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Why Aren’t Free Energy Generators in the Shops?


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Why Aren’t Free Energy Generators in the Shops?

This is a very fair question. Unfortunately, the answer is unpleasant.  About 4% of humans are sociopaths, that is, people who have no feelings for other people and just do not care what happens to them. They see other people as objects to be manipulated and used - no matter how damaging that is to them.

Many of these unfortunate sociopaths become rich as a result of their total lack of concern for others and some of those have come together to form a very powerful group known as the New World Order that has managed to subvert governments and impose many protection-racket style scams on all ordinary people.  Those scams force people to give them more than 80% of their earned income.  If you want to learn more about this, then visit the web site:

[Begin excerpts.] When Henry Ford in America started making his first cars, he intended to have them powered by a magneto system designed by Nikola Tesla.  Tesla funded most of his research and development by adapting some of his inventions and selling them to people like Henry Ford. If Ford had continued with his plan, then his first cars would have run without the need for any kind of fuel.

Unfortunately, Ford was ‘persuaded’ to abandon that idea and instead, to use a liquid which was a waste product of the oil industry as they had a problem in getting rid of that product, which was called ‘gasoline’ and is commonly known today as ‘petrol’. This really suited the oil industry because not only did it get rid of the problem, but they even got paid in the process – something which I’m sure that they found highly amusing.

However, as there were very few filling stations, motorists on long journeys had to fill up with alcohol instead of gasoline and they did that at one of the fifty thousand or so farms which had alcohol stills – alcohol being a useful fuel around the farm. Once the oil industry expanded and had enough gasoline to power all of the cars and trucks all of the time, they introduced “Prohibition” which, with their usual lack of truthfulness, they put forward as a restriction on humans drinking alcohol.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with drinking alcohol, nor did they care at all about people drinking.  Mind you, they made that a profitable sideline business at that time.  The real purpose was to shut down those fifty thousand alcohol stills and establish a monopoly on the supply of fuel for vehicles.  When that had been accomplished, Prohibition was dropped as it was no longer needed.

However, the New World Order people found that the profits from oil sales was so great and the degree of control caused by their manipulation of fuel prices was so great, that they are determined at all cost, to prevent any move away from burning fuel in vehicles.  They have been waging a campaign for just that thing for about one hundred years now.  To achieve their aim, they have to convince people that it is essential to burn a fuel in order to produce power (which, of course, it never has been).  For this, they have to swear that free-energy generators are “impossible”, because if they don’t, then it will become obvious that while burning a fuel will indeed produce power, it is not necessary to do that.

In order to suppress knowledge of free-energy devices, they have taken control of the main media outlets, so that only what they have to say is ever heard.  They have taken control of the teaching establishments and universities by awarding funding and “research” grants to those establishments, provided that research is only done in areas which will not conflict with the sale of oil products. Honest scientists, who do not support the official (wholly untruthful) stance, are sidelined, ridiculed and become unemployable.

The New World Order people also influence governments in the same way – for example, their International Monetary Fund made a major loan to the government of the Philippines and one of the requirements of that loan was that the government of the Philippines would not allow the introduction of any technology which would compete with oil sales in the Philippines.   In case you are not aware of it, Daniel Dingel of the Philippines had adapted his car so that it ran on water.  Do you think perhaps, that Dingel’s achievement might have influenced the IMF?

Even devices which increase the mpg performance of vehicles are opposed by the New World Order people.  For example, American cars have a ridiculous consumption of 13 mpg or less.  My son in the UK has an ordinary, production-line Audi saloon car which does 60 mpg at 60 mph, which represents 50 mpg at 60 mph on an American gallon which is 20% smaller than the original imperial gallon.  That is four times better performance than most American cars.  Why?

Some years ago Cal-Tech spent millions proving that on-board fuel reformers would give us all better fuel economy and cleaner air.  They did long-term testing on buses and cars to provide proof.  They teamed up with the very large auto-parts supplier Arvin Meritor to put them in production vehicles.  Then "One Equity Partners" bought out Arvin Meritor's division that did all the final work to get fuel reformers in all our vehicles.  They created a new company, EMCON Technologies, and that company dropped the fuel reformer from their product line, not because it did not work but because it did work.

Lone individuals are intimidated, opposed financially, put in prison, put in mental institutions and even murdered.  For example, Bob Boyce in America was running the engine of his car on the gas mix produced when you pass a current through water.  The car was in his workshop behind his house.  The police tried to give him a three and a half year long prison sentence for “running a vehicle on a non-approved fuel” – a charge which he beat in court.

