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How Electricity is Magnified

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The Secret of Why the UREE Works

The 9th Babushka egg concept book was sent to the US White House President Obama (11-11-11).  It referenced 16 different types of electric generators to produce perpetual free electricity and mentioned many other inventions, like a totally new transportation system needed for our overcrowded, plugged-up cities.

It resulted 3 weeks later in a surprise visit checking out an 80-year old German instrument maker retired in remote redwoods. The IRS and the State-department came to investigate a zero income and a 150-year-old converted sheep barn?     

Thus, the first attempt of an Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine got government attention - perhaps to keep the confiscated Nicola Tesla 700 patents silent, the source of totally “free Electricity” verified in Babushka eggs. Forbidden perpetual motion can be seen in the Hoover Dam when converted “water-media” turns huge generators using gravity. It could also demonstrate how unlimited electricity became “portable” – generated by compressed “air-media” produced in tiny UREE generators and stored in a green bottle like a wheelchair oxygen tank. It works when the pressurized air pushes down a motor piston, but only once. On the return trip the air is heated up a little with a charged spark plug. Hot air will expand with higher pressure according to physics and so overcome the residual backpressure left in the air-tank - now replaced 110% to run a generator forever.      

For a bigger electric generator we should design a piston made from Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets. That will increase the piston power controlled by external solenoid coils. Faraday’s Law generates free electricity by moving a “magnet” piston up and down inside a Tesla coil, to create electricity stored in a capacitor. This stored energy is discharged to activate two solenoid coils on top and bottom switching polarity to push or attract the magnet piston in perpetual motion. It works because two energy sources are combined with two thermodynamic entropy laws linked to old-fashioned suppressed forbidden physics. (UREE #12)

The generation of free electricity can be demonstrated in another UREE example when two electric motors are linked with a belt to create free electricity. It is really simple, the first motor is the driving force: it will generate electricity in the belt-driven second motor that is a generator cross wired to drive the first motor perpetually. That is not a mystery. Why is it suppressed?

Now super magnets open up more possibilities. By lining up more magnets like in a low inertia tape drive motor that could fly a Concord airplane.

NYC bankers prevented this hundred-year-old technology from being improved. They only permitted use of heavy iron core motors wound with copper wires to produce electricity. But if we replace the heavy iron core and use super-magnets, it will increase the magnetic field to produce more energy. Thus, 1000 times more electrical energy is technically possible if replaced by super magnets to create a bigger pulse in the winding loops. The Patent Office was ordered not to allow perpetual motion, but now the web shows belt-driven generators that may convert free electricity for every automobile, or driving with water split into hydrogen gas. Why is it forbidden worldwide to benefit 7 billion people as demonstrated in physics? For bigger profit and a cheaper UREE, you can use a lower inertia thin-printed board with etched copper winding, or printed windings moving faster around super magnets shaped like a ceramic basket cup. If the copper loops are discharged by a biased capacitor, it gets obscene electrical profit for electric applications like a Concord jet.

To start with a higher UREE, output needs to increase the bias. Just hook together the next wire loops in series and connect a motor to a generator with a flex coupling. Thus, the motor-rotor is cross wired via brushes to the second generator-stator in order to amplify and increase the stator magnetic fields and get the rotor running stronger, faster. But adding a biased capacitor in between will escalate the power to produce enough for my grandkid’s next electric car to run totally free. But cross the wires in secret because it is forbidden by many governments so as not to obsolete old-fashioned gasoline cars favoring worldwide the bureaucratic government Oil Cartel machine. Notice that the converted free electricity can be deadly dangerous one way or another. It will soon reach the critical resonance frequency or simply blow up, if not controlled with common sense.  

That principle is demonstrated in a streetcar motor, which needs a conductor to restrict the energy force once started, or it will run out of control running faster and faster. Explained for my grandkid, originally a streetcar motor was DC wired in a motor-generator combination to perpetually generate electricity. To camouflage free energy, they put wire overhead on top to start, but it is not needed. Thus, free electricity is now charged for a hundred years creating mega profit administered by oil cartels. It caused massive life extinction destroying this earth. The Internet is now used for fake science to keep the next generation confused. Maybe only Babushka egg concept books teaching forbidden physics mirror imaged in outlawed metaphysics make it clearer, but you need to include divine reality only revealed in the Torah-Bible.

How does Creating More Electricity Work?

