold-bronze wheel on the end of the gigantic Siemens turbine stage, which will deflect and rotate the hot air pressure. Thus, some of the air exhaust will spin the shaft to run perpetually faster similar to adding some titter-totter energy; hence it will increase the front air volume based on forgotten physics.

  2.  The air compressor must be cranked like a car or jet engine. This will suck the inlet air over a series of fan blades to be exhausted into a passage duct linked to turbine-electric generators like a steam engine. The end of the shaft is linked to a gearbox to reduce the rotating turbine velocity for the electric-generator driving a motor like illustrated in UREE #1. The resulting current is amplified in the next generator motor system and returned to repeat the cycle getting a bigger current and would explode if not watched. Why build a Siemens power unit so big? Perhaps cheaper jet-electrical generators could obsolete globally the political power of the FED banker cartel.

Many smaller applications using cheaper motors exist to generate enough free electricity adequate for a skyscraper or hospital.

NEW Micro Jet Engine 30 lb. thrust, Very AFFORDABLE! (March 4, 2018)

Overunity free energy generator (15 October 2012)

Connect a toy jet with flex coupling to an old-fashioned low inertia tape-drive recorder motor wired to be an electric generator but use Neodymium-Iron-Boron super magnets, or use two (2) outdated streetcar DC motors forbidden since 1920 when a number of corrupt cartels enforced only petroleum worldwide. If allowed around the world, it would change our civilization. Let’s find out how it works, more is explained in Babushka egg book #9, UREE #12, p.186.

It will overlay a few patent descriptions of UREE #1-16 described in Babushka egg concept book #9 -The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine, p. 17. This Babushka book was sent to the White House with a letter to Obama (11-11-11), which caused a visit from the IRS and an agent of the State Department. Now seven (7) years later I see in many videos on what was given by inspiration to warn of God’s Wrath under the penname Jonah-II. Prepare to perish like Noah’s relatives together with the New World Order, or believe the many Torah-Bible prophecies collected in Babushka concept eggs. Once more a predicted Apocalypse judgment is repeated as mentioned by Yeshua similar to the experience during Noah’s time 2288 BC [JC].

To widen knowledge horizons, please check how free electricity is produced illustrated in various Pearls and Dummies lesson. It will be used in the next civilization governed by Yeshua, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Worldwide much life has disappeared, but the Creator YHWH will restore the earth and the ocean to a pristine environment. Thus, mankind for the first time after the battle at Armageddon will live a thousand years in peace where evil is nearly obsoleted. To remove the many pagan Christian churches in Jerusalem, temples and mosques controlled by Satan, the ancient city once more will be totally destroyed. Prophecy describes how the city is lifted up tectonically and split into a wide valley to be finally rebuilt superior with much greater splendor and appointed to become the international headquarters of 70 nations. Concurrently nature is fully restored to feed a world population ten times bigger using free Energy described in Gen. 1:3. It will truly become the Golden Age for mankind.    

Pearl #888 – Parts 1&2 describe a great Mystery of the Sainthood and the reason why mankind were created on a two-stage system much different than angels. Most denomination theologians educated in fake science invented a beneficial rapture theory not understanding Apostle Paul’s teaching. There are 21 Bible verses on resurrections, but two (2) specific resurrections created confusion and were mistranslated. (Phil. 3:10-14) A raptured specie superior not dying may not exist above Yeshua-Jesus who died. Worldwide the last Christian Church (Rev. 3:14) is spit out as no longer salt, as Adam’s fallen race in rebellion and sin was assigned to mortality to filter out those who will get Mercy unto Life or Mercy unto Death. All who have sinned in the Daleth dimension have been forgiven except hardened hearts linked to a last Evil intent. That decides our future in eternity if the Word of God is rightly divided correcting a wrong - (NIV Version). 

          10  I want to know Christ — yes? To know the power of {-YESHUA-} resurrection {-must-} participate in his sufferings {-thus-} becoming like him in his death, 11 and so, somehow attaining to the {- exanastasis-} Second-resurrection from the dead.

12 Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. 13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:10-14, New International Version (NIV)

Adam was told that all who sinned will die. But many Christian believe they are exempt to die and privileged raptured to dine on the table with the Emperor. Consider, what would billions resurrected people do, postulated either lost in a strange heaven or earth, and what would be the purpose? Check the mankind story and win the prize.

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