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Start a Home-Business from Trash


Recent typhoons destroyed whole towns decimated to trash that could take a generation to recover. Similar millions are penniless stranded as refugees without the basis of a normal life. Perhaps some useful ideas could help to re-start a small business applying common sense combined with old-fashioned technology invented 100 years ago, maybe even allow free energy could benefit anyone searching to get out of poverty with no money.  

Today, the seven billon world population is creating a lot of garbage, which costs billions to dispose of. The oceans have floating garbage islands, some 50 miles long, killing all surrounding life. In the poorest countries, the filth of plastic and all kinds of waste is indescribable. It is usual concentrated where children play and people live.

Most bureaucrats get high salaries to administrate funds given from the UN or taxes could achieve many blessings for future generations. They have the power to implement some simple ideas to become well known and make a mark in history becoming prosperous.

Here are some thoughts that have great potential, not requiring a lot of money, but could rather make more money to be better off. Why not pick up some money lying on the street, or actually in the garbage dump?

Why give away welfare for free? Use a little bit of funds to let the children collect the plastic, metal, paper and glass in their neighborhood, separated from the trash everywhere cleaning up the slum. These are the best materials to recycle and make money in the process, which fuels a whole new industry. In return, it will get big profits for motivating kids, like a double blessing.

It will clean up the mess in runoff ditches helping the environment to recover, thus giving new hope to future generations. When nature is helped, loved and respected, she will respond with benefits. The health payback cannot be measured. Like one seed nurtured and cared for will reward with hundred more to bless everyone.

Most trash is plastic made from oil. Metal should be separated, like aluminum from rusty steel, paper products and glass bottles. All garbage can be cheaply recycled resulting in big values creating separate business enterprises lifting the living standard of many. Let’s start to separate those four groups of garbage still is useful totally free converted has now added value.

A Cheaper Housing Frame

We can build new houses or large buildings a lot cheaper now by applying new technology using science invented 100 years ago but mostly forgotten, no longer taught in schools.

Think. You can use a package of toothpicks to build a toy house for your kid with a little glue on the joints. It can be very strong and expanded into any number of different structures, like a tower any shape or size.

To build a real house, we need a toothpick made out of cement with one iron rod in the middle, which requires a plastic, re-usable form for the contractor.

Think of an 8 ft. high beam with 6x6 inch cross-section. The forms are made of plastic ¼” thick. Two plastic halves interlock together in V-shape to create a hollow tube that interconnects with others to build a concrete frame similar to my earlier toothpick example.

The plastic halves create a hollow form, which is filled with cement with one rod of iron in the middle. When the cement is hardened, the form is removed and reused for the next section, being joined together like a toothpick structure house.

Before pouring the cement for the whole building, we must spot-weld the iron rods together to join the vertical and horizontal sections. This process will resist potential earthquakes and make the structure stronger. Every wall on the inside is interconnected with a tilted roof beam built in stages, depending on the house design.

The foundation is also formed from concrete uniting the whole frame together. The toothpick cement-iron beams and pillars have built-in plastic pipes that could also be made from paper. After the cement has hardened, it will function as a conduit for electric wires connected to a box for switches attached with screws.

When the whole house is done could be more secured for the next storm. It is not expensive just provides a little more security. Put a number steel rope loops going over the roof made from 1/8 diameter twisted strands steel wire anchored to the ground on both sides with 3 ft. iron stakes. That will prevent the house being blown off the foundation during the next typhoon comes around.

 If you watch some videos on YouTube, you will see that the roof is the first to blow away; thereafter, the whole structure, thus exposed, it easily follows being leveled. That by itself could be another low investment starter business raised from the poverty level.

Components Made from Recycled Material

Now we can focus on the doors and window of these homes. They are inserted between the columns. Each should be designed to be interchangeable, used everywhere for a greater application. To have insulation between the walls, we insert standard plates made from cardboard recycled paper skin with sandwiched plastic or glass wool spun from glass-bottles.

But garbage paper is useful too shredded into small flakes. Mixed with the glass wool and glued, it will make a dense strong plate, perhaps 4x8 ft. x 6 in. thick to fit between the empty spaces. The outside can have a chicken wire mesh-plastic sheet with cement or clay earth to protect against rain and moisture from penetrating into the glass-paper wool insulation.

Recycled Plastic

A lot of plastic can be shredded like wood chips to make it portable smaller to store and recycled in many products. Insulating sheets, window - doorframes, many items used in construction forms and in hundreds new application with many possibilities.    

Recycled Metal

Iron and squashed aluminum cans be recycled to make all kinds of new stuff. Remember, those two metals are produced by an electric arc furnace at high temperatures. Why not melt iron and aluminum together into a new alloy material that has a thousand future applications creating many new jobs.

Rolled out in sheets and formed in 2x4 inch U-channels, they would replace wood being cheaper in building houses. That can save forest trees by using obsolete scrap metal. Like copper alloyed with zinc produces the harder metal, a stronger iron will not rust if alloyed with a softer aluminum. This special alloy will be a stronger and lighter combination of two separate metals and cost less. All of this is possible because of the available free electricity invented a hundred years ago by Nicola Tesla who was abused by terribly evil global bankers.

Every house could have had a simple generator in the garage useful for lighting the whole house, connected to a hot water-heater, cooking your meals and the other electric gizmos appliances that make life easier. They could all be built if you read the Dummies Club story. All will benefit from free energy, if the government would allow it. But there is good NEWS anticipate God’s Kingdom very soon, no longer will have poor people.

Composting Vegetation to Make Soil

In big cities immense amounts of food is thrown away to end on the dump in America.  Surrounded with a little garden, a yard can host a lot of shrubs and tree leaves. Forty years ago I proposed a bioreactor to convert ground up vegetation to soil. Whole trees are put in a grinder to make fine chips. Everything else becomes a biomass that needs the bacteria to work to convert it to the best soil, which can be sold to the highest bidder.

Just take a shipping container and drill a number of holes on the bottom. The holes are attached to a pipe, where air pressure is cyclically applied. The ground up vegetation chip mass must be mixed with 20% black sewer sludge gunk to get the bacteria needed for the conversion. The temperature must be regulated with airflow through the bottom, which provides the oxygen needed - not to exceed the maximum temperature conversion. The process of conversion is about 4 weeks to be bagged ready for the market. Helping nature has extra benefits.

How to Grow Food not on a Farm

You can grow food and make it into a business in an abandoned warehouse or garage just on shelves. Use the composted soil in handy plastic 4-inch high 3 x 4 ft. tray boxes, or any material like wood. Use virgin soil mixed with composted soil not contaminated with chemicals. The trays are lined up on shelves side by side and grow salad vegetables bagged in plastic containers for restaurants, hotels or the local market. 

But veggies need light to grow. On top make an array of micro-bulb electric diode lights burning day and night, set 12 inches above the trays on a grid of 4 inches. 

You can either connect to your electrical grid or build your own generator as a member of the Dummies Club. Have some fun experimenting! What else can you grow faster? Farms depending on weather cannot grow salad out of the season. Now you have an easy sale to raise living standards with very little investment and no farmland. This tray application can be applied soilless by using hydroponic technology. Just check the web and learn.  If irrigated water is magnetized, it gets 30% more harvest because the fruit or plants grow bigger somehow.

Please check on the fast track. The Web will not be around much longer as prophesied in the Bible, again for Dummies. Or wait for God’s Kingdom on Earth to arrive after >

1 Tishri 5777 (Sept. 2016)

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