Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies -

LESSON #10 -
Taw-Neutrinos: the Ultimate Energy Carriers


What are Neutrinos? To discover the cosmos energy trail, we must first focus inside the atom. It is controlled by the laws of physics and metaphysics and replicated in the Kosmos-universe, as evidenced by photographs of the galaxies by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Hubble pictures of galaxies present a greatly enlarged image of atomic structure similar to the scaled in size Russian eggs, often Babushka dolls, one inside another with the same image on the front. The egg concept can be expanded to reveal how the big galaxies like the Milky Way function beyond our vision. Atoms should not be smashed to smithereens by monster machines [CERN], but should be investigated like a delicate electronic watch that runs and operates resembling complex computer intelligence.  

Atoms are really miniaturized clocks running with gears that were recognized by NASA measuring time. A number of theories describe how protons and electrons move within the nucleus, perhaps with the speed of light. Light was transformed into mass when the time dimension was slowed down to a Femtosecond, as figured out by Ahmed Zewail who received a Nobel Prize in 1990. The structure of matter is also expressed in precise Fraunhofer spectral frequency signatures for every known element. If protons and levitating electrons stopped moving, that event would stop the atomic clock, thereby would upset NASA, delaying another shuttle.  

General science does not realize that when an atom clock stops, time is at zero, which would have consequences. The whole Kosmos would collapse back to a Femtosecond time pulse. We recognize time because we are mortal born into the time dimension. But life also requires energy down to every single atom.

Energy is inversely connected to time as expressed in the formula ∞E=Zero-time, a teeter-totter relationship. Using the logic of observed realities reveals that the infinite energy is also needed to maintain the universe, as well as mortal life on earth - right down to the very level of atoms crystallized out in Fraunhofer-Gestalt. It is detected by our five senses and controlled by a ∞-MIND, which is infinite on the metaphysic level. If you do not believe me, stop eating bio-energy and tell me the consequence later, if you are still around or reflect and be aware of an unknown narrative.  

By checking the Internet pool of knowledge, I discovered enough information to develop a better atom theory making much more logical sense. Since so many unproven opinions are sold as facts only to make money, I chose to publish my Babushka egg concept books free on the web so that you can be better informed. Among 32 fractured particles from the many atom smashers like CERN, scraping off gunk stuck on the Nebelkammer wall, I noticed that one will stand alone and was named neutrino, which is difficult to define because it does not look like scraped off gunk.

CERN scientists postulate that the elusive neutrino particle comes in three varieties: Muon, Tau-neutrino and Electron. In some experiments at Fermilab 2010 found some exciting signs to discover a tau-neutrino. The evidence of an alleged fourth type neutrino is still a major puzzle. OPERA physicist Antonio Ereditato notes that a neutrino’s mass is very tiny, yet they are so common that, collectively, they must account for a noticeable fraction of the bulk of the universe. It is just another opinion without a witness.

I think Tau-Neutrinos, if they exist, are very useful to transfer energy disbursed throughout space. Energy transfer requires a specialized carrier. It must not vaporize when in contact with the higher “∞ energy” source of light noticed in galaxies, and fast enough to transfer that hot energy down to the atomic level, where some could be bottled up still forbidden for driving an automobile with free electricity demonstrated by Nicola Tesla. This conclusion is proven photographing galaxies embedded with horrendous energy shining bright in the sky when looking at Hubble Space Telescope pictures. I reason that invisible Taw-neutrinos could be that missing invisible energy carrier, though difficult to define with convoluted theories smashing atoms.

To catch some, they invested vast amounts of money deep down in a mineshaft, where they created a pool of heavy water and hoped that some would collide with particles described in DISCOVERY MAGAZINE, Ghost Particles Shake Physics, page 6 [01-02-2011].

I am still waiting 2015. Biased observations colored by an atheistic evolution religious belief system make it impossible to understand nature. Theorized conjectures are difficult to comprehend if they do not match the laws of physics to make logical sense will end up concluding with unproven opinions that only degenerate to fairytales.     

