Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies -

Highway-Train Crossing Made Easy


Another upstart very profitable business could be helping your state solve a huge problem costing many lives and untold billions of dollars every year. It could be expanded to your neighboring states across the USA, or even worldwide, the sky is the limit. Just get a permit one way or another to help.

The NEWS every month reports accidents at train crossings when cars wait for a long freight train to pass and take a big chance, usually the last one. Or try to make a left turn on a two-lane freeway with cars coming at you at 65 mph. Usually accompanied by a prayer, it could be the last one, too.

The right entrepreneur could design a cheap overpass advertised as temporary but would likely be used a long time. When something works, why change it? Thus, this temporary solution becomes a cash cow giving milk as the grass is always free.  Again for Dummies it must be cheap which is opposite the privileged class working for the government.  

  1. First find a number of suitable shipping steel containers many are available globally. They can be a little rusty or dinged and thus are retired from service and waiting for a new life like heaven to be useful again. It’s in the Torah-Bible.

  2. Thereafter visit a train depot, like a cemetery, and purchase some of the longest flatbed cars, again waiting for heaven or hell. Remember hell is outfitted with big hot furnace to make useless scrap disappear as in the Bible. At this time we do not care of the condition. If it is still available for salvage, it’s useful again because someone wants it. Check out the Yeshua story in Babushka eggs.

  3. After you make some drawings helped by your computer (Bible), go to the appropriate government agency and, if lucky, get a permit.  You are set to become busy making your first million either here on earth or in heaven. Depending how well your drawings follow the good rules in physics, or expanded to the metaphysics, accompanied with prayers postulated in the Bible.

  4. Start by duplicating a raised gravel bed above the runoff rainwater on either side of a crossing. You need a bulldozer to flatten a foundation.

  5. Place a 1-inch thick steel plate on top to become an anchored foundation. It should be painted with a water resistant paint. It has a number of holes on the circumference for steel stakes to be driven into the ground to anchor it.

  6. Now stack the shipping containers on the anchored steel plate to make a tower on each side to support crossing overpass and support the top of the on-ramp leading to the ground level. Weld these sections together and to the foundation to make it strong.

  7. The railroad flatbed cars become the road, but only the flatbeds are used, both as the ramps and crossing over, two of them side by side for one lane each.

  8. Think logically and practically when designing. Also spruce up the appearance to make the bureaucrats happy to approve your drawings. 

  9. “Safety First” is the second commandment and applicable like the Bible contains physics created by the One of the First Commandments. Residing on the other side, God is watching to see if we apply his rules to live a little longer in an unforgiving nature tilted toward death entropy.

  10. If you want to widen knowledge horizons, you can now free through the 14 Babushka Eggs. But hurry, it will soon be over, prophesied in the Bible. Check it out yourself, as theologians cannot be trusted.

  11. To make some money shared with the government, put a parking gate on the entrance on the up ramp and charge a little. Split it between your pocket and the governing privileged, who always want more in this civilization. Only in God’s soon coming Kingdom on Earth will money no longer exist as controlled by heavenly laws. Halleluiah!

1 Tishri 5777 (Sept. 2016)

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