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Air-Levitated Bullet Train,
500 mph at ~50% less cost


This proposal could globally revolutionize how we transport people in our overcrowded cities. The currently inefficient urban transportation system can be replaced with a totally integrated, Air Levitated Bullet Train built by applying existing knowledge. This new design has great overall technical advantages as explained in a series of lessons for Dummies, which deal with many new science concepts found on the web. Governments around the world ignore this publicly available information, including the forbidden “free energy”.

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These many ideas of levitated trains would all be different if connected to the  “free energy” principles forbidden for 100 years by the NYC FED bankers. Nicola Tesla invented a way to extract free electricity from Magnetic Gravity, and the German scientist Hoffman split water into hydrogen-oxygen the hottest gas-fuel. Those free energy sources will eventually obsolete an outmoded civilization controlled by an octopus-energy-cartel that pays off the world’s politicians to suppress it, had has killed millions in energy wars. To understand this existing forbidden science we need a test to exercise our minds.

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If you did not pass the test, you are in conflict with the forbidden Bible, which mentioned free “infinite” energy in the oldest book of mankind, Genesis 1:3. But if you want to have some fun, check what an old retired German inventor-scientist has exposed on the free Web to become better educated. These ideas are still not yet taxed to benefit bureaucrats.

The Air Levitated Bullet Train will replace short haul airplanes (300-1000 miles) and their overcrowded airports and plugged up freeways. This is a global problem that cries out for a solution, as the population continues to expand. We are running out of time. What has happened in China, where it took seven days to unravel a freeways of thousands cars, will come to your neighborhood. Therefore, please read about this newly designed levitated train proposal.

Many experimental magnetic levitated trains have been built, but no one ever calculated the taxpayer costs against how many tickets could be sold. But if you’re technically inclined, forget the politics and focus on plain physics to design the safest high-speed train. Just follow the path explained next and apply common sense, looking at all the options. I do not belong to the class of privilege and think a little different, being a Christian belonging to the Dummies Club. You are invited to have fun!

Description of the Fastest Air-Levitated Bullet Train

The fastest train must fly like an airplane with the same speed as wheels are out. It is only used for take-off or in-flight emergency. This levitated bullet train is designed fundamentally different and should be evaluated closely to what nature allows. Plain physics must always be controlled. In a worst-case situation, consider Murphy's Law: If something can go wrong, it will."

Does it make sense to build a thousand miles of a track on the ground level? It is easy to sabotage an oncoming high-speed train overlooked by many governments rather not think about. A train speeding equal to an airplane needs one to consider the higher laws of physics, as conventional train technology at lower speed is a little different. This is an unusually high-tech baby.

To have a good design consider:

  1. Gravity is useful at high speed and combined with compressed air will go faster without wheels, which are only used in emergency.
  2. The fastest train will have a much safer rail-track design never postulated before.
  3. A more functional air dynamic body design has some advantages….
  4. Could be propelled with free energy fuel? It’s cheaper!

Designing Around Gravity-Air-Magnetism  

When running a train faster than an airplane, wheels are "out" if you consider safety. Levitation is the only option, but using conventional magnetic suspension is too expensive. One should use free energy, a little complicated since it is still forbidden in 2015. Why not use an allowed, old technology such as utilizing free gravity countered by an opposing force like pressured floating air.

I invented the first miniature disk drives 40 years ago that are still used in your laptop computer. That technology made it possible to increase the storage capacity by using a tiny flying head assembly floating on a hi-speed disk on a compressed airfoil that is a thousand times smaller than your hair.

That idea can be expanded. Just watch surfboards on a snowy steep hill gliding with ease even over obstacles but needing high speed aided by gravity. Likewise for a levitating a train, I would choose self-generating air pressure to lift a thousand tons of weight, floating it on air compressed by gravity makes it a self-compensating safety system. Lifting and moving heavy weights is done easy as shown in YouTube videos.

Flat Earth -
Sun & Moon Possible Explanation for Levitation

35-ton Load Floats on Air

Using an air bearing, as demonstrated in a YouTube video, is useful to levitate a bullet train. The air-pressure is self-generated from the speed of the train. Like four airplane wings on each side resembling a surfboard mounted under each wagon train to function like wheels installed on the bottom. They work similar to the head-assembly of a disk drive, never touching the surface at high speed. The train will float on pressurized air like the video demonstration.

2) Unconventional Rail Tracks

The track is different too. A conventional train runs on a flat surface, which should never go over 250 mph because the gravity point is above the rail becomes more unstable the higher the speed. Look at airplane designs of a horizontal wing line. Some gravity points are above; others are below like heavy bombers designed for different speeds. I think for faster speed, the take-off emergency wheels need to be on the roof of the train wagon with the gravity point below, which is a much safer design.

