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Lesson 20 -
Vegetable Bone-Broth Consommé Soup


This receipt came from my grandma 100 years ago. She called it Jewish Penicillin. It is an old practical idea when you live remote during the winter season with no access to green vegetables. A family still needed some fresh raw vegetables, as vitamin pills did not exist. Everybody requires once a while a little extra lubricant for our joints to get a shot of vitamins from a chicken-beef-or vegetable broth from a perfect good tasting consommé soup. It can now be wrapped up in a modern high-tech package and made into good business. Many employees have no time during lunch but in two microwave minutes will get renewed energy from potent natural vitamins much healthier than expensive pills.     

A. Super Veggie Mix of a Babushka Egg

The inside like an egg yolk consists of raw seven vegetables in a consistence like ground up hamburger meat running through an old-fashioned wolf grinder. As a preservative just mix one seventh (1/7) kitchen salt by weight to the vegetable ground up mash.

B. Super Meat-Broth

The (egg white) consist of cooked out jelly-broth made from pig’s feet pork-bones, or for kosher people concentrated chicken, or beef bone made into a intense saltless broth jelly. A transparent non-colored Jell-O pectin or precooked starch maybe added for a broth thickener to give it a final soup texture. Please note that the meat byproducts not sold in markets like bones or chicken feet, heads and liver when thoroughly cooked have the best chicken flavor taste from the embedded glands necessary to qualify for Jewish Penicillin soup.

C. Made into a Business

Suggesting a marketing approach to start a business could be packaged similar to a dozen eggs in a paper container, which hold plastic eggs (Qty 6 or 12) with the two half egg shell held together by aluminum sticky tape. It is a perfect container recognized by the consumer to package a mixture of concentrated fresh ground up raw vitamin rich vegetables now concentrated in chicken or beef broth embedded like an egg-yolk.

The attraction is a look-alike-egg container made of two transparent half plastic eggs shells tightly fitted together to store good for a cup of broth-vegetable mixture. A silver aluminum foil strip will vacuum seal the two half eggshells together. The concentrated content mixtures are dissolved simply in a cup of water placed in a microwave or hot boiling water. The vegetable-broth-egg could be sold in Trader Joe next to the chicken eggs shelf, or packaged in a paper-wax package version like a yogurt cup with a lid on top. 

The inside mixture is extracted by removing the silver metal strip on the periphery and squeezed a little to remove the grayish looking egg mass like a boiled egg and emptied in a cup of hot water. In minutes the egg-mix dissolves thus has available a readymade concentrated good tasting broth with fresh uncooked raw vegetable ingredients without destroying the vitamins enjoyed ready for use.

D. Summary and Advice

It is important that only non-GMO vegetable products are used for several reasons. Selecting the broth meat bone material should use very fat chickens or original fat beef bones, when cold, the fat is easily discarded. The fat has enriched important vitamins and should not be red in color indicating GMO detrimental to health, but should be marble white color. For creating healthy broth it is absolute necessary to avoid GMO in vegetable and animal meat usually from the feedlot impregnated with antibiotics causing your immune system to malfunction. In many stores the white fat meat disappeared now genetically mixed with foreign genes became red which do not have anymore the very important ingredients needed, like Vitamin E, D. They lack the exquisite flavor inherent of old fashioned broth that is only imbedded in original white fat. Contrary to the food experts lies the fat is very good but will be removed from the broth as only the leached out vitamins are useful necessary for good health.

We may use a little starchy pectin to make the broth grayish white mixed with the natural bone jelly as it becomes solid at room temperature. Some extra spice may be added like glove, bay leave and standard table pepper will enhance the broth everybody likes. A very small amount of starchy Jell-O will enhance the consistence and give firmness to the ready mix like a boiled egg. The Babushka broth eggs can be stored without refrigeration just adding Calcium Disodium EDTA to retain product freshness or Citric Acid as a preservative for an extended shelf life.

The product should be advertised as organic non-modified food the old fashioned way like grandmother used to serve. Other chemicals and flavor enhancing substance should be avoided like cellulose gum. (GMO) vegetables should be avoided as much as possible having severely lost the flavors. The result is therefore very intense in flavor, stay away from additional chemical preservatives or flavoring agents like artificial butter flavor “Diacetyl” extremely poisoning which was used in Twinkies and converting cheap chardonnay wine now selling for  $ 50 Dollar bottle to fake the expensive smoothness. Sugars, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup all are GMO sweeteners used in variety of processed foods to cover up a GMO deficiency. It is unhealthy causing derailment and clashing with an existing flavor we wanted to preserve. Keeping the chemist away is good advice.    

All ingredients should be bought from old fashioned organic farmers hopefully some still can be found in your neighborhood. Labeling ORGANIC is misleading used by most food processor corporations to cover a hidden inferior dangerous GMO deception. The Public will not notice the difference, but to make a new product a success should adhere to my recommendations. Artificial flavoring and chemicals will not enhance or be beneficial to your health, as most consumers never bother to check the fine print on the label. Avoiding doctor and pharmacy bills can be achieved when properly educated in GMO food sold presently not labeled in violation of federal laws. The FDA does not care being paid off by the Monsanto-cartel with lucrative bonuses. 

In time the public will become more educated of what they eat and therefore having a product on the shelf could propel it into the frontline to be favored as it is convenient and saves time on the run to the office or lunchtime break. It can be used as an addition to any other soup or vegetable mixture or gravy needed for a tasteless modified turkey. Many additional uses can be postulated which cannot yet be fully tabulated within an ethnic mix of a world population. Old-fashioned roots do not die out and can break out again like recessive genes seen in the next generation children.  Food eaten a century ago can reemerge once more when GMO has died according to nature that cannot be violated. Original food will become a favorite again enhancing the health of an educated society.

Bone broth-jelly prepared in a concentrated form could be stored and sold separately like the kosher way. To dispense in a restaurant environment the vegetable salt mix is stored in a bigger glass container as the salt is a preservator. For convenience in small amount the salt vegetable mix or broth could be frozen in a tray to make ice-cubes thereafter stored in a plastic bag to be easily dispensed if in a hurry. Both ice-cubes dissolved in a microwave oven to allow the raw vegetable to pass on its flavors to enjoy a taste no longer experienced in processed food. In a restaurant environment is worth the extra cent investment would add and serve a free broth with something floating on top like strips of Tortillas to make it interesting will increase a customer base by serving free soup only costing a penny, or sell Babushka Broth Eggs on the side. Enjoy and experience a forgotten Food Art.


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