The inner workings of generating electricity will match the new Babushka concept egg Donut Atom theory. It is investigating a physical phenomenon and theorized an unheard nuclear situation inside atoms. A new Babushka Atom theory postulated that Magnetism is generated by protons moving inside up and down the donut atom center pushed by zillions energized mailman neutrinos coming from an outer infinite Kosmos source. Thus, neutrinos travel at high speed from outer space will fuel every atom passing through and turning the lights “on” in galaxies creating a universe. When infinite energy is bathed in a Time-Space dimension will promote lower entropy which was analyzed by Fraunhofer a century ago who discovered spectral lines embedded in light still used by the police explained in forgotten physics. 

Thus like a dual railroad track, the electromagnetic force with divine intelligence will parallel travel on its journey to balance an entrenched thermodynamic entropy law.  ∞-energy is now transformed to dual electromagnetic frequencies with a Time-base all on a parallel energy rail.   

Eventual energy controlled by divine intelligence will crystallize into elements-atoms-molecules to start matter to become solid-liquid-gas on a lower entropy level to radiate magnetism 90⁰ from the North-South pole atom axis now squeezed from the inside to the outside donut atom center. It can be explained by an electrical “Three-Finger-Rule” not taught in American trade schools.   

Thus, a mystery force called magnetism creates free electricity is like a glue to hold or stick molecules together in various patterns directed by intelligence. It is similar to DNA forming 800,000 proteins to create zillions of diversified genes. More is explained in a free Donut Atom Egg #6 expanded to widen a knowledge horizon finalized in (14) Babushka egg Books. They are ignored in atheistic universities creating a conflict with stupid unscientific evolution fairy tales to help students to become brain-dead like highly paid PhD teachers.

Thus magnetic field lines is still a mystery and travel at the speed of light around the donut-atom going through the center and around, back through the center again like a ∞ math symbol. This magnetism theory is confirmed in physics; take a charged copper wire will produce 90° around the wire magnetism. Thus, when the wire is formed into a loop, all magnetic lines will be concentrated toward the center creating a denser magnetic field. If disturbed by an additional magnetic force, a magnet will combine to a higher energy plateau level expressed in bigger pulses. Thus, if polarity is reversed will create free electricity. Why was it silenced for 100 yrs.?  

Our earth planet is made from many donut atoms stuck together and behave like magnets forgotten in physics. That can be proven with a compass useful for airplanes-ships or to have fun going camping with kids. But to expand a technology to store magnetism another way is a handy capacitor. It is basically a container similar to a battery but if biased will discharge its stored energy very fast. Applied and useful in technology is the discharge of a car sparkplug passing stored energy very fast in a hot spark. Thus, a capacitor behaves like the hole in the donut atom storing concentrated energy in the center.      

Summed up, some love true physics that should not be explained with fairy tales of stupid lies or outright deception taught worldwide by atheist universities and NASA. Perhaps if they would review once more what was taught five years ago in quantum physics video series #1-4, would discover what science facts they ignored embedded in oldest book, the Torah-Bible?

The Holographic Universe (Parts 1 & 4)

The videos theorized when light passes through a slit will generate interference lines explained in holographic physics not doubled but quadrupled. The same happens when the infinite light energy from space (Gen.1:1) crystallized in the Time Dimension. When the Bible Genesis light is passing through a universe time-space slot will thus become visible on a lower entropy. It is expressed in Fraunhofer spectral lines creating atoms forming 100 elements to establish matter linked to the (Second Law of Thermodynamics). Much can be learned from old science no longer taught in universities theorized in Atoms - Babushka books #6 and #9. Infinite light can be transferred by zillions neutrinos and eventually will change into electrons creating electricity. Many old discoveries are now shown on YouTube to better understand prophecy even dated the Apocalypse.

Why is accumulated knowledge still forbidden in every university and even mistranslated in Christian churches? They do not follow the trail of TRUTH like Pontius Pilate standing in front of Yeshua the Christ - the Creator of all Life and never got the answer, “What is Truth?” Not having time and pressured by politics to keep his position of power like so many atheistic scientists misled by lies ignoring the metaphysics will freeze lock a Mind.

Many recent YouTube videos demonstrate countless suppressed historic Bible facts recording divine wisdom traced for 6000 years. Every Bible prophecy will now be concluded on the next Jubilee 5777-5778 starting a new civilization to be ruled by Yeshua, King of Kings.   

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