Investigating massless neutrinos on the metaphysical level, I think it is a perfect energy mailman coming from space. Something mass-less cannot burn up when it comes in contact with the infinite ∞ light source, but it could transfer energy efficiently to an atomic level at a very high ∞ speed.

Previously stated with a math equation, when light is infinitely captured in energy, then time is zero in a teeter-totter relationship. When time is zero, no mass can or will exist since it is not possible, as mass is the product of the second entropy thermodynamic laws, also being crystallized energy recognized as magnetic gravity bathed in the time dimension. So when infinite energy radiated into empty space, it could only condense into mass controlled by time.

That concept of a time dimension was first revealed in a 6000 years old Bible knowledge stated in the first verse of Genesis (“there was evening and morning - one time cycle”), but it was rediscovered in modern times with the Fraunhofer frequency spectrum, matter categorized in spectral lines. It shows the composition of every element forming into various levels, which is dependent on how much energy was absorbed in a given time. As it condensed into individual atom structures to crystallize out to became mass.  

Going full circle for a second witness, read the first verse in Genesis to see that mass could only exist when the time dimension was born. We can only understand a bit about time because we are mortal, logically do not need the math guy to tell us. Yet historically, energy (E) was expressed in an old mathematical formula, such as Dr. Einstein’s formula [E=mC²]. That formula recently became obsolete when a Princeton University laboratory measured the speed of visible light 300 times faster in 2010. That caused a gigantic upset in science, as the fallout would change many of Newton’s laws.

It gets worse now to notice that even the World Standard IPK Kilogram and its 6 sisters have become obese after 135 years?  Scientists now question whether or not we can have an international standard that does not change. Magnetic gravity perhaps still is altered by infinite energy I postulate?

Global Warming is making headlines on TV, too. We recently learned that a prestigious university, in order to get another grant, was passing on a false database. They sold it to the UN global warming science community, which is now totally confused and in disarray. It may not be entirely all their fault, since they are ignorant about the laws of physics that keep changing. Just observe what NASA has done in changing weather patterns: check the HAARP report.

Those educated in physics and think logically should pay attention to those scientific developments. They will bankrupt 300 years of accumulated knowledge, turning it upside down. Eventually it will accelerate to a big problem for the science establishment without any foreseeable solution. Why not check out the ignored Babushka egg concept books, which are designed to investigate nature from a physics-metaphysics fitting a 360° perspective, where you will see much better and could provide the answers for the massive confusion sweeping globally.

Could that explain why the establishment is so desperately quiet on TV and in science magazines? Maybe it requires a little more time to figure it out as it created a major conflict with the atheistic evolution religion enforced globally in every university. A little fresh science air is needed to be postulated outside the establishment forum and still be free on the Internet.


Once more, the Taw-neutrinos are “not” neutral. When infinite energy crystallizes in the universe at 4° Kelvin, it will change the behavior of Neutrinos not yet visible, being still too high in resonance frequencies. According to Newton’s law when the thermodynamic laws slow down, energy is born into the Time-dimension, creating the Daleth-dimension (this world – in this time dimension) as embedded in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS).

The infinite energy will then become visible light as defined by Dr. Einstein, which condensed in familiar Fraunhofer spectral lines and later compressed into vapor matter–elements as listed in the Periodic Table. Electrically charged and creating magnetism according to the “three finger rule”, they form molecules. Magnetism converted to gravity will develop into galaxies when infinite energy is slowed down. Only then will it coalesce into the Time Dimension mentioned in the Bible-Genesis, being activated by the embedded intelligence of the ELOHIM Creator denied to exist by ignorant atheists.

That process causes the Taw-neutrino to slow down in atoms, thus gaining weight and changing affinity and many other physics properties hard to define. Discovered recently, gravity is magnetic; therefore, Taw-neutrinos can push magnetically positive protons inside the atom and energize electrons moving around the Donut-Atom Nucleus.

