Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies - Pearl #216

Thin Film Technology: A Bigger Jonah Fish (updated)


Designing 16 Ultimate Renewable Energy Engines can give us free, nonpolluting and cheap electricity extracted from magnetic Gravity, Air and Water now linked to generators outfitted with hi-tech Neodymium-Boron-Iron magnets.  Technology is expanding into bigger business possibilities reaching the point of separating the boys from the men who have decided to become billionaires. The Babushka egg UREE concepts keep expanding into a bigger Jonah fish.

The concept of the Ultimate Renewable Energy extracting free electricity from nature with relatively old technology seems really simple and continues to accelerate towards a bigger energy fish that should get eventual global attention. Once better understood, the underlying fundamentals in physics, linked to a theorized magnetic energy trail, will lead to many more UREE applications. It will obsolete batteries by using Thin Film Technology found in Microchips.

Again, similar to the Wright Brothers first airplane, they never imagined that Concord jets could be outfitted with cheap free energy. This concept of Thin Film Technologies. nearly reached the unthinkable stratosphere, superseding all previous 16 UREE models. Or perhaps my thinking possibilities have reached the critical resonance frequency not very well understood by scientists. Some still think that the UREE is NOT POSSIBLE holding on to their atheistic unscientific evolution religion. But if we apply the laws of physics and speed up an UREE will release more energy as learned from the energy-time formula.      

(∞E = Zero Time)

So why is it so quiet around the university? They must be facing a tough choice of chucking so many unproven unscientific opinions that are collapsing if you are honest. Since 2008 the establishment promised, but have yet to explain why the Standard Kilogram IPK in Paris and its (6) six sisters have changed in weight. Nor can they explain why light is 300 times faster as measured in Princeton University even CERN? Why it is suppressed?

Teaching unscientific, illogical evolution theories makes it impossible to explain physics linked to the universe. Photographing galaxies with the Hubble telescope cannot figure out where the energy comes from still postulating ramshackle fairy tales. Why not check Babushka eggs explaining 16 UREE motors now superseded by new science applications. Perpetual free energy could also be extracted from Thin-Film Technology.

Again, this energy trail investigating forbidden science should be analyzed on a higher level to be better informed. It is vital to learn something about the metaphysics linked to an unknown energy trail if you want to become a billionaire the next year. Here is an inkling of an expanded UREE concept not political motivated but investigating why and how MAGNETISM works by rotation in a generator but could be achieved by applying linear motion Faraday discovered producing electricity, too. Check the price in 2016.

Plastic Film Technology

UREE Modification – Free Electricity

Look at the loudspeaker Faraday-design principle and analyze how it works when linked to a modified magnetic coil that moves copper windings crossing over to create biases increasing magnetism similar to UREEs #11 to #16. To explain a thin film application, let’s have two examples.

Usually a conventional coil has one loop wound next to another loop all going the same direction and put together with a machine turning from a wire spool. Another way to make a coil is to just etch it on a rectangular flat sheet, Mylar strip. The windings will be etched in parallel with all right turn copper loops on one side and all left turn loops on the other side in parallel, but a little tilted to allow a small air space across hatching for magnetism to pass like a printed low inertia tape-drive motor used in 1970s computers.

Next spot-weld the copper loops together on one side, which is the center of the ∞ loop similar to a through plated hole in a printed board connecting electrical one side with the others. After that the crosshatched copper winding Mylar sheet is heated and formed first in a straight tube to end into a coil-ring tubing with an open slit on the side. The coil-ring-tubing with a side slot becomes a wheel mounted on an axis. The side slot allows a bunch of fixed magnets aligned like pearls in a circle mounted on the inside.

When the light inertia Mylar tubing linked to a shaft is turned at high speed it produces free electricity after being cranked once. Thus, we have another UREE generator, model #18, linked to perpetual motion. It works when one loop crossover a magnet will bias magnetism of the previous voltage and crossing over on the inside loop will generate more electricity to the next loop up to critical resonance frequency just like a streetcar motor needs a conductor to ratchet down to control the speed or microchip circuitry otherwise the generator would explode.

I hope by now you understand that the UREE Invention is different from standard electric generating technologies. Every motor-generator has a bunch of coils wrapped around heavy iron mass to produce magnetism, which in turn pushed the next polarized coil-iron. To gain electricity use super magnets with higher magnetism in many coils sequentially looped will get bigger electric power magnetizes by a bigger magnetic field.

Most UREE invention uses super magnets starting with a much bigger magnetic force consequently can reduce the iron core weight that allows lighter wire coils with lower inertia. In addition, each single coil is biased creating an alternating double pulse. It is similar to a printed board motor can be moved much faster through lower inertia, and when linked to another generator crossed over, produces bigger amplitudes.

Check it out similar to a streetcar motor and tell me if I am wrong will make all my Babushka egg concept books immediately obsolete creating a gigantic Schadenfreude which has consequences for me. I will probably not get letters from some Universities telling me how wrong I am. But silence will explain why an oil barrel plunged in price from $110 to $42 in July 2015?