That design objective is achieved with a Y track profile shape positioned on a single pole elevated above the traffic. On top of either V-shaped leg are two standard emergency rails mounted to engage suitable small diameter ball bearings hydraulically activated to function as wheels used only if the compressed airfoil should fail. The levitated bullet train automatically flies at high speed elevated about 1 mm over the rails separated by a small air gap. It is supported by a cushion of compressed air below on the inside plate-track linked to a number of surfboards riding on it. 

At slow speeds downtown, along winding roads or station stops, the ball bearing wheels engage the rails for safety. But outside the town where the track can be straight, the train can shift to high-speed flight position accelerating to 500 mph inside the V-shape torpedo chute track. The surfboards must be center point compliant against the polished stone plate track to lift the whole train 1 mm above the rail, not touching but levitating to fly like an airplane guided inside the V-shape chute for high speed.  

The inside of the V becomes the rail track lined with ceramic plates bolted together in sections. It provides the surface for a number of surfboards to ride over, which functions like airplane wings to make the train “fly”. The ceramic track plates are 2 m wide x 10 m long and 0.10 meter (4 inch) thick, polished on one side. The material is either made of granite stone or aluminum oxide or sintered graphite-composition impregnated with moly-disulfide, which makes it very slippery and waterproof for any weather condition.

Basically, this bullet train rides on self-generated pressurized air levitated in a manner equivalent to an airplane, but it has the advantage starting in a downtown center at slow speeds with available parking. By using conventional, small rail ball bearing wheels, it is much safer than airplanes. They will be disengaged outside the town to accelerate to flying speed.

The overall cost is less as other conventional high-speed trains. If for any Murphy law reason the pressured air film is broken by dirt or other pollutants, the high speed train will not crash but settle on the ball bearings. Because they are much smaller, they can overcome sudden inertia to safely ride on steel rails like a conventional train on top of the V-shape. Once past that obstruction, it will fly again as usual, very safe guaranteed. The passengers will never notice the difference.

Looking underneath a bridge, one end is solidly mounted while the other side is free floating to allow winter-summer expansion at different temperatures. In high-speed rail applications we have the same problem, but it can be fixed easily by using a laser beam control system to adjust one side of the rail beam structure to remain absolutely flat against the other.

If the jet engine is cantilevered in front of the bullet train, the hot jet exhaust will push against the solid rail plates. It makes the system more efficient than being pushed against an air atmosphere. In addition, it has a self-cleaning design feature and keeps the track whistle clean in front of the board curvature before levitating for extra safety. It will burn off potential dust and pollutant settling in between train cycles. The surfboard wings should also feature small air holes linked to an external air compressor of 60 PSI in order to create lift at low speeds as seen in the video.

3) A Better Body Design

Since the wheel bearings are on top, the glass window cabins for passengers will be above where they can enjoy a panoramic view. Below, the V-shape will be room for luggage and package compartments lowering the center of gravity. The multi-wagon train looks like a long flexible torpedo with (4) four surfboard wings on the sides of each wagon. They touch the V-shape on the inside being center point compliant for uneven flight track variations. The train is propelled with nonpolluting jet fuel using clean hydrogen split from water stored in long tubing built under every wagon as an integral part of the iron train structure.

Once more, the body of the train will ride on less than 1-2 mm (1/16 inch) air gap – in essence flying and not rolling. The surfboard wings float against the polished stone surface with a compressed, self-generated air film. There are some small holes in the surfboard in case of emergency or slow speeds so as to work as seen in the referenced YouTube video. The V-shape structure is mounted on a single pole high above the street being out of rich for potential Murphy’s Law possibilities. An upside down V-Model will easily prove the feasible technology much fun for a high-school kid project running a model around a football field using a wireless pushed airplane motor.

This is another forbidden story; we could go in different direction. One is easy. If the Energy-Octopus-Cartel allows it, just use a jet engine on top and electric motors either embedded on the bottom of the V-shape or on top of railroad when around train stations and/or in town.

The government should allow free and clean electricity. Plenty of different generator designs using super magnets are available as described in my Babushka egg concept books, considered not possible by university and government patent experts. Look at the many ideas just another one or check the other lessons for Dummies.

If the government seriously wants to solve our ongoing traffic problems, they should consider checking hundreds of YouTube videos describing how to get free energy, which was published five years ago in Babushka egg concept book #9. Why did Obama not allow it? I guess he belongs to the class of privilege favoring the octopus oil-coal-military-complex-cartel to curb free energy. I’ll stick to my Bible and get my rewards later. In the meantime we can have some fun becoming better educated.

When the Creator landlord ELOHIM comes back and sees his house demolished with a poisoned environment, fished out ocean, and GMOs destroying the food chain for the next generation, watch his WRATH as announced by a scientist- inventor Jonah-II.

Please check the other sources collected of many superb YouTube videos describing FREE ENERGY now explained in lessons a little better for Dummies free on my Web.

Once more Genesis 1:3 is proven, if we think logically.

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