Not knowing the other coin-side of the metaphysics, one can only postulate fairy tales enforced in an atheistic unscientific evolution religion. When a Taw-neutrino passes through a donut atom center, it energizes protons that in turn polarize electrons, as demonstrated in an atom bomb expelling excess energy triggered by certain events. It was first tried in the heaviest element Uranium and later found in Hydrogen, the lightest element, as energy must come from SOMETHING.

If infinite energy is transferred by Taw-neutrinos, it eventually becomes visible light, slowed down to heat up the universe and form atoms coalescing initially as pulse stars, then galaxies. In other words, the fuel carrier Tau-neutrino needs Kelvin-cold and vacuum to work. Early speculations of space postulated that the universe is filled with Ether as a wireless transmitter to transfer camera pictures billions miles away on an invisible highway back to earth.

My new Donut Atom theory postulates, much more logically, as it coincides with the many observations of nature that have been suppressed. An obsolete Einstein theory needs to be corrected with new math formula to include ∞ energy as revealed in the Genesis 1:3 that could open new science horizons to a totally new concept:      

∞E = m (+∞C /–∞C)²

To sum up, the purpose of Taw-neutrinos must be designed around logic. If I had to invent a suitable energy mail carrier to transfer fuel to each atom to make an atom-clock tick, it should be specially designed for high speed and possess the capacity to absorb ∞ infinite energy levels.

First, the carrier must be without mass, not burning up when exposed to ∞light, and second, it must match the inherent ∞-speed, which would require to be designed like an electrical transformer principle invisibly interconnecting two entropy energy level loops linked to heaven-earth. The black hole of the hourglass galaxy could illustrate a huge stellar scale transformer, but it still needs a media to stick the energy together with a strong enough bond in order for it to function as a carrier, energy-wise, as it must penetrate dense atoms to shed energy continuously from the Kosmos.

The cycle is sustained to perpetually add energy infused throughout space with gravity on the second entropy level, similar to a strong-weak force demonstrated and duplicated inside every atom. What is ignored by atheistic science, suppressing the laws of physics, is that the Kosmos cannot exist without fuel. It is not very logical postulating that a big bang energy exchange 13.7 billion fairy tale years ago was a onetime fizzed-out event. Therefore, it could not potential-energy-wise continue right now. But watching the sky, the universe’s photographed galaxies with the lights “ON” and shows the same energy exchange in our earth: the sun has not yet fizzed out as it should have according to the unwitnessed postulated opinion that the universe is billions of years old.

Why not propose and think of a massive neutrino asteroid cloud coming from space? Perhaps our Milky Way galaxy passed on the ∞ energy from the black hole through every atomic level of the surrounding Kosmos. That would be a good model to explain science better.

I learned that neutrinos become polarized neutrons inside every atom, which closes the link in the energy chain to the infinite light energy source now cascading to polarized visible light to energize atoms recognized in our neighbor the sun still burning fuelled with infinite ∞-energy energy. Again when energy is passing from the Heh-dimension Kosmos it will create the Daleth dimension linked to Time, our visible world, forming Gestalt-existence because the time dimension is now embedded throughout the Kosmos.

To explain this idea to my grandkids, I used the analogy of invisible, but real, water vapor condensing into visible liquid on the second entropy level. This gives us an idea about how (infinite) ∞ light is transposed to finite, or visible light, following entropy laws duplicated everywhere in nature. Philosophically applying that concept inside an atom, we will again notice two dimensions simultaneously existing: the Heh dimension cascading with time to create a Daleth dimension forming elements linked to molecules sticking together from magnetism following the three finger law-rule.

We know there is much space between the subatomic components, like heaven and earth demonstrating polarized neutrinos-neutrons pushing polarized positron-protons that is creating Gestalt with Electrons floating around the nuclear center. That requires energy to run like an atomic clock.