Thin-Film Technology

Expanded a UREE to Linear flat sheet Logic

Now to apply a UREE concept in another case I discovered 38 years ago when I worked as a research instrument maker for a German scientist, Dr. Oskar Heil, who in 1970 invented the Air Motion Transformer. He created sound at a higher speed producing a 10 times stronger loudspeaker now miniaturized at a superior quality.

His German research laboratory at (EIMAC) San Bruno, California built self-focusing klystrons applicable for a microwave oven as some bigger klystrons were applied to the first Linear Accelerator (SLAG) linked to the Silicon Valley Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. This microwave technology was a side project similar to JET ADAM Transducer Accelerating Ribbon Technology.

A mechanical accordion ribbon oscillates with a bias current switching in a magnetic field surrounded by a big super magnet. If we replaced the aluminum metal deposition overlaid with copper winding loops embedded on both sides of the ribbon and crossed it over to another unit, this configuration might possibly amplify electricity according to the UREE principle using super-strong magnets.

When the stipulation of linear motion applied in the ribbon-loudspeaker is further developed, it can make many more potential possibilities using thin film technology - all not known 40 years ago. 

To widen science horizons applied here to new thin film technology, one can use CRYSTALS osculating at high frequency, also a linear Faraday motion, but extremely tiny giving it miniaturized possibilities. Again, imitating the UREE invention principle in a hybrid electric generator design could be envisioned useful for computers telephones and robots replacing expensive lithium or most zinc-carbon-lead batteries. It could obsolete many battery technologies exchanged for revolutionized crystal microchips creating another industry. I found that electricity produced with thin film technology, married to UREE principles, extracts electricity; therefore, it is also environmentally friendly.

Just think of the possibility that the size of your flat Apple tablets or I-Pot using thin film technology combined with CRYSTALS applying "linear motion" patterned like etching microchips would give us enough electricity to drive a car or fly an airplane without fossil fuel. It is just a continuation of the energy trail as technology never stops could be miniaturized now replacing batteries giving forever electricity fuelling our million gismos creating another big time business if allowed in a future time.

In a few years God’s Kingdom on Earth will be established becoming energy independent, no longer prevented by Evil. Mankind will develop a transformed civilization governed by righteous, honored leaders. Money will be obsoleted so that Illuminati NYC bankers are kept in the underworld awaiting judgment like Satan. Bible prophecy spelled out God’s Wrath, which will be birthing a new civilization to save mankind from destroying all LIFE again, only found on this planet linked to billions galaxies.

God’s Wrath previously saved unmodified animals and seeds for the next generation during Noah's days (2288 BC). Once more God will repeat his judgment and stop again GMO corrupting original animal and seed genes to save natural food for future grandchildren. Be informed and follow the Babushka egg concept trail announcing it from a dual science and metaphysic rail perspective linked to a schedule date 2016-2017. It is trustworthy because Bible prophecy is the only book writing history in advance.

A decoded time schedule was discovered in the (HANS) linked to ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums. Even a blind man will understand recent global NEWS compared to Daniel’s and John’s Revelation prophesies. Our present world was promised to continue by the Creator ruled by Jesus the Christ King of Kings. He is in the process next year to return to start his kingdom on earth in supernatural power lasting 1000 years. It is fuelled with abundant free electricity declared already in forbidden Babushka eggs still ignored proven with many YouTube videos.  God’s Kingdom on Earth will no longer allow wars to fight over energy silenced by atheistic universities and corrupted evil governments (Isaiah 33:1).    

God will clean up our atheistic science and again teach Truth freely unhindered in the town square. Messing up his creation similar to Noah's Flood will use the same method with another asteroid - check Dactyl already in a solar orbit. Or search some forgotten science magazines in 2003-2006 front-page linked to Hubble telescope discoveries and wonder no more why ELOHIM’s Wrath is again very angry:

Solstice 2015  (Isaiah 34:1-4, 8, 16-17)

Addition (8-29-15)

To demonstrate LED microchip electricity made into a Flashlight is incredible concentrated similar to a searchlight. It still will be obsoleted if ribbon-loudspeaker technology is applied to crystal-thin-film-know-how imprinted on a microchips. It also would obsolete every battery.

Many military and computer technology like airplanes and automobile mostly use exclusively Lithium Batteries. The Lithium-Element is only found and mined in China and is extremely dangerous to life. It must be handled in vacuum as it oxidizes very rapid in air, faster like magnesium. It is not allowed in America too dangerous toxic for the environment.

A worldwide, sociopath corrupted NYC Illuminati Banker Cartel is controlling every UN Nation. It will not allow FREE ENERGY around the world for fear of losing absolute political control of the New World Order they invented. However many more tailored options exist in the Babushka Eggs for Dummies to chose free energy.

G700 LED Flashlight

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