For another example, Bill Williams in America in April 2006 ran his 1975 F 250, 360 cu. in. (5.9 litre) Ford pickup truck on a Joe Cell which allowed it to run without using any gasoline as well as giving it spectacular performance.  Two armed thugs showed him a thick dossier containing details and photographs of his children and their movements and demanded that he destroy his Joe Cell and stop talking about it. Allen Caggiano also in America, produced a high-mileage low-pollution carburetor which gave him 111 miles per (US) gallon on his 1973 Dodge Coronet station wagon.  He was put in prison for 15 years for doing that and publicizing it.

Recently, Paul Zigouras in America developed a system which could convert 15 gallons of water into a fuel gas in just one minute and ran a 200+ HP marine engine on the gas. He was paid US $6,000,000 so that his system could be shelved. So, please understand that powering vehicles without gasoline, or even with gasoline but with a high mpg performance is the most fiercely defended against topic for the New World Order people. My free download “Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices” eBook gives a great deal of detail about this subject, but here we will just mention some of the basics. [End of quote]


God’s Wrath

This inventor-scientist was appointed by ELOHIM to write for 10 years in his retirement ending up with 14 Babushka egg concept books. A Russian egg became famous for hiding a number of eggs inside each other while having the same picture pattern on the outside. Everyone can see they belong together.

I used it as an illustration describing science from a 360°  perspective. When I started, I complained to God that I had no writing skills. My English was learned on the streets, and my education was not even high school. I was trained for a trade as an instrument maker. What can be seen on the web is a miracle. Looking back, tons of new science concepts and facts were discovered. Not one mistake was pointed out to me by professionals and backed up by witnesses.

Many of my unusual sciences essays I call Pearls hidden in a shell. They are in conflict with what is taught in universities as we live now in an Age of Deception. Science has become like false advertising that hides the truth only to make money. Science is sold biased in an atheistic unscientific evolution religion invented by the NYC world bankers to keep the masses ignorant and compliant.

Modern science as practiced today is in stark contrast of many proof examples. For instance, if you want to see what an atom looks like, it is described in my new Atom theory in Babushka book #6. Check out some pictures from the Hubble Telescope. Hundreds of galaxies were photographed by NASA displaying infinite light energy (Gen. 1:3) being condensed into matter as analyzed by Fraunhofer spectral lines.

The Bible narration makes more sense. In my younger days I build klystrons as a technician for the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAG). At that time I did not understand why atoms were smashed. Since then, the guns have gotten bigger ending in today’s Large Hadron Collider-CERN, which is more insane.

Consider, if you put an egg on the anvil and smash it with the biggest sledge hammer using all your might, it will be gone - scraped off the Nebelkammer wall, but that exercise will never reveal what a chicken is like. Its only money spent to benefit the privileged class and advertise an atheistic bogus science that they invented with fancy names to amaze the paying government. In other words, a lie dressed in science jargon sells better.

Our 21st Century Civilization will end soon. Once more humans have gotten to where we were during the Atlantis Civilization. Our modern world has arrived again to where a society has become absolutely evil, denying TRUTH and removing the Bible from the public square.

Look around in your neighborhood, I no longer see honeybees or any insects. The deer and raccoons are gone. I no longer see birds, and the rivers are dead, polluted by the Oil Cartel. My humming bird feeder is abandoned, now fulfilling a warning written by Rachel Carson in 1962, Silent Spring.

Matters are getting worse due to gross manipulation of the Jetstream, causing massive global disturbance, floods and Typhoons. California has experienced four years of drought, devastating the economy and the food basket of the world is now empty. Soon everyone will be convinced - even those who are brain dead when they wonder why food prices doubled in 2 months.

But as a curious scientist, I collected some evil man-made facts globally manufactured in various global cartels (Pearl #233 - Hidden and Shocking) and even advised a fix for Japan nuclear radiated water problem in Pearl #244, Japan’s Water Disaster, rejected by unconcerned government bureaucrats stealing money from the public.   

The science destruction has reached the point of no return by using genetic manipulations to create horrible looking half-man-half-animal aberrations strictly forbidden by God. Monsanto’s FDA evil GMO brotherhood cartel is now permanently destroying genetically the food for mankind. That was done 4300 years ago during the days of Noah in 2288 BC. The only survivors of God’s Wrath were Noah’s family. Their high-tech civilization was more advance than ours, and it perished with billions of people dead.

We are doing the same now, if you can read the Pearls. The Bible stated many prophecies linked to numerous examples of warning to mankind in conflict with God’s Plan as outlined in the 6000-year-old Torah-Revelation. LIFE is threatened to the point of extinction. Watch out for the calamities will arrive for a correction.

The video below reveals how that when GMO is cutout and mixes intelligence to reproduce with other species, that our food will be permanently lost for generations children, potentially becoming totally extinct!  That is gross EVIL!

GMO Foods danger!

Once more Genesis 1:3 is proven, if we think logically.

Free Energy for Dummies

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