Imagine, if the atom shell postulated is the size of a cherry, then the next electrons floating by would be three miles away. Try to hit something in between or catch as many as you can when driving around with your electric car.

Therefore, logically the neutrino asteroid carrier must be billions times billions in density, yet must start mass-less in order to deliver some kinetic energy transforming into neutrons. This energy perhaps initially comes from a cosmic black hole source to fuel every single atom in the universe.

Remember, only when we see the time dimension polarization embedded in anything does it become SOMETHING, turning into Gestalt for mortals. Consequently, it demonstrates the formation of mass. As a result, mass must be continually fueled with energy, or it will collapse - perhaps becoming a timeless state in a Femtosecond.  

Mathematics defined it as zero time; therefore, it is reduced to a concept Kosmos DOT. All would disappear in a micro-Fenton second, you and me too, if no energy flowed anymore. Looking into the night sky seeing visible many galaxies with the lights “ON” does prove that electricity is converted from the Bible-Genesis infinite energy source.

Your MIND can read this story, which also proves that energy is still flowing inside every atom of your and my body to maintain our lives. An ocean dispersed of neutrino-asteroid from space would fit the ticket, therefore, it must be designed as being an efficient energy carrier and must be big enough, clustered in billions bunched together.

In order to pass on kinetic energy by colliding or passing through every atom mass center being transformed into neutron energy creating a gravity magnetic shell energizing the levitated electrons to maintain the whole atom existence.

Otherwise, the universe would dissolve or collapse into zero - the timeless area of non-existence. That is not possible because it is supervised by metaphysical laws from a higher cosmos level identified in the Bible, the oldest history book of mankind.  It revealed the source (Gen. 1:1) of infinite energy linked from a rainbow, managed by Elohim∞MIND intelligence of a higher infinite order. (Revelation 4:3)

A new divine directed atom theory further explains that the invisible Taw-neutrino energy needs intelligence to push positive protons inside the atom nucleus at the speed of light, now reduced by time. Like in a Roman circus of chariot races, the horse and carriage are controlled by the driver’s intelligence, going around the arena’s nuclear center run by rules. When Newton’s laws are combined with the electrical three-finger rule, that union produces forbidden electricity, being totally free. Only the excess levitated electrons on the outer donut atom shell can be extracted over the magnetic bridge of a mechanical generator. When expelled, they will create an electrical potential, which must equalize because of the second entropy law. The same theory is used in principle by the Hoover Dam turbine generator: it does the same thing, if you analyze the electrical energy profile.

The same operating laws can only be scarcely mentioned in this report, as there is much more when traveling the Neutrino energy trail, such as causing lightening and earthquakes. It is continued in the other short Lessons for Dummies. All are linked to free infinite energy coming from space.

A young earth is proven with science that is matching mankind’s Bible history measuring all the helium collected on earth, which cannot escape our air atmosphere. The rate produced by the sun’s radiation is not over 10,000 years. That could be crosschecked with another witness measuring the changes of earth’s magnetic field as measured against stars that dovetail to about 6,000-15,000 years matching, too.  

It is beyond the scope of this composition to explain it all. That is not possible. You need to read the other energy Babushka egg concept books and special Pearls that deal with what a Donut Atom really is, not smashed by ignorant CERN scientists. Only the Bible history book of mankind gives the purpose for the universe, linked to our earth becoming a Petri dish to grow a mortal human race destined for eternity, if you accept God’s free gift of eternal Life.

Why is it exchanged for so many atheist lies and invented many false theories taught in universities. They postulate a big bang fairy tale that could not possibly have happened, unless directed by intelligence to tell the energy what direction to go, either to explode or implode - still two possibilities. Think in logic, or tell me how life is formed.

Why is there EVIL? Why do only educated people fear the other butterfly side after the cocoon? Why do we have two birthdates dates on a tombstone? Perhaps one more reason should be exposed which is the main source - next?


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