Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies -

What is "Time" Related to "Infinite"


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Teeter - Totter

∞E = m (+∞C/–∞C)2


The laws of nature balance, but two thermodynamic laws of entropy show which direction the universe is heading.

Infinite light is equal to infinite energy, but light can only be noticed within the time dimension, as short or long cycles. Fraunhofer spectral lines indicate when matter crystallized into existence caused by energy slowing down or accelerating at a certain time.   

A multi-dimensional universe (Jod dimension) is not static: it requires remaining in motion to be infinite. This principle can be illustrated with a flexible disk made of soft rubber. Marking an infinite math symbol "∞" at the 12 o'clock position and "Zero time" at the 6 o'clock position puts them in a teeter-totter relationship to each other.  

∞E  =  Zero time

To explain physics to my grandkid, I took a flexible rubber disk and marked it with a 12 o'clock position. A soft rubber on one side would be horizontal but the other half disk is bent down vertically, illustrating a teeter-totter entropy relationship. Now turn the disk on its axis (a hand drill will do) faster and faster, which will raise the vertical portion and demonstrate the time dimension, as the disk will flatten out toward the horizontal position. When the velocity gets higher, it looks like a vertical chain carousel turning the chairs to be raised higher, too. As the velocity gets higher, the embedded time dimension, now defined, becomes shorter as it spins faster. It raises half the disk marked with a time dimension toward the infinite marked horizontal level, and when it reaches to be equal to the infinite energy level it disappears totally, therefore "Zero".

Consequently, if mortals want to live forever, they must be raised by an energy force until "time" becomes no more. Jesus offers us Eternal Life = E proven by a first entropy resurrection principle conforming to cosmic laws of the universe, if you followed my